The Success of Dr. Mark Holterman in the Medical Field

Dr. Mark Holterman is a renowned surgeon, philanthropist, researcher, and educator. He was raised from a humble background, and he worked hard in school till he was admitted to Yale University to do biology major he later enrolled University of Virginia (UVA) and specialized in Pediatric. He met a friend known as Ai-Xuan Le who influenced him to become a pediatric surgeon. They moved together to Seattle and worked in different areas.

Dr. Mark Holterman has gained experience for over two decades. He is the CEO of Mariam Global Health. Mark has worked for various institutions as pediatric surgeon .he works at the University of Illinois as a medical researcher. Dr. Mark Holterman founded Hannah Sunshine Foundation which assists children with chronic disease to access medical treatment. He has published several scientific articles and books on various subjects such as immunology.

He was involved in the formation of IPSAC-VN. Mark and Ai-Xuan visited Vietnam in 2007 and found out that there were insufficient pediatric hospitals and medical staff (Doctor.WebMD). The people used to struggle to find medical treatment for their children. Mark and Ai-Xuan helped in the establishment of a nonprofit organization which provides pediatric care to in the whole of Vietnam. The main aim of the organization is to improve medical facilities in the also aims at reducing medical infections.

Dr. Mark Holterman has obtained high-quality education form various recognized institutions (GazetteDay). He attended Yale University and graduated in 1980 with the biology major. He later went to the University of Virginia to study for his Ph.D. Dr. Mark Holterman has gained a lot of experience while working in different fields and organizations. Currently, he lectures at the University of Illinois as a full professor. He has conducted a couple of research on various topics such as regenerative medicine. He established the Mariam Global Health with the aim of providing funds for improving medical services. He has helped in the invention and innovation healthcare technologies to enhance medical treatments. He has been honored with four awards due to the service that he provides as a pediatric surgeon. His contribution as a pediatric surgeon has saved the lives of many people.