The Adventures and Makings of Carlos Alberto De Oliveira

Carlos Alberto de Oliveira was born on 25 November 1943 in the age of 75, he is the president of the board of directors at CAOA. His company was founded after a Ford dealership company was passed on to him. The Ford dealership was passed on to him after he had bought a Ford Landau and due to bankruptcy, it was not delivered. He headed the company making investments that have landed it right now at the top dealership companies in America. When Brazil prohibited the import of Hitherto, CAOA saw a market gap to start importing Renault cars. Within a year, Renault cars were the number one most used cars in Brazil.

Unfortunately, the Renault Company took back its business from CAOA leaving it to go in search of greener pastures elsewhere. With the many reviews and praises about the company, it did not take long before they landed a job with Subaru which is a Japanese brand. Carlos Alberto’s company as expected increased the sales of this brand. Hyundai and Tucson brands also sorted the services of Carlos Alberto’s company to help it beat other competitive brands.

In 2007 April, Carlos Alberto launched the Annapolis factory which gained famed for its action of reusing its waste products. Through these actions, it was awarded the title of “Good doer Company” and “most admired”. The Centre for Research and Energy Efficiency was also launched I n 2015 with the sole aim of conducting researches on vehicles, engines, and fuels. It also certifies that new cars are roadworthy before they are introduced to the market.

After years of working with Hyundai, Carlos Alberto was crowned best distributor becoming the first non- European to receive this award. To the list of cars Carlos Alberto’s company distributes, HB20 has been added as they have proved sufficient to do the work. In the past few months, CAOA and Chery have combined to form CAOA Chery which is the largest vehicle exporter. Thou Chery is from China CAOA Chery is Brazilian. Through Carlos Alberto’s marketing strategies, the company has a vision of covering more countries.