Eric Lefkofsky Developing Clinical Library for Better Treatment

Eric Lefkofsky has been known in the business world for the tremendous success he has achieved over the years with numerous start-ups and businesses. He is also popular for being the co-founder of Groupon, a start-up that went on to become a billion dollar enterprise. Eric Lefkofsky is currently focused on his new start-up by the name of Tempus, which is a company that’s focused on gathering the molecular and clinical data of the patients. Eric Lefkofsky says that with the help of data provided by Tempus, the physicians across the globe would be able to make sound and more effective treatment decisions.

Recently, Eric Lefkofsky announced the completion of series E funding for Tempus of $110 million. The company also announced that it had launched the mobile app of its services that would allow the physicians to access the molecular and clinical data of the patients on their phone itself. The good thing about Tempus’s new mobile app is that now the physicians do not have to take out time from their busy schedule to sit on their computers to access the data, but can do so directly from their phone while on the move. The team at Tempus did extensive research as well as incorporated feedback from the physicians before developing Tempus Labs mobile app.

Currently, the physicians across the globe don’t have the easy access to clinical data that they would require to make better treatment decisions for the patients. The COO of Tempus Labs believes that it is necessary for physicians to get access to such clinical data to make smart treatment decisions. With the recent funding round, Tempus is planning to expand its operations globally. The operating system developed by Tempus is continually adding clinical and molecular information from different medical facilities. Ensuring that the physicians have sufficient information necessary to make smart treatment decisions are the ultimate aim of Tempus. With time to come, many new diseases and illnesses would be covered by the Tempus to allow physicians to be able to treat patients with different medical issues get better treatment. Tempus is bringing in a revolution in the medical field with its clinical library.