Steve Ritchie Apologizes for Controversial Events

In Steve Ritchie’s adeptly crafted apologetic letter, the reigning Chief Executive Officer of Papa John’s International Inc. empathized with customers who were adversely affected in the emotional sense by the events that have led to the company becoming embattled by negative public relations. Steve Ritchie also sensibly offered an overt official apology to Papa John’s customer, stating “I’m sorry,” with the hopes of limiting the damage wrought by the unfortunate events and initiating the healing process.

In the letter, Steve Ritchie also denounced those events and assured customers that behavior of like kind would never be tolerated at Papa John’s. Sensibly, he also distanced himself and Papa John’s from the events at issue, writing that the views that gave rise to the events are not shared by Papa John’s nor its employees, whose number is in excess of 120,000. He goes on to say they are good, hardworking community members, who serve their communities faithfully. These employees serve their communities on a consistent basis by making their pizza, delivering their pizza, and owning and operating the Papa John’s store that have enabled Papa John’s customers to enjoy their tasty pizzas.

Steve Ritchie Papa Johns knows that the loss of customers’ trust cannot be regain by mere words, so he plans to implement several measures, which he intends to personally oversee. These measures include hiring auditors from outside the company to come in to run inquiries into the state of several aspect of Papa John’s: their culture, their diversity level, and their inclusiveness level. They also include sending out members of the senior management to Papa John’s store across America to procure feedback from franchises and employees concerning how best to put these unfortunate events behind them. Steve Ritchie promised that these measures will be conducted in a transparent manner for all to evaluate and assumed accountable for their implementation. The letter of apology also includes Steve Ritchie’s expression of gratitude to Papa John’s customers for their loyalty and a request for the opportunity to allow the company to continue to serve them.