Statement Issued By Squaw Valley Ski Holdings

The residents of Olympic Valley, CA have always been proud of what their community represents. They take pride in the fact that their location is world famous for skiing enthusiasts. It looks like they can also be proud of t.he work Squaw Valley Holdings did in mitigating the fallout from discovering that their water had high levels of E. Coli and coliform after an unusually large rainstorm.


First of all, they let everybody know that the water was being consistently treated in the Squaw Valley area and was consistently showing improvement. Of course, restaurants in the valley remained closed and the skiers were not allowed to drink the water for a long period of time. If there is one thing Squaw Valley cares about, it is the health and well-being of their customers.


Next, they assuaged the fears of the public by letting them know that the water contamination was only limited to a water system located in the High Camp and Gold Coast area. The poor water quality of that system was due to an act of God in the form of an unusually large rain storm, and the system became inundated.


They also can be credited for the fact they immediately contacted the Placer County Environmental Health district in order to alert them of the problem. The fact they will not rest until this problem is resolved shows their commitment to their skiing clientele. Although they have suffered a financial setback because of this, because of their attention to the skiers of Squaw Valley I predict they will actually gain money in the form of new customers in the long run.