Securus Technologies Has Risen to be one of the Most Sought after Security Solutions Provider

Securus Technologies is the most reliable provider of security-based products and services. The firm’s main focus is to provide technological solutions that fulfill the special needs of correctional facilities and law enforcement agencies. It was founded in 1986 as T-Netix and rebranded to Securus Technologies in 2004 after its merger with Evercom. Securus has continued to grow and to expand over the years from its headquarters in Dallas, Texas to open regional offices in Carrollton, Allen, and Atlanta. So far, the company has served many correctional facilities and inmates in the U.S., Mexico, and Canada.




Over the last few years, Securus has invested $600 million to finance technology patents and acquisitions. One such acquisition is Sycon Justice Systems, an internationally recognized Offender Management Systems provider, in June 2007. The company continues to innovate new products and services year after year, solely and in partnership with other leading brands. One of the company’s product is Securus’ Managed Access Solutions that control contraband cellphones. This product had gained correctional facilities’ approval in over five departments by last year. In partnership with Harris Corporation, Securus Technologies launched the Cell Defender technology in July last year. This year, the company developed Wireless Containment Solution, a technology that inhibits a connection between contraband cellphones and mobile networks.




People have grown to appreciate Securus Technologies’ role in helping the communities live in a safer environment. They send emails and letters to the company expressing how the products have been of help to them. One client thanked the company for a successful use of their product that tracked calls of a suspect, which led to obtaining a search warrant. As a result, the officer arrested the suspect. Call monitoring service also resulted in a collection of data that revealed the use of drugs in the facilities.