Securus Technologies Clients Go Beyond the Norm to Express Their Gratitude to the Company

Securus Technologies is a leader in the provision of cutting edge prison technology products in America. The technology based firm is headquartered in Dallas, Texas, with offices in Carrollton, Atlanta, Allen, and Georgia. The company has been producing technology based products for prisons and security agencies across the United States since 1986. It is one of the big employers with an estimated 1000 staff who work day and night to come up with innovative products for inmate communication for U.S. prisons.


Currently, Securus technologies are reported to have signed contracts with an estimated 2,600 correctional facilities where the company provides these facilities with communication services and products. Securus technologies pride in having a responsive customer care department that attends to specific needs of their clients within the shortest time possible. If the previous comments by customers are anything to go by, then Securus can only be described as the best tech firm with clients’ interests deep into their hearts.


The success story of Securus Technologies in a sector that is getting stiff competition from other players doesn’t come easy. The company has made huge strategic moves that have seen it remain at the top of all other players in the sector. In 2016, Securus management team announced that they had invested more than $600 million to acquire patents, technologies, and acquisitions. Still, in 2016, the firm’s Managed Access Solutions was approved in more than five departments of corrections facilities.


Earlier this year, the company launched the Wireless Containment Solution that is aimed at gutting the production of contraband cell phones. The new solution prevents the contraband cellular phones from accessing the mobile network. Due to their ability to provide cutting communication solutions, Securus Technologies has received a lot of positive comments from their clients. In October last year, the firm decided to publish some of the emails and letters that were sent by their customers. Such positive energy from satisfied customers has enabled Securus Technologies to keep on producing products that will revolutionize the corrections facilities and security agencies in the country.