Richard Dwayne Blair Ensures That His Clients Can Enjoy Their Golden Years

Richard Dwayne Blair is an investment advisor who works with Wealth Solutions, and he believes that everyone could use a solid plan in order to achieve their finance goals. He works with people in the Austin, Texas area to help them put together their retirement plan and manage their wealth throughout the many different phases of their life. He adheres to what he calls a “Three Pillar Approach,” which allows him to construct a financial plan that won’t fall apart and has been helping his clients to successfully manage their wealth and retire comfortably for some time.

Richard Dwayne Blair has spoken about the first Pillar, which has to do with putting together a roadmap for his clients. The roadmap has to do with figuring out what his clients’ goals are and what kind of risk they are willing to take as well as their financial strengths and weaknesses. This phase is where he connects with his client and where he begins to build a relationship that will hopefully last for years. This helps him to get a better understanding of each one of his clients specific needs.

Richard Dwayne Blair then gets to work on the Second Pillar, which is where he begins to put together a specific long-term investment strategy. This strategy is not a one-size-fits-all solution and is created for the individual client he is working with. Blair remains active with his clients investments and focuses on reducing risk when the market has a downswing as well as maximizing profit throughout the entire time he is working with the client. The Third Pillar has to do with the ongoing monitoring and management of his clients’ funds as well as measuring how well they are doing.

Richard Dwayne Blair is the founder of Wealth Solutions, and he has been aiming to make a real difference in the financial lives of all of his clients since he began. His experience in the retirement planning sector has helped many people to look ahead and live a better life during their golden years. If you’re a client of Richard Dwayne Blair, you can expect to avoid the financial tragedies that too many retirees often have to experience due to poor planning.