New Papa Johns CEO Shows Concern for Customers With Apology

Recently, the new chief executive officer of Papa Johns Steve Ritchie reached out to customers of the company. He wrote an apology letter to people in an effort to help enhance the image of Papa Johns. Earlier in the month, the founder of Papa Johns made some offensive remarks according to Steve Ritchie. In order to inform the public that those remarks do not represent the values of the company, Ritchie was compelled to provide a message that will hopefully restore the company’s reputation. By writing this letter, Ritchie has proven that he has demonstrated a considerable amount of emotional intelligence.

According to Investopedia, after the founder of Papa Johns made certain remarks, the company began to experience a decline in sales as well as developing a less favorable standing among consumers. As a result, Steve Ritchie needed to act fast in order to help get the company back to good standing among the public. In his letter Ritchie stated that he feels very sorry about how consumers who may have been hurt by comments made by the founder. He said that this most recent week was the most difficult in his 22 years with the company. With this letter, Steve Ritchie also said that racism and offensive language is not tolerated at Papa Johns. Steve also mentioned that the company has 120,000 corporate and franchise members all over the world. As a result, everyone at Papa Johns comes from a unique background. Ritchie would go on to tell consumers and the public that the company is looking to evaluate the company culture and make improvements that make it even more accommodating to people of unique backgrounds.

With this letter, Steve Ritchie Papa John’s proved that he is very focused on maintaining a positive image for the company. He made a number of statements that will likely reassure the public that Papa Johns is committed to diversity and accepting people from all walks of life. He also reassured that Papa Johns will put in the necessary effort to make improvements in its policies of personal conduct. Not only has Steve Ritchie looked to restore the image and reputation of the company, he also demonstrated great leadership as well.

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OSI Group Takes Over the World’s Meat Industry through Global Expansion

It is factual that food, as well as agribusiness, has recently attained economic and social footprints thereby creating 40% of employment across the world. Even though there have been sizeable economic improvements over the years, many parts of the world still face an emergency in the food supply. If the recent statistics are something to go by, then the only solution to food shortage is global expansion. As illustrated by OSI Group, many companies are now turning to foreign markets to be able to provide food to a large population.


OSI Group is one of the world’s best food providers around the globe. It has about 20,000 workers and 65 facilities in nearly 17 countries. Perhaps the most surprising aspect, in this case, is the fact that OSI Group has become a corporate controlling business straight from a boutique firm that was started during the German immigrant’s history.

The Back Story

In the 20th century, a man by the name Otto Kolschowksy moved to the booming Chicago and settled as an immigrant. At that moment, German immigrants constituted one-quarter of the entire population. Chicago was therefore dubbed the city of business ventures, especially for upcoming entrepreneurs. Being the entry point for most immigrants, they started businesses. Otto thought it wise to establish a small company that supplied meat to the people. The market was based in Oak Park, and after two years, it was known as one of the best meat suppliers in the area. Otto Kolschowsky involved his sons in manning the company. Later on, he expanded the shop from being a retailer to a wholesaler. At the same time, he moved the business to Maywood, Chicago.

Growth and Expansion

The next decade of settling in Chicago saw to it that Otto and his sons revolutionized the business by engaging more consumers into the client base. At the same time, the company rebranded to Otto & Sons thereby becoming a stable business with experienced managers. For decades, this trend continued as the brand grew into one of Chicago’s quality meat suppliers.

Technology and Global Expansion

After the Second World War, modern suburbs sprouted in the country thereby leading to the increased demand for meat and animal protein. Companies merged to form strong business alliances. That is how Otto was appointed to supply McDonald’s with meat and other related products. In a few years, the company adopted superior technology where food was frozen with liquid nitrogen. The company later rebranded to OSI Group with Sheldon Lavin buying significant shares and becoming the head.

Current Situation

Currently, OSI Group is acquiring different manufacturing facilities across the world. Some of these facilities include Baho and Turi Foods. Through these acquisitions, the company is cementing its presence across the globe.

Investing Advice With Matt Badiali

Matt Badiali is a leading investment advisor at Banyan Hill Publishing, offering his advice to aspiring investors all over the world through his financial expertise. Matt is well aware of the common mistakes that new investors make in the market, which often cost them a lot of their profits or even push them out of the market because they lost their funds. Most often, investors are looking to make a lot of cash through their investments quickly, which is just not how smart investing works. For most new investors, the way to go is low-risk investments that guarantee some money on a regular basis. This is one of the biggest reasons that Matt Badiali advocates freedom checks to his readers, which provide a steady source of income each month. Freedom checks are backed by the natural resources industry and take no investment experience as well as little money to get involved in.

Matt Badiali has been working for Banyan Hill Publishing as an editor a few years now, which allows him to work from home on most days. That doesn’t mean work is easy, Matt is still dedicated to his craft and spends hours every single day researching and combing the stock markets for valuable information to provide his readers through the Real Wealth Strategist newsletter. The Real Wealth Strategist aims to help the average investor find ways to make a profit where he has failed in the past. Matt Badiali always aims to get the highest returns on his investments, which is exactly what he tries to do for his readers as well, which is why freedom checks are always on his list of popular methods. Many of his investors have gone on to pull in thousands of dollars from the freedom checks they have collected and this will only increase over time as the natural recourses market expands.

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Paul Mampilly Puts his Proficiency in Finance and Investment to better Use

The common Americans had been sidelined for a long period in matters regarding investments. They never got access to the information that is relevant to making sound investment decisions that would impact their financial positions. This was because they could not afford to pay for the exorbitant advice and expertise from the investment management professionals that could have assisted them to invest more wisely. The focus of these experts was on the wealthy individuals that invested their funds in the big and reputable investment management firms that could hire them to manage the investment portfolios on behalf of their clients. This was unfair to the low-income earners because they deserved the advice as much as the rich people did.

The only obstacle that stood between them and the owners of the advice was poverty. This challenged Paul Mampilly while he was still serving as one of the savviest investment gurus in the American finance industry. Paul Mampilly felt that it was unfair to the less privileged individuals because this was all they needed to liberate themselves from their poverty.As a result, Paul Mampilly lest his employment and started publishing financial advice that would enable these individuals to make more sound decisions whenever they intended to invest their small wealth. To do this, he joined Banyan Publishing, and he was made the senior editor of the organization.

Upon landing at Banyan Hill Publishing, Paul Mampilly started by recruiting a team of young investment management professionals who he trained to perform the role that he needed. One of their roles was to dig into the investment market history and come up with relevant data that would enable him to develop market predictions for the waiting clients. After the analysis of the data, Mampilly and his team then have another responsibility to transform the data into useful information that people from all walks of life in America could read and digest. Then they finish by publishing the information that forms the advice to the audience and readers of his acumen. Through this initiative, he is happy to have touched and transformed the lives of many Americans by providing them with the right methods of making their investment moves.

Aloha Construction’s Excellent and All-Inclusive Construction Services

Being a fully licensed, insured and bonded general contracting and construction company, Aloha Construction has made itself a big name in the home-improvement industry. The family-owned and operated business that was founded in 2008 is now serving a majority of constructions in Illinois and Southern Wisconsin areas. The company has grown so fast into a reputable powerhouse it is today. This could be attributed to its great dedication to its customers, which is what earned it the 2017 BBB Torch Award for marketplace ethics.


Aloha Construction prides itself in over 20,000 fully completed projects. It is currently the leading contractor of choice for the region it is serving. The company offers a wide range of construction services including Flashing Masonry, Roofing Repair, Kitchen Design, Window Replacement, Carpet Cleaning, Stucco Installation, Bathroom Repair, Waterproofing, Gutter Services, Siding Installation, Mold Removal, Fire and Smoke Restoration and Vinyl-Siding Repair among others. The company’s great reputation comes as a result of being an all-inclusive contractor offering both internal and external home repair and remodeling services.


The Better Business Bureau Torch Award recently recognized the Aloha Construction’s great ethics in its dealings with its clients. The company has outdone itself in prioritizing the needs of its customers and in its service to the community at large. In addition to this, Aloha Construction gives back to the community. Its president and CEO, Dave Farbasky started the Building Better Communities campaign which funded the organization that offers camping services to children with cancer, Camp One Step. To add to this, the company offers sports sponsorships for young athletes of the Kane County Cougars Baseball team, the Lake Zurich High School football team and the Illinois Flying Aces Hockey team.


Over the years, the company has acquired a wide range of consumers, whose numbers are increasing by the day. It is now partnering with Synchrony Financial to seek better and affordable financing options for its customers.

Just What Kind Of Person Is Victoria Doramus Garners?

Victoria Doramus Garners is a marketing expert based out of New York and London but just who is she as a person? Well let’s look at her through her actions. You can normally tell what kind of person someone is by there passions, past, how they view the world, and who they represent or support. Victoria Doramus has many passions and hobbies, one of which is with the support she shows Best Friends Animal Society in New York. Best Friends Animal Society is an non-profit organization and animal welfare society made to help and reduce the number of animals killed in shelters and hopefully completely get rid of kill shelter policies. Victoria Doramus supports this shelter in part due to her past and in part her belief that all animals deserve to be loved, and that they should not be killed due to age or because the shelter is over capacity.

Victoria Doramus herself is a recovering drug addict and understands the many hardships, obstacles, and judgements of others that plague life. Along with this understanding through her recovery she learned just how much others need help in life. She also understood sometimes it isn’t humans that need that help and it’s part of why she supports the Best Friends Animal Society, seeing how much they do and help these animals from being killed in a shelter because it is over capacity. She was amazed just how much the society had already since they had begun in 1980. Seeing all of the good they did she choose to support them and there ideals. So based on this information you decide what kind of person she is. Do you believe she is a good person for who she supports, what she has managed to overcome, and how she views the world? Know more about Victoria by checking her facebook account.

Herbalife Products

Athletes can be sure to receive the much needed nutritional support whenever they call on Herbalife products. They will have very little to worry about and will remain at the top of their game with these products. The products are customized to suit the needs of different athletes. Take a look at what to expect from their performance nutrition line.




A healthy blood flow is necessary for a great performance in any field. Herbalife 24 Prepare will keep this in check. The product also enhances an athlete’s focus while keeping their performance at the peak. It is also known to work on the muscular contractions by enhancing the rate which they twitch thanks to the creatine supplements. It is most effective when taken before the training session.


Formula 1 Sport


This product will cater to the nutrition needs of the athlete. It is rich in protein and also helps to provide strength while promoting growth. One’s muscle mass will remain intact and their immune system will receive a major boost. It can be taken at any time.




Athletes have to deal with muscle inflammation once in a while. This is more often than not induced by the exercises they undertake. The Curcumin, as well as Elderberry ingredients, help to fight the inflammation. As with the previous product, Restore also supports the functions of the immune system.




The Herbalife team created this product to ensure that athletes can keep up their active life while enjoying a protein-packed product. It is composed of natural ingredients including whey protein as well as milk. The energy from Achieve helps an athlete go through drills without becoming exhausted.


CR7 Drive


The CR7 Drive is another product that is high on energy. Its natural ingredients ensure that the energy levels are sustained as they also fuel the muscles. The hydration of an athlete is enhanced throughout any session. The electrolytes, as well as vitamins that are in good supply in this drink, make this possible.


All these products are extensively analyzed to ensure that they are fit for consumption without violating any laws. The ingredients, as well as suppliers, are also assessed. Herbalife does not take for granted their performance standards.

Good News For NewsWatch TV Reviews

The recent winner of multiple awards in the category of excellence in 30-minute television programming was none other than NewsWatch TV. For the renowned Marcom Award, the company took home the Gold and also a Platinum award while they also took home the Excellence award for Videographer award. The Videographer award is widely regarded as one of the most sought-after in the television industry. It is considered the hardest to win in all of the categories.

NewsWatch TV is no stranger to the awards podium as they have won, in the past, the honor of the Silver Telly award for their national television show. These reviews are based on technology, companies, and consumer products in the United States.

All three of the awards are handed out by the Association of Marketing and Communication Professionals. This is a global organization which is made up of professionals in the advertising, public relations, marketing, media production, communications, and the freelance world. Their members number into the thousands. The Excellence award is given to the piece that the members have considered was filmed with the utmost of excellence.

No matter what market one is talking about within the United States, NewsWatch TV can be seen. It is estimated by Nielsen and also industry experts that each episode garners a viewership of just over 96 million. It is considered one of the most successful independent new magazines that have ever aired on television due to its longevity and history of winning awards.

The Billion Dollar Real Estate Empire Of Hussain Sajwani

Hussain Sajwani makes to the list of the who’s who in business in Dubai. He is one of the wealthiest men in the Gulf Countries Cooperation. He is an alumnus of the acclaimed University of Washington and has been the force behind some of the most influential business in the world.

His hospitality and accommodation enterprise has earned him accolades from as far as the United States of America. His 30 years’ experience in creating brands makes him join the list of self-made billionaires. His net worth stands at an estimated $3.3 billion and he his revered as one of the most powerful Arabs in the world.

Dubai’s economy has grown at electric pace over the last 15 years. It is during the 90’s that Hussain saw the potential of the now famous Gulf city. Hussain Sajwani saw the need for housing in Dubai and positioned himself strategically in the real estate. With a growing Dubai and swelling numbers of tourists thronging the city, Hussain Sajwani has been able to make a fortune in the real estate industry.

Through his company, DAMAC Properties which he started in the year 2002, the businessman has been able to deliver some of the most elite real estate developments. His business focuses on providing housing solutions for the elite.

Hussain has one of the widest business networks. He is a friend and business partner to the President of the US, Donald Trump. He also has ties with golf legend, Tiger Woods, whom he has partnered with to bring to life one of the most expensive golf course in Dubai known as the Trump International Golf Course.

Over the years, DAMAC Properties has grown by leaps and bounds. It is a publicly-listed company with a global presence in 20 countries. The company has developed more than 16,800 units and is in the process of completing 44,000 more units. DAMAC Maison is a subsidiary of DAMAC Properties that focuses on the welfare of DAMAC Properties’ employees.

Hussain Sajwani is also a philanthropist and has extended a lot of help to those without basic needs such as food and shelter.

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Sightsavers Tries Helping Everyone They Can

When Sightsavers first started, they had to do something to make a difference for all the people they worked with. They also had to come up with new ideas to give people a chance for more opportunities. They felt they had a chance to do this through their charity since they were working to help stop preventable blindness. As long as they continue helping people and showing them they can take actions to prevent blindness around the world, they continue doing more as a charitable industry. They’ve always done a lot to help other people and to continue giving people the options they need. For Sightsavers to do this, they have to try and show people what will happen if they don’t have these options in the future.


By using GiveWell, Sightsavers knows they can do things that will continue helping them through different opportunities. They also know what will continue helping the people see what they need out of different experiences. It makes sense for the company to always show people how things will get better and what will happen in the future. Thanks to Sightsavers, more people have a chance to learn about sight options and what they can do to get the help they need.


“What is river blindness?” River blindness is a parasitic infection that can, over time, cause irreversible blindness. The disease is spread by the bite of infected black flies that breed near fast-flowing rivers. 120 million people are at risk worldwide. River blindness can lead to severe skin irritation, pain and sight loss. 500,000 people are blind because of it. 37 million are infected by the disease. Medication can stop it spreading. Fly catchers work to eradicate the flies that carry river blindness. Together, we can eliminate the disease. Learn more: (or click link in our bio!) #Sightsavers #riverblindness #ntds #blindness #eyes #eyehealth #vision #sight #sightloss #visionloss #eyecare #eyehealth #beatNTDs #nomoreNTDs #blindnessawareness #endavoidableblindness #avoidableblindness #river #rivers #riversides #didyouknow #dyk #factoftheday #interesting #interestingfacts

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It makes more sense for Sightsavers to do this so they can continue showing people how they can make a difference with their vision. They’ve always wanted people to see what they can get and how they can make more out of the sight options they have for everyone. It is their idea of creating a positive experience and giving more people the options they need to keep getting better with the charitable efforts they have. They want everyone to have a chance to see since they know they can prevent some instances of blindness.


There were times when people struggled to get the options they needed, but Sightsavers knew they had to do something to continue showing them they were doing the best job possible. They felt they could prevent blindness in different situations. With their beliefs, they knew they were making a positive impact on others and on the people who needed their help. Thanks to them, they could try things that would continue helping them through these experiences. It made more sense for them to do this while they were helping other people through the industry opportunities they had.