Why You Should Choose Waiakea Water

Many people think of bottled water as being the plain, ordinary water from a manufacturer’s faucet that has been boiled and purified. Consumers do not have information as to where the water comes from that is purchased in those clear, plastic bottles. One bottled water manufacturer, who has been in the industry since 2012, gladly informs people of the origin of their product, and the fact that it has several health benefits. Waiakea Water Company was founded by a twenty two year old. He discovered the naturally purified water as it flowed down a waterfall in Hawaii.

The water would pick up elements like potassium, mineral, and calcium, which are all essential for the body. Studies proved that this water was as pure as the rainfall. When Emmons decided to tap into the water industry, he was the youngest entrepreneur to take a step into this market. Most of the competitors were in a particular age group, and Emmons had to ensure that he had an outstanding product. The first three years of business showed an overwhelming increase in profit. It showed a growth of more than four thousand percent in that short period.

Ryan Emmons saw his opportunity in the market, and created a sustainable product. Water had become the most popular drink on the market, and one with unique health benefits was sure to be a favorite. The packaging of the product gives back to communities as it is environmentally friendly. Waiakea Water is PH balance, and rich in electrolytes, magnesium, and sodium, along with the already mentioned components. The water is also composed of 30mg. of silica, which gives a silky, soft feel to the mouth. Studies reveal that if a person drinks 10mg. of silica a day, it can greatly reduce the risk of Alxheimers disease. The pH range of the water is from 7.8 to 8.8 which makes it naturally pure, and alkaline. Waiakea Water is both delicious and beneficial to health. The water is sourced in the town of Hilo, in Hawaii.

Louis Chenevert: the Leader that Guided UTC Through Troubled Times

Louis Chenevert is a Canadian businessman and also served as the CEO and chairman of United Technologies Corporation (UTC). Earlier on in his career, in the late 1990’s, he became the president of Pratt & Whitney after serving with the company for six years. During the mid 2000’s, he became the Chairman of UTC. Eventually Mr. Chenevert became the Vice-Chairman of the Executive Committee for the Business Council and also served Goldman Sach’s Merchant Banking Division as its Exclusive Advisor.

Louis Chenevert has always had the amazing ability to bring shareholders, stakeholders, and customers, alike, together so they could understand how all of their interests might align. He steered the company through a time of recession when other businesses were falling by the wayside. He helped UTC to survive through the years when no one cared about American businesses and when manufacturers from outside the United States were offering stiff competition. By keeping it at the top of its industry, Mr. Chenevert cemented UTC’s legacy as a leader in the market of aerospace and building space. During this time the company never underpaid its employees or caved in and left its original location.

Louis Chenevert helped to contribute to Connecticut’s extended history in the manufacturing arena as well as its economy. Even though Connecticut is known to be a costly state to do business in, Chenevert was able to guide UTC until it was earning twice the average of what many other companies were bringing in. As the CEO of the company, he brought its share-price from a disheartening $37 all of the way up to $117 while dividends were always paid out. He did all of this while not partaking in the practice of outsourcing production, and, in fact, even went as far as moving more than a hundred aerospace engineers from cheaper locations back to Connecticut for their useful skills.

Louis Chenevert studied at HEC Montreal where he earned a Bachelor’s Degree in production management. He was also honored with the being named Person of the Year by the Aviation Week & Space Technology.

Jeunesse Global Product Review

Your body needs different types of care while it’s working during the day and resting at night. Jeunesse’s AM and PM dietary supplements are made up of unique, proprietary blends targeted to meet your body’s specific needs during the day when you’re active and at night while you enjoy a restful sleep. There’s no other product on the market that matches Jeunesse’s unique formula for supplementary care.

Key vitamins and minerals make up the AM formula, including Vitamins A, C, D, E, K and B12. The formula is designed to give you energy as you go about your day. Additional proprietary ingredients protect your skin from free radicals, and promote healthy skin, hair and nails, while boosting your overall immune system.

While you sleep, Jeunesse’s PM supplement works to balance your body’s natural rhythm. Full of vitamins and minerals, the supplement will help you get the good night’s sleep your body craves, and you’ll awaken feeling rejuvenated and refreshed without the “hangover” feeling of many other sleep aids.

Both supplements contain powerful antioxidants. Working together, they can help you achieve optimum performance. Manufactured in the United States, each bottle contains 60 supplements, or a two-month supply. Supplements can be shipped almost anywhere in the world. Regardless of your age, Jeunesse’s AM and PM dietary supplements will enable you to make a healthy lifestyle change that you’ll notice after just a few days of use.

About Jeunesse

Jeunesse is a true growth story, founded by entrepreneurs eager to share their youth enhancement products to a new generation of people concerned with looking and feeling their best. The company offers a variety of cutting-edge products, including dietary supplements for mind and body, skin care and weight management. Since its inception in 2009, Jeunesse has earned a number of prestigious awards and continued to launch new products.

What to Expect From and Where to Go For a Brazilian Butt Lift Dallas

A Brazilian butt lift is a cosmetic procedure that can help people look better and feel better about the way they look. The procedure differs from a traditional butt lift, which is normally used to deal with excessive skin or a drooping appearance. The Brazilian butt lift also involves a physical change of the body but accomplishes this by altering both the size and shape of the buttocks.

In addition to the way it can give the buttocks a firm and more youthful appearance, the Brazilian butt lift is popular because it is less invasive than a traditional procedure. The Brazilian procedure involves the transfer of fat cells from other parts of the body to the buttocks. The fat cells are usually taken from areas where they are most noticeable, including the abdomen, hips and thighs.

Liposuction equipment will be used to literally suck the fat from the body. This involves a small tube that is inserted through incisions made in the skin. After their removal, the cells will be purified and then injected into the buttocks. A Brazilian butt lift can usually be performed on an outpatient basis, often with the patient only being given a local anesthetic. Patients usually require a period of between two and three weeks before they can resume their normal activities. They will also have to wear a special garment to ensure proper healing.


The best candidate for a Brazilian butt lift is someone who is in generally good health, and thus able to recover from a surgical procedure, and not excessively overweight. Patients should find and consult with surgeons who understand their individual needs, but they should also be realistic in their expectations. In the Dallas area, the Brazilian butt lift is performed by a number of physicians in private practice and at certain facilities, including the Cosmetic Procedures clinic and the Innovations medical spa.


How Dr. Sameer Jejurikar Become One of the Country’s Top Physicians

Dr. Sameer Jejurikar is considered one of the top plastic surgeons in the United States. Located in Dallas, Texas, Jejurikar specializes in a wide variety of cosmetic and reconstructive surgical procedures. In 2012, he received the Patients’ Choice Compassionate Doctor Certificate, which is awarded to the top 3% of the country’s 87,000 physicians based on positive patient reviews.


Dr. Jejurikar is a medical school graduate of the University of Michigan, where he also performed his plastic surgery residency. He is a member of several medical associations, such as the American Society for Aesthetic Plastic Surgery, and has contributed to various academic journals, including Journal of Surgical Research and Plastic & Reconstructive Surgery.


Several procedures are performed out of the Dallas Medical Center and Pine Creek Medical Center locations where Dr. Sameer Jejurikar practices. These include botox and dysport, breast and body surgeries, breast reconstruction, buttock augmentation, facial surgeries, injectable fillers, laser procedures, liposuction, rhinoplasty, and skin care procedures among others.


While Dr. Sameer Jejurikar’s practice emphasises cosmetic procedures and surgeries, he is also known to perform reconstructive surgeries as well. In addition to cosmetic procedures such as Brazilian butt lifts, breast, butt, and lip augmentations, facelifts, gynecomastia correction, mommy makeovers, and tummy tucks, Jejurikar also performs hand surgery and microsurgery.


Dr. Jejurikar doesn’t only treat patients seeking cosmetic and reconstructive surgeries in Dallas and Plano, Texas. He also takes part in an annual medical mission to Southern Asia with Smile Bangladesh, which is a nonprofit organization dedicated to providing reconstructive medical procedures to the country’s poverty-stricken children.


Patients seeking surgical or non-invasive cosmetic or reconstructive procedures can always arrange to have a free consultation with Dr. Sameer Jejurikar. As evidenced by his Compassionate Doctor Certification, many patients have had an extremely positive experience with Dr. Jejurikar.

MB2 Dentals Brings Smiles to Harvey Survivors

MB2 Dental Solutions is a dental practice management company with affiliate offices across six states, including Houston and Beaumont Texas, which were devastated by Hurrican Harvey. In total, the company has more than twenty offices and hundreds of employees who all pitched in to help their co-workers through one of the most devastating natural disasters in US history. Estimates predict that Harvey, which reached land as a Category 4 hurricane, caused more than $180 billion in damages.

One employee, who became a new mother just days before the hurricane hit, recalled the challenge of trying to care for a newborn baby without any electricity or running water. Without these necessities, she knew that she and her family had to leave, despite the dangerously high waters outside. With her husband and small baby in tow, they braved driving through 20-feet of water to get to safety, witnessing dozens of cars stalled or flooded along the way. The support of her coworkers at MB2 Dental, made a concerted effort to stay in near-constant contact with her by phone or text each day. Seeing that her co-workers were genuinely concerned for her well-being and wanted to make sure that she and her family were safe helped her cope with the stress and trepidation of being in such an uncertain situation.

Not long after Hurricane Harvey hit, MB2 began a program to help collect supplies and financial donations to assist any and all employees who were impacted by the hurricane. Calls were made throughout the day to try and raise the funds needed to quickly assist fellow workers. Support came in so quickly than some hurricane survivors were able to get much-needed funds deposited into their accounts within just a few days. Many employees were moved to tears by the remarkable support and care that their fellow workers showed for them during their time of need. The kind gesture is a nod to the company’s belief that all of its employees are part of a family, regardless of where they are located in the USA. The company even began using the slogan “We’re in this together” to let employees know how much they care. In total, $93,000 was raised in support of MB2 employees and families that survived Harvey.

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American Institute of Architects: Leaving a Lasting Impact on American Society

Architecture is one of the oldest professions on the planet. Ancient civilizations employ architects to build the greatest wonders on Earth. The profession is essential in every civilization, because without any architects, the beautifully designed structures would never exist. These architects are hailed because of their brilliance and artistry, and they managed to get a higher level of status in societies that have a system for social classes. Architects today are still designing magnificent structures, from the tallest skyscrapers to the grandest palaces built on land. In the United States, architects contributed so much to the society, building the foundation of American infrastructure. During the formation of the United States in 1776, the American government recruited hundreds of architects from Europe to help them build and design structures and cities across the newly formed country. The beautiful buildings of Washington, D.C., and the tallest skyscrapers in New York City are the product of the imagination of architects who have served the American society.

In 1857, a group of American architects noticed the gradual rise in numbers of architects who are coming into the United States. They decided to establish the American Institute of Architects to regulate the architects coming into the country, and they also introduced a set of rules and regulations that each architects must follow. Through the years, the American Institute of Architects became more powerful, and architects who are practicing in the United States must be a member of the organization. They now have the power to revoke the license of an architect practicing in the United States if they found out that they are not living by the organization’s rules and regulations, and the grounds involve malpractice and unethical behavior.

The organization is involved in activities that promote architecture as a profession. They are constantly doing information dissemination, to inform the public about the importance of architecture and the role of the architects in transforming the society. They are also hosting seminars and conferences which tackle about the issues concerning the architects in the country, as well as recommendations and suggestions on what the organization can do for the future of the American architects.

American Institute of Architects is currently headquartered in Washington D.C., and more than 90,000 architects are members of the organization. The organization is actively monitoring each architect who is practicing in the United States, and they are making sure that they are practicing their profession based on the organization’s rules and regulations. The current leader of the organization is Robert Ivy, who is also serving as the organization’s CEO and executive vice president. Robert Ivy is responsible for overseeing the organization as a whole, and he is also the one who is making decisions that would affect the American Institute of Architects.

For more information, Visit:https://www.aia.org/leadership

Ted Bauman Discusses The Future Of Bitcoin

Bitcoin is growing rapidly. More and more people are using Bitcoin. People are investing in Bitcoin. However, Ted Bauman explains that Bitcoin has a big problem. If the way that Bitcoin works does not change, then in a few years, when everyone uses Bitcoin to pay for their transactions and their purchases, problems will arise. For example, a transaction may not go through until 20 minutes after you wanted it to go through. If you have to pay to get into somewhere, this will be a major problem.

The problem is that unlike the credit card companies, the decentralized Bitcoin platform cannot do as many transactions at once. Visa can handle hundreds of thousands of transactions in just a few seconds. However, Bitcoin can only handle a few dozen. This means that if a lot of people are doing transactions with Bitcoin, they will have to wait until the transaction goes through. This is certainly the case when mining happens. According to tedbaumanguru.com, Bitcoin mining is when the decentralized Bitcoin platforms create new Bitcoins. The fact is that the average Bitcoin transaction takes at least a few minutes to process. Last year, it was even worse, as many transactions took almost 3/4 of an hour to process.

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If Bitcoin is to grow into a real currency, then it needs to be able to work just like a currency works, which means that it needs to be able to be used for transactions in real time without many people waiting for it to process. However, Ted Bauman says that there are a number of solutions.

One solution would be to reduce the amount of data in each Bitcoin mining block. However, issues with security may arise. That is why some people have been using the hard fork technology to duplicate the transactions with a new data block. Because it is a different technology, they called it Bitcoin Cash on tumblr.com. In fact, although Bitcoin went down in value last week, Bitcoin Cash has been rising. Bitcoin Cash has its problems too, so it is likely that other forms of hard forking will arise.

Ted Bauman is the editor of The Bauman Letter and Alpha Stock Alert. He has been with Banyan Hill Publishing for many years. Banyan Hill Publishing helps protect assets and manage investments. They started in 1998 as The Sovereign Society, and their focus is on self-reliance and sovereignty in investing.

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Experience a remarkable Flight through Fagali’i Airport

Fagali’i Airport is a public airport located at Apia, Samoa, which is on the central north coast of Upolu. It began in 2002 as an airstrip owned and operated by Polynesian Airlines and the Samoan Government. In 2005, the company stopped its operations and re-opened four years later with international flights.Among the cities with flights to Fagali’i Airport include Maota, Pago Pago and Asau.

The airlines operating from the Fagali’i airport include Talofa Airways, Samoa Air, Polynesian Airlines and South Pacific Island Airways.Being a top travel deal publisher,Fagali’i Airport offers affordable travel deals and airfare to its clients. The company partners with several airlines and travel providers all over the world to offer the best experience for its clients. Clients with flexible travel dates can be advised with the cheapest time to travel.Whether it is a business trip, romantic weekend, family vacation, or a holiday to your dream destination, Fagali’i Airport is there for you. Fagali’i Airport subscribers receive the company’s special offers.

Fagali’i Airport is located in a community with a rich culture and several interesting historic and geographical sites. With a layover or extended stopover, travellers can enjoy the fun activities near the airport before continuing with their journey. Some of things to do while in Fagali’i include visiting the Robert Lois Stevenson Museum, Samoa Cultural Village, Papapapaitai Falls, and Palolo Deep Marine Reserve among many others.

While in the area, there are several luxurious hotels offering first-rate cuisine and accommodation. Some of the hotels near Fagali’i Airport include Samoa Hideaway Beach Resort, Coconuts Beach Club Resort and Spa, Sinalei Reef Sport &Spa, and The Mangrove Garden among many others. Some of these hotels also offer transportation to the airport. Fagali’i Airport is also located near first-class shopping facilities such as Old Apia Markets and Janet’s

Customers will never have to worry about transportation as there is a variety of transportation means. According to customer preferences, clients can choose from Taxi, Car, hire, Train & subway, airport shuttle, bus and coach among many others. Access to these transportations can be obtained from the company’s rail page. Wait no more, visit our website and experience the best tour around the world with our first class services. For more information on fagali’i airport visit:http://www.encontreomedico.com.br/empresa/2924/clinica-dr.-augusto-fagali-sao-jose-do-rio-preto-sp


The pros and cons of the trabuco

The ability to get inside of a defending army’s walls was critical to victory in ancient sieges. The trabuco was ideal for this role. It is essential to have adequate siege machinery in any battle involving barricaded defenders. With its counterbalancing propulsion, the trabuco can throw a rock farther for weight than any other siege weapon. However, this ancient mode of artillery is not necessarily withoutits drawbacks. Here, I will discuss the pros and cons of this mode of breaching walls so that a fortress may be stormed and captured by an invading army.

The trabuco’s capacity for breaching walls is indispensable. It not only is a very effective way for devaluing a valuable chip on the side of the defenders, it is also an innately disheartening weapon, likely to strike fear into the hearts of any defender. An immense multi ton boulder crashing down on your position, destroying the barrier between you and your enemy, and actually turning that barrier against you through the creation of debris and shrapnel is not to be scoffed at. As a soldier in charge of stopping an enemy onslaught, knowing that there are weapons the enemy can bring against you is likely to make you quake in your armor, making you a much less adequate fighter.

However, the trabuco is not perfect. While it is true that the trabuco is the ideal weapon for breaking down large barriers such as castle walls, it is a cumbersome weapon. In fact, it is so large and heavy that it is not feasible for an invading army to take trabucos on the march with them. Rather, they must assemble each trabuco at the location they plan on using them. This obviously requires a lot of lumber, which is not necessarily always available. Even if there were enough trees around to build one, there likely won’t be enough for several, and each will take a lot of time to complete. There are more portable siege engines that can also get the job done. In conclusion, trabucos are a useful siege engine, but not perfect for every situation. Know more: https://lista.mercadolivre.com.br/Trabuco