Kevin Seawright and Newark CEDC Help Local Teens

Kevin Seawright is the CFO of a company that is helping Newark students have successful futures. His company, the Newark Community Economic Development Corporation, has joined NewarkWorks to start a summer employment program for local teens. Prominent local people and organizations are also helping with the effort.

The program is called the Summer Youth Employment Plan and is a six-week event. Students will be paid to work with local businesses and will also receive instruction in basic business knowledge. They will learn about financial business basics, college readiness, personal empowerment and will receive job training.

This year, 350 students have already applied through the program’s online-only application process. Kevin Seawright says the online process has increased student participation over past years. The goal is to employ 3,500 students in the 2016 event. Last year saw 3,000 students employed in the summer program.

In addition to employment, students will have an opportunity to learn how to open savings accounts and checking accounts. The program has partnered with two local banks to assist with this, TD Bank and Santander Bank. Seawright told WorldClassMagazines that this will help students start off on the right foot and will benefit them for years to come. Students will be paid minimum wage during their summer employment, and the program will run from July 5 to Aug. 16.

Kevin Seawright is also the Executive Vice President of the Newark CEDC, which helps the economic development of the Newark, New Jersey, area. Previously, Seawright worked for the Department of Recreation and Parks in Maryland. In that position, he helped distribute over $50 million in funding to benefit local and federal interests. He also worked in education where he helped create annual budgets.  Check Kevin Seawright on SoundCloud to follow him further.

Wikipedia for a New Generation

With Wikipedia and other crowdsource wiki sites gaining popularity over the past decade, it is no wonder that companies and businesses have turned to the platform to inform the public about themselves. In the past year however, something else has been happening on Wikipedia that is now gaining attention. Social causes, such as women equality, have begun using the site as a tool to increase awareness in areas that were previously lacking in both attention and content. Recently in Brooklyn, a group called The Interference Archive ran an edit-a-thon in order to increase the amount information on Wikipedia about the contributions women have made to various topics over the years, as well as bulk up existing articles about women that are currently sparse on in-depth research.

With this new tool at our finger tips being used in so many areas, from business to cultural and social awareness, it is no wonder that people are looking for a time conscious way to take advantage of this platform. A new Wikipedia editing service has popped up around it, in fact. You can now hire Wikipedia writers to create and update a Wikipedia page for you. The benefit to this service, besides saving time, is that you can hire Wiki editors and use their knowledge and experience dealing with the terms and conditions that Wikipedia and other sites put on editing a Wiki page. They do the work, allowing you to take advantage of the opportunities and exposure the site has to offer. 

Whether you are a business, an individual, or a social cause, you should look into how to create a Wikipedia page and use it as a platform to shine attention on areas that you deem important.

Bustle Covers The Wen By Chaz Shampoo

Wen hair is a unique haircare product that has been offered as a substitute for traditional products. Wen by Chaz is a natural shampoo that any woman may use, and the article mentioned shows a woman with fine hair trying the product for the first time.

#1: The Product Requires Very Little To Offer A Result

WEN asks every user to use a small amount of the product in the shower. A sliver of the shampoo will begin to thicken and sud in the shower, and it will cover even the longest strands of hair. Anyone who is looking for a more economical way to wash their hair should try Wen by Chaz.

#2: Fine Hair No Longer Sheds

Shedding is a common problem for those who have fine hair, and WEN by Chaz helps prevent shedding. The reviewer in the article explained that her hair sheds often, and she saw no shedding once she began using Wen by Chaz. Her hair feel softer, and she did not feel as though she was losing clumps of hair every time she got in the shower.

Wen hair is an amazing product to purchase on ebay that is helping women protect their hair and their wallets. A woman who is using Wen by Chaz will see a difference immediately, and the shedding will cease because of the product’s natural ingredients. Anyone who wants to save a little money may use Wen by Chaz, and those who are looking for a better alternative for fine hair will see instant and shiny results.



OrganoGold Coffees Offer Flavor and Health

OrganoGold is a new company with a complex. The organic product at the base of OrganoGold’s operation is a herb, ganoderma lucidium, which has been a staple of Chinese medicine for 100s of years. This herb, which in fact is a mushroom, is used by OrganoGold in coffees and teas, but is also available as a supplement, tooth paste and even soap.

The man behind the product is Bernardo Chua from the Phillipines. He is a proponent of direct sales marketing and has successfully used direct sales and marketing techniques in establishing successful businesses around the world. The product that is at the heart of his organization is a fungus, ganoderma lucidium, which he has been familiar with as it has been used extensively in Chinese medicine, which is popular in his homeland, the Phillipines.

The OrganoGold website makes for an interesting visit, the function of the website is, of course, to further the distribution of OrganoGold products, Bernardo Chua has just seen them expand in fact. Distributors are welcomed into the OrganoGold organization, which offers flavorful and healthy instant coffees and teas. The OrganoGold marketing seeks to capture a part of the market being held captive by Keurig coffee making machines, the Keurig coffee making process has meet with great success in European and American markets.  Bernardo Chua has put a ton of time into creating a healthy brand.  In fact, that’s why Bernardo remains so popular on Twitter, and his Facebook following is growing fast as well.

The initial success of the Starbucks brand has opened the door for other innovative coffee oriented products. Coffee in America has gone from a dime-a-cup, hot, flavored water to new wave coffees available at Starbucks and from Keurig coffee making machines, which are comparable to the best coffees in the world.

Coffee consumption has been a contentious health concern because caffeine is a drug and coffee is riddled with caffeine. Drinking more that several cups a day has not been considered healthy, but Chua and OrganoGold are now proposing the health benefits of their coffees and teas. Coffee lovers around the world should give it a try.

It Was Good Business For James Dondero’s Highland Capital Management Despite Harsh Times

The year 2015 was not an easy going one for most business firms in the market. Most of the business firms in the were caught up with poor performance and lagging profits. James Dondero’s Highland Capital Management according to its just released 13F quarterly report did not have such a bad year. The report was an analysis of the firm’s general performance in 2015 and represented 22.73% of the firms the United States listed assets.

James Dondero hedge firm was able to maintain a portfolio value of and estimated $3.42 billion. This was subject to a $1.49 billion reduction from its 2014 portfolio value of $4.91 billion. This change in market value was a representation of a -30.41 % reduction. Despite the harsh economic times, the turnover for Highland Capital Management was 22.37 %. This hedge fund firm was also able to invest in 69 new purchases. The company sold out a total of 119 stocks and added 62 new additional purchases. The total stock activity for Highland Capital Management reduced by 80 stocks though its stakes at its top 10 Holding was able to maintain a high of 29.55%.

With Highland Capital Management having a total asset management worth $15.04 billion, the 22.73% was good enough to provide accurate statistics. In Highland Capital Management top five purchases list was a $67.07 million in Spdr S&P 500 Etf Tr (Call) (SPY), a $23.35 million in Amazon Com Inc (AMZN), a $17.73 million in Eagle Pharmaceuticals Inc (EGRX), a $17.24 million in Danaher Corp Del (DHR) and closing the list was Intra Cellular Therapies Inc (ITCI) which got $15.90 million. On the top five new purchases list was 1.96% in Spdr S&P 500 Etf Tr (Call), 0.68% in Amazon Com Inc, 0.52% in Eagle Pharmaceuticals Inc, 0.50% in Danaher Corp Del and lastly 0.46% in Intra Cellular Therapies Inc.

Jim Dondero or as popularly known, James Dondero has been in the business industry both as an entrepreneur and an executive for over 30 years. He has managed to grow his firm to be such a big hedge fund firm by investing in the high risk and high yield sector. He is also an equity markets expert, and this is the sector that has built his career so far.

Collateralized Loan Obligation also known as CLO market is one of Jim’s best areas in business. In fact, he’s one of the pioneer founders of the product. His other famous project in business is the developing credit-oriented solutions that he introduced to capture high-end institutional and retail investors across the global market.

QNET Empowers Women to Own Their Own Businesses

To recognize International Women’s Day on March 8, the direct selling company QNET celebrates the many women who use and promotes its many products around the world.

QNET realizes many women wish to express their entrepreneurial ambitions and help provide financially for their loved ones while still taking care of their families at home. By spreading the word about QNET to their family members, friends and neighbors, they can work around their private obligations yet still bring in an income that grows as their business expands. Working a job or running a physical store requires a fulltime committment, but as a QNET representative women can set their own hours to what is convenient to their schedules.

As they continue to grow their business networks, they gain in skills, confidence and income. They are no longer financially dependent and they can provide for their children. This improves their family’s lifestyle, and that of their entire community. Their teach and train other women to also grow their own businesses, forming entrepreneurial communities of people working hard to reach their dreams.

As direct sellers for QNET women (and men) have no income limits. They can start off small, as students, wives and mothers already busy with life, then grow as they gain experience and they see the pay-off for their investment of hard work. 

Almost every other type of business requires an upfront payment of cash to get started for a store and inventory. This puts aspiring business owners at a huge disadvantage right from the start. They cannot afford to save up so much money. They borrow, but must quickly return the cash to the lender.

With QNET, women immediately have a broad range of quality products to promote to customers. They can start right off making sales.

QNET is based in Hong Kong, but has representatives in 100 countries around the world. They were cited by Microsoft as a pioneer in ecommerce. Their products cover home care, health, beauty, nutrition, weight loss, fashion goods and luxury items. 

One of these is Home Pure, a home-based water filtration system that provides clean drinking water.

Former professional tennis player Martina Hingis is QNET’s Brand Ambassador in India. She gives motivational speeches to QNET representatives.

Learn more about QNET on Facebook or follow their Instagram.