New Tasks as the Chief Executive Officer of America Institute of Architects.

Robert Ivy has been a dedicated member of American Institute of Architects. In 2011, he was appointed the Chief Executive Officer and Executive Vice President. Mr Ivy is a recognized figure of AIA and has been an advocate for the architectural profession on very many occasions.

As the Executive Vice President of AIA, Robert Ivy is responsible for the running of AIA’s national office in Washington D.C. The organization has an annual budget of $56 million and 206 employees. He is also expected to direct AIA’s focus on design and practice issues and work together with over 300 chapters across America, to ensure AIA and the profession continue to grow.

An award-winning architect and a guru in the field. Robert Ivy is one of the biggest names in the architectural world. The recipient of the McGraw-Hill Award in 1998 for Management Excellence, Robert Ivy is a man who came from a humble background and mastered the art of architecture. Furthermore, Robert Ivy was voted in 2010 as a Master Architect. This was by the national architecture fraternity, Alpha Rho Chi. He was named ‘Master Architect’ for his ability to communicate the value of design impeccably. Robert Ivy is currently the Chief Executive Officer and Executive Vice President of American Institute of Architects.

Founded in 1857, American Institute of Architects is a premier organization that involves licensed and professional architects in the United States of America. The organization offers education, community redevelopment services, and advocacy. This is to ensure that the architecture profession is fully supported and its value is retained at the top. Headquartered in Washington D.C the organization has since grown and expanded to an institute with over 90000 members.

At the American Institute of Architects, there are different groups of members like the Allied Members, Emeritus Members, and Associate Members. In as much as the members are placed in groups, they all work together to realize the goals of the organization. The American Institute of Architects also recognizes commendable works done around the world and actually gives out awards like The Architecture Firm Award.

Robert Ivy attended The University of The South and earned a Bachelor of Arts Degree in English. He then furthered his studies at the Tulane University from where he graduated with a Masters in Architecture. Robert Ivy started off his career in 1996 at the ‘Architectural Record’ as the Editor in Chief. He then moved on to become the Vice President of McGraw Hill Construction Media. Robert Ivy continued to pursue his dreams and further his career in different places. It was in 2011, that he was appointed the Chief Executive Officer of American Institute of Architects.

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How Rocketship Education is Revolutionizing Education San Jose

Not too long, a study from Harvard showed that the likelihood of low-income children born in the early 80s being successful was similar to kids from countries like Denmark and Canada. These countries are considered extremely progressive compared to the United States, which seems bent on sticking to the past. The study focused on kids from neighborhoods in San Jose, California, which is something the city was proud of, but that is fading. Kids in these communities no longer have those same opportunities.

A lot has changed since the study was performed. For one, the amount a family needs to buy a house has risen drastically. Everyone knows the middle-class has diminished, and the pool of working poor has gotten a lot larger. In short, people are suffering financially. Educators in San Jose know the struggles their communities are facing but remain hopeful. Some of these educators believe that working with the community as a whole can help kids find the right path. Some of these teachers have seen the power of education. Many kids become the first to go to college in their families.

Educators who truly believe in the power of a good education and a good teacher are working with Rocketship Education. This is a non-profit organization that is hoping to place a number of public charter schools in communities that need education the most. Part of what motivates this organization and their network of charter schools is helping children overcome their circumstances. The group of public charter schools has created an environment where parents, educators, and students co-exist and help each other.

The schools this organization are placing are high performing schools, which has been shown to help English language learning students learn more in a year. The organization has asked parents to sit down and meet with teachers so that they know who is teaching their children. A parent has the right to know that only teachers with true talent are helping their children reach their highest potential. San Jose wants to become the city it once was for children, and the Rocketship Education organization is there to help.

Meet the Executive Vice President of American Institute of Architects (AIA)

Robert ivy is the current executive vice president and CEO of American Institute of Architects (AIA). This is a leading USA based organization of architects and designers. It has over two hundred and fifty chapters and ninety thousands member architectural engineers and design experts across the nation. Robert has spent a better part of his life strengthening the organization through public outreach, education initiatives, and advocacy.

Robert ivy journey to success began by broadening his education at Sewanee University. He received a bachelor degree in arts. He later joined Tulane University where he studied masters of Architecture. In 1996, Ivy became the Editor in Chief of architectural records. While in that position, architectural records became the world’s most read architectural journal. He oversaw publication of 33 publications in print and digital editions. The company received plentiful of publishing industry honors. The most notable included premier magazine journalism award and Folio design awards. Also, the organization got 26 Jesse H Neal awards and seven ozzies.

In 2011, Robert Ivy was promoted to Executive vice president and Chief Executive Officer Position where he currently serves. Under his leadership, he has been able to reposition the AIA from its wealthy legacy to a responsive, practical and prominent organization. Among his primary responsibilities and goals is heightening public awareness through advocacy. This involves helping the public understand the significance and relevance of all designers.

Robert’s most remarkable accomplishment as a CEO includes streamlining AIA governance. He has been able to improve the organizational decision making and build a new digital-first technology infrastructure. Additionally, he has launched a highly-appreciated public awareness campaign. Lately, Robert is focusing on shifting AIA possessions to train architects on their responsibility in dealing with current critical matters. This includes sustainability, climate change and the various effect of architectural design on public health.

Due to his massive contribution to the architectural world, Robert Ivy has received several personal awards. For instance, in March 2010, Robert was named the “master architect” for efficiently communicating the value of design to the public. Additionally, he was among the seven people who received the credit in the company’s 100-year history. Among the seven, he was the only designer chosen in the 21st century

Robert is also the writer of the classic biography of Fay Jones. The book is rated among the best by art Library Society of North America, especially for scholarship and design. Besides serving as executive vice president and CEO of the AIA, he also serves as an advisory board of four architect universities.

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Amazing Journey of Eli Gershkovitch From Lawyer to Famous Beer CEO

In the 1970s and 1980s, many young adults dreamt of a career in law. Eli Gershkovitch was no different. On getting his law degree, however, he did not build a name for himself in law.


Instead, Eli Gershkovitch is today known throughout Canada and the world as the CEO of Steamworks Brew Pub in Vancouver. His journey is one of passion and tenacity, of courage and commitment. His journey has been inspirational in bringing about a revolution in beer production and consumption.


As a pioneer in the Craft Beer industry, Eli Gershkovitch has inspired countless others to become brewmasters. At a time when the fledgling Craft Beer industry was known Micro-Brewing, he was establishing a unique and important niche: Steam brewing.


Steam brewing beer remains somewhat rare even today. By 1995 standards, steam brewing was as unheard of as microbrewing. Beer aficionados aside, both brewing methods were unknown.


Yet, Eli Gershkovitch knew he wanted to operate a brewery and to do so, he would have to find a way to compete with the major corporations such as Budweiser and Guinness. So when the building in which he was to launch his microbrewery was found to house an old steam heating system, his brewmaster offered a suggestion: Use the Steamworks to craft the beer.


It was not an unknown concept, but it would be novel for Vancouver, so the system was incorporated into the company name. A Vancouver favorite nightspot was born. People from across Canada, the United States, and elsewhere stop in at Steamworks in the Gastown district when visiting the city. Locally, Gershkovitch is often compared to Sir Richard Branson making him a kind of royalty in BC.


Every business faces challenges,. Steamworks Brew Pub was no different, but one key difference was that its owner understood the complexities of the law. One of the first things Eli Gershkovitch used his legal training to do was establish numerous patents for his unique beers (Facebook).


Now that his beers are getting noticed on an International level, he is in position to really compete with the big beer companies.

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Glen Wakeman Co-Founds LaunchPad Holdings, LLC

Glen Wakeman has recently co-founded a new company called LaunchPad Holdings, LLC. This company is able to help entrepreneurs become successful. The only thing you need to do before joining forces with LaunchPad Holdings is creating the idea! Therefore, LaunchPad Holdings, LLC has a broad range of assistance they provide to help organizations become successful. One recommendation he gives that could help everyone is to stay connected with every acquaintance and friend no matter the distance between you. This is getting easier all the time with the convenience of social media. Mr. Wakeman believes that these connections could mean the difference between success and failure, especially for entrepreneurs (


Glen Wakeman has prided himself on building businesses using five areas of performance. These areas include leadership, human capital, execution, risk management, and governance. Each of these areas is essential to an organizations success. Each business needs strong leadership so that as the organization changes either expected or unexpectedly, the organization can stay strong and employees have someone(s) to look to for guidance. Human capital is important as organizations need those strong individuals. These staff members need to be able to align visions, strategies, and tactics. Execution also makes the list of top performance pieces as it applies to integrating process, technology, and people (GlenWakeman). It is not enough just to be on the same page as those in your company, but important to carry out the visions using those agreed upon strategies. Risk Management cannot be left out as any disruption to the organization can be costly in time, money, and resources. The final area he uses is governance. Under this governance, he encourages and enables constructive dissent.


Using the above five areas of performance and his personal experiences and successes, Glen Wakeman is able to work with new entrepreneurs to help them succeed. These five areas are the foundation to the software he created for LaunchPad Holdings.



The Success of Dr. Mark Holterman in the Medical Field

Dr. Mark Holterman is a renowned surgeon, philanthropist, researcher, and educator. He was raised from a humble background, and he worked hard in school till he was admitted to Yale University to do biology major he later enrolled University of Virginia (UVA) and specialized in Pediatric. He met a friend known as Ai-Xuan Le who influenced him to become a pediatric surgeon. They moved together to Seattle and worked in different areas.

Dr. Mark Holterman has gained experience for over two decades. He is the CEO of Mariam Global Health. Mark has worked for various institutions as pediatric surgeon .he works at the University of Illinois as a medical researcher. Dr. Mark Holterman founded Hannah Sunshine Foundation which assists children with chronic disease to access medical treatment. He has published several scientific articles and books on various subjects such as immunology.

He was involved in the formation of IPSAC-VN. Mark and Ai-Xuan visited Vietnam in 2007 and found out that there were insufficient pediatric hospitals and medical staff (Doctor.WebMD). The people used to struggle to find medical treatment for their children. Mark and Ai-Xuan helped in the establishment of a nonprofit organization which provides pediatric care to in the whole of Vietnam. The main aim of the organization is to improve medical facilities in the also aims at reducing medical infections.

Dr. Mark Holterman has obtained high-quality education form various recognized institutions (GazetteDay). He attended Yale University and graduated in 1980 with the biology major. He later went to the University of Virginia to study for his Ph.D. Dr. Mark Holterman has gained a lot of experience while working in different fields and organizations. Currently, he lectures at the University of Illinois as a full professor. He has conducted a couple of research on various topics such as regenerative medicine. He established the Mariam Global Health with the aim of providing funds for improving medical services. He has helped in the invention and innovation healthcare technologies to enhance medical treatments. He has been honored with four awards due to the service that he provides as a pediatric surgeon. His contribution as a pediatric surgeon has saved the lives of many people.

Perry Mandera Fights to Lower Taxes on Trucks

In case you have not heard of Perry Mandera, he is the founding person of a company called The Custom Companies, Inc., and is a highly successful businessman. In another role for Mr. Mandera, he is on the board of ITA, aka the Illinois Trucking Association. ITA is best known for its lobbying work on behalf of the transportation industry. We need not tell you how important a task that is.


The ITA, spearheaded by Perry Mandera, has of late been involved in the support of a bill known as “Bill 662.” The crux of this bill is to seek lower taxes for trucks by repealing the Commercial Distribution Fee. This bill is currently being heard in the Illinois Senate. The supporters of this bill feel it is critical that taxes on trucks be made lower. The effects of such an act would ultimately trickle down to other industries in the Illinois business world. Needless to say, that would be good for the entire state.


As it stands right now, the sales tax on license plates is being enforced with regards to commercial vehicles whose weight exceeds an amount from 8000 pounds, up to and including a maximum weight of 80,000 pounds. To sum this up, that means taxes on the commercial truck industry cost more than $50 million each year. Anyone can plainly see this is a particularly high amount of taxes bestowed on trucks. Thus it is the primary reason that Perry Mandera, through the Illinois Trucking Association, is determined to fight for lowering these taxes. Again, the effects of the substantially lower taxes would be felt across all commercial industries in Illinois. That could only be beneficial to everyone in the state.


There is a reason people in transportation and government alike in Illinois listen to Mr. Mandera. He has over three decades of expertise in that field and has built an incredibly successful empire in that state (SlideShare). Additionally, Perry Mandera has officially been awarded the distinction of being one of the top one hundred executives in all of the transportation in the millennium. What an honor! He has also played a pivotal role in Illinois politics through his involvement in the ITA. Stay tuned to find out what happens with his fight to lower taxes on trucks.

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Stream Energy Steamrolls the Competition in State After State

Stream Energy is a Dallas-based Network Marketing company which specializes in home energy solutions but also offers wireless and protective home services. Started in 2005 after the Texas Legislature deregulated the energy market in that state, it was founded as a multilevel marketing company. This has allowed it to grow by word-of-mouth alone and grow it has.


Stream Energy to date has generated more than eight billion dollars in revenue and expanded into eight states. As of December 5, 2017, Delaware was added to the list of states where the company offers home energy solutions. The other seven states are:


  • Texas
  • Illinois
  • Georgia
  • Pennsylvania
  • New Jersey
  • Washington, DC
  • Maryland
  • New York


Of course, Stream Energy is not content with these eight states but has even more aggressive expansion plans for 2018. The non-energy products it offers are available to anyone in the United States, but energy services are different.


To provide energy services in a state, the state must first offer deregulated energy to its citizens ( Next, any company wanting to offer energy services still must comply with various regulations. Deregulation does not mean not regulated.


Aside from great public relations victories Stream Energy has enjoyed in recent years including being honored as one of the most Trusted Energy Companies in Texas, the company is growing a firm hold nationwide with its other core products: Wireless, protective, and home services.


Stream Energy wireless plans are an excellent value for individuals, but the shared plans are an unbeatable value (WeeklyOpinion). When clients need Roadside Assistance, Credit Monitoring, or Identity Protection, the company offers these as well. And the Smart Home and Digital Voice services round out its trusted offerings.


These services each combine to make Stream Energy a valuable and trusted part of many lives. Little wonder then that as states permit, Stream is going to steam in and roll over the competition.


Jorge Moll – Recognized Neuroscientist and Founder of IDOR

Dr. Jorge Moll is a Brazilian neuroscientist working in partnership with VHM Ventures. The organization of VHM Ventures offers support for biomedical research breakthroughs in modern medicine. Mr. Jorge Moll is a popular researcher in his field of study and has been working with Neurology since 1998. He earned his Ph.D. in 2004 and is the founder of the IDOR Institute of Research and Education. Mr. Jorge Moll currently holds the positions of President of IDOR, a board member of its research institute, as well as a Senior Researcher at the IDOR institute.


Mr. Jorge Moll has been working in some neurology studies at the IDOR Institute of Research and Education before his current partnership working together with VHM Ventures that began in 2017. From the Medical School of Sao Paulo, Dr. Jorge Moll graduated with a Ph.D. in Experimental Pathology in 2004 (


When Dr. Jorge Moll started working towards establishing a career, he founded the IDOR which stands for the D’ Or Institute of Research and Education. A few years later Dr. Jorge Moll also added a Cognitive and Behavioral Neuroscience Unit to the IDOR. Dr. Jorge Moll has been taking part in a variety of neuroscientific research, and the most recent one was on the sense of altruism. The study aimed to find out where in the brain the moral faculty is used and how does that support of override current philosophical points of view on the matter.


The results of the study sent a wave of discussions as it showed that altruism is found in the same place as the basic needs and pleasures such as food and sex (IDOR). That means that being selfless and giving to charity is not a higher moral faulty, contrary to popular belief. Instead, altruism is a basic need in the human brain.


Over the course of his neuroscientific and business career, Dr. Jorge all has been recognized on many occasions. He received an award for being an NIH Research Fellow from 2004 up until 2007. A year later Dr. Jorge Moll was noted again and elected by the Brazilian Academy of Sciences to be an affiliate member. Most recently, he received a Visiting Scholar Award from Stanford University.

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An Intro to the American Institute of Architects

The American Institute of Architects is a professional organization that helps a number of architects get support and mentorship during their careers. It serves as an entity to help improve the knowledge and skills of architects. This organization will help them not only gain knowledge and skills, but also meet with other architects to discuss current projects as well as recent trends in the field. The American Institute of Architects was founded in the late 19th century and has expanded to over 200 chapters worldwide. Therefore, it has emerged as an organization that helps professionals in the field throughout multiple parts of the world. It is currently based in Washington D.C. which is where it originated.

Over the years the American Institute of Architects has emphasized certain values that have made it into a quality organization. One of the main values of this organization is diversity which entails allowing professionals from a variety of backgrounds to join and share their expertise. Inclusion is another value which allows architects to accept other professionals and receive their ideas and feedback when it comes to matters concerning various aspects of architecture.

Along with having values that make the organization stand out, the American Institute of Architects also addresses a number of issues. The American Institute of Architects addresses issues such as climate change, infrastructure and immigration. When addressing infrastructure, the organization looks to encourage projects that will improve the durability and structure of roads, bridges and buildings. It also addresses climate change by suggesting building structures that will be more environmentally friendly in the future. Lastly, the organization looks to address climate change by suggesting projects that increase the amount of housing units for new residents moving into the nation.

Robert Ivy is the current chief executive officer and director of the American Institute of Architects. As the CEO and director, Robert Ivy organizes all of the programs as well as makes sure that the organization makes enough funds to operate. He also looks to use his leadership to help manage the members of the organization on a regular basis. Under his leadership, the American Institute of Architects has been able to maintain its status as the premier professional organization in the architecture field.

Before Robert Ivy became the CEO of the American Institute of Architects, he worked in the editing field. He worked as a chief editor for a number of architectural publications. As the chief editor, he would look to publish a number of articles that would reveal the latest trends and developments in the architecture field. Robert Ivy would also work in the media field as an editor for a number of other publications in the architecture field as well.