Securus Technologies Has Risen to be one of the Most Sought after Security Solutions Provider

Securus Technologies is the most reliable provider of security-based products and services. The firm’s main focus is to provide technological solutions that fulfill the special needs of correctional facilities and law enforcement agencies. It was founded in 1986 as T-Netix and rebranded to Securus Technologies in 2004 after its merger with Evercom. Securus has continued to grow and to expand over the years from its headquarters in Dallas, Texas to open regional offices in Carrollton, Allen, and Atlanta. So far, the company has served many correctional facilities and inmates in the U.S., Mexico, and Canada.




Over the last few years, Securus has invested $600 million to finance technology patents and acquisitions. One such acquisition is Sycon Justice Systems, an internationally recognized Offender Management Systems provider, in June 2007. The company continues to innovate new products and services year after year, solely and in partnership with other leading brands. One of the company’s product is Securus’ Managed Access Solutions that control contraband cellphones. This product had gained correctional facilities’ approval in over five departments by last year. In partnership with Harris Corporation, Securus Technologies launched the Cell Defender technology in July last year. This year, the company developed Wireless Containment Solution, a technology that inhibits a connection between contraband cellphones and mobile networks.




People have grown to appreciate Securus Technologies’ role in helping the communities live in a safer environment. They send emails and letters to the company expressing how the products have been of help to them. One client thanked the company for a successful use of their product that tracked calls of a suspect, which led to obtaining a search warrant. As a result, the officer arrested the suspect. Call monitoring service also resulted in a collection of data that revealed the use of drugs in the facilities.



New Technology Improves Treatment In Cancer Patients

Cancer Treatment Centers of America (CTCA) recently announced a partnership between Allscripts and NantHealth to provide patients and doctors a smoother platform for planning clinical pathways in cancer treatment.

Eviti is the clinical program that will be used. This program was created with the help of hundreds of oncologists, and is the first of its kind. Eviti will not interfere with the doctors clinical paperwork. The way eviti works is like this: Every type and stage of cancer has been been programmed into the service. Doctors and their patients can sit down and choose the best clinical pathway based on the patient’s health history and current state of health. Eviti will help take any guesswork out of cancer treatment ensuring a better outcome. NantHealth’s eviti system is constantly maintained and upgraded with the latest in cancer research and treatments.

Partnerships like this are just one of the many things that CTCA does in order to provide for their cancer patients. CTCA is headquartered in Boca Eaton, Florida, and is one of five locations that treats adult cancer. CTCA believes in treating patients as a whole, not just treating the cancer. Therapies are used to treat the mind, body, and soul during and after cancer treatment.

CTCA specializes in: surgery, chemotherapy, radiation, genomic testing, immunotherapy, and supporting therapies that help manage pain, nausea, and side effects from chemotherapy. Consistently ranked in the top hospitals across the nation for cancer treatment, CTCA’s staff really cares and is invested in the treatment of the patient’s. Doctors will routinely sit with patients to plan cancer treatments, and will make sure the patient is involved every step of the way. To read more about eviti and Cancer Treatment Centers of America, please click here.

Cancer Treatment Centers of America Giving Back to the Community

College of Lake County decided to honor one of its board members this year in their 2017 Scholarship Golf Classic taking place on June 12. This member is none other than Chris Piazzi, a beneficiary of dual transplant that saved his life. In his own words, Piazzi says that education comes in many forms. He is a beneficiary of someone’s generosity. Chris is the chairman of the College of Lake County Foundation Board, and he is also the president of Mundelein Community Bank.

Foundations like Cancer Treatment Centers of America, R.J. Galla Insurance Company, Legat Architects and First Bank of Highland Park give back to the society by hosting or sponsoring such an event whose contributions go to educating our communities. It is through their contributions that CLC has been able to support the future of over 386 students in the academic year 2015/16 Thought Awards amounting to $951,643. Money raised from the event’s tickets will benefit the College of Lake County scholarship and grants foundation. The event honoring Chris Piazzi will take place at the Ivanhoe Golf Club in Mundelein.

Cancer Treatment Centers of America is a group of five hospitals in four different states with the latest technology and skilled doctors and clinicians whose main aim is to offer best care to cancer patients. CTCA uses conventional approaches such as surgery, chemotherapy, immunotherapy and radiation to treat cancer. They also offer integrative support therapies to help curb side effects like fatigue, nausea and malnutrition among others.

Cancer Treatment Centers of America was started back in 1988 by Richard J Stephenson when his mother passed away after suffering from cancer. He was not satisfied with the treatment his mother received and went ahead to start the cancer center. Today, CTCA has hospitals in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, Tulsa, Oklahoma and near Atlanta. It has also received accreditation from the National Accreditation Program for Breast Centers and a Full Standards Compliance from the Joint Commission.

The Legal Litigator Philadelphia Attorney Karl Heideck

Philadelphia Attorney Karl Heideck
Philadelphia Attorney Karl Heideck

When selecting legal representation one of the words that come up is a litigator. People often wonder what this means and the short answer is it is derived from Latin. It actually translates to “drive a lawsuit.” This means the litigator is a legal professional. One who moves a lawsuit through the judicial system. This is a licensed attorney who has attended law school and taken the bar exam. The litigator should not be confused with a mediator, who is neutral to both parties. The litigator represents one of the parties to protect their legal rights. The litigator manages a case from start to finish.

Attorney Karl Heideck specializes in risk management and compliance practices. He also has experience in commercial litigation, corporate law, employment law and product liability. In addition, Karl Heideck has skills in legal writing and legal research. He is a lawyer practicing in the Greater Philadelphia, Pennsylvania area.

Karl Heideck has practiced law for over ten years and is highly respected in the legal community. The lawyer provides legal guidance and advice for clients keeping them in the loop during a case. He is a lawyer specializing as a litigator. He represents a wide variety of clients including individuals, corporate executives, and companies. Karl Heideck is able to build cases relying on his expertise in legal research. After gathering evidence, relevant documents and statements he assesses the case. Then he puts this expertise to work to build a solid case. Building a case that will protect his client’s legal rights during a lawsuit or other legal claim.

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Todd Lubar, Turning His Passion For Realty Into A Reality

Todd Lubar is a prominent figure in the world of real estate and has had an immense contribution to the field. According to Yelp, Todd started working in the field of real estate in 1995 and since then has made quite a name for himself. He has always been an ambitious person who wanted to own his own business. He also knew that he wanted to help people while doing something that he loved. Realizing this was when it dawned on Todd Lubar that he wanted to be in the field of real estate.

According to crunchbase, Todd also has a tremendous amount of financial expertise which he uses to guide his clients on their property investment ventures. This keen eye for financial advisory comes from one of Todd Lubar’s first jobs where he advised people in financial investments while working with Legacy Financial Group. It was here where Todd learned to work with investors and financial advisors who helped clients purchase their dream homes while making a sound investment into it. He also had a considerable amount of experience working with customers during his time working at Legacy Financial Group. This helped him develop his people’s skills, which is also what has made his founding company what it is today.

Fast forward to present day and Todd Lubar is at the peak of his career, leading his company which he runs under the name of Legendary Properties. Todd Lubar established this company in 202, and since then, has transformed it into the industry leader that it is today. Through hard work and dedication, Todd Lubar has brought his company up from scratch, to what it has now become. The company mainly geared towards helping people with their rehabilitation needs and giving clients the homes that they have always dreamed of owning. The company offers real estate solutions to a wide array of customers, right from companies looking out for office spaces, to families looking out for a bigger home. Todd Lubar believes in offering his customers the best quality customer services and upholds this value with the company that he runs, which has, in turn, helped the company grow to its fullest potential.

How Does A Company Like EOS Lip Balm Reach Success In Such A Huge Market?

EOS Lip Balm is the definition of a successful brand that continues to make huge changes in the industry. They have built a million dollar company that continues to make strides in the world of this industry, but they did follow quite the formula for them to achieve the success that they did. EOS started from scratch, and the people behind this company did not know everything that they were going to do in order to succeed. Their reached success by going after a market that wasn’t hardworking.

They knew and understood that those in the world of chapstick did not care for quality ingredients or a nice packaging. All they cared about was the simplicity of using something to keep the lips chapped. They also noticed that women were the ones who used the majority of chapstick, and so why not target that market and add a sense of luxury on top of the beauty of lip balm. Then they created the beauty that is the Evolution of Smooth sphere-shaped chapstick. It became such a huge hit, but it wasn’t much of a success overnight. It took plenty of time, months of preparation and research, and countless work to get it to be sold in Walmart stores.

It was through the power of the web that EOS became such a hit. EOS reached the market at the same time that the Internet was beginning to boom and finally grow. It became such a huge success when the beautiful brand like EOS was being marketed by social media influencers across the web. It’s quite unique how so many have noticed this brand go from being completely unknown to reaching the stars and attaining massive growth. EOS Lip Balm is by far one company that knew how to get in the eyes of the right people which created such a huge effect on business. To learn more, visit

How Vijay Eswaran Was Able To Build His Empire

Every business enterprise hopes to gain more clients through their services that impact their client’s lives. Regardless of how much an enterprises aim at achieving this, not all of them are in a position of impacting their clients, but QI Group is one company that has impacted the lives of its clients.

The firm, founded in 1998, has been able to do this through providing quality services while still involving itself in charity programs. The company believes that through giving back to the society, it will continue prospering and developing.

Vijay Eswaran is the man and brains behind the creation of QI Group, and he currently serves as the firm’s Executive Chairman. Ever it was founded, the group has recorded numerous profits and significant returns that have made the business develop to the point of operating in more than twenty states with its main headquarters being in Hong Kong.

Many people try to understand how the business has become this successful and what the secret behind its continuous success is. According to Vijay, the business has been able to grow throw employing unique business models that help in the firm’s development at a fast rate. This model involves hiring independent representatives whose work involves referring QI’s products to the consumers.

Just like everything, QI Group had a starting point. Everything began when Vijay had no idea of opening up a business. All he had was an idea, and he never thought it would one day become true. It was hard for him to bring his idea to reality considering he had no capital to begin the business and he had no mentor who would direct him on the right way to go.

He also had no investors who were willing to invest in the firm as per that time; the Asian economy was destitute. According to QBuzz, nobody had trust in his business, and all Vijay Eswaran knew was that anybody would not employ him.

All he wanted and aimed at was to become his own boss. With his motivation, Vijay partnered with numerous people and eighteen years later, Vijay has a company under him that is doing extremely well. Vijay believes that with determination, hard work and encouragement, a person can make it in life and bring an idea to life.

The Great Mike Baur and his Contributions to the Swiss Startup Factory

Mike Baur is the owner and CEO of the Swiss Startup Factory. His idea was to support Fintech businesses through a unique program while they try to venture out and make an impact in an already challenging market. Mainly the company collects the capital needed for the business which is done by getting other businesses to fund the startups like a form of investment.


The company has been blooming lately. Michael Hartweg has come in as a new investor. He formerly worked with Leonteq before he joined Swiss Startup Factory. By his partnership with the company, he will have to look at the business ideas presented to him and make decisions whether they are a worthy investment or not. Part of the deal is not only to measure the worthiness of the investment but also to mentor those that are good enough.


The company has to ensure the businesses are successful. The company aims to find more people like Michael who have the money to assist entrepreneurs with their startups.

The initiative was a part of the accelerator program that Mike Baur plays a major part. The program looks at companies that are establishing themselves and funds them while giving them any other form of support that they may need to get their business up and running.


Mike Baur


He is the founder of the Swiss Startup Factory. The company, which is based in Zurich mainly looks at investing in Fintech startups. In 2014, the accelerator program was set up to help investors in maximizing their profits on their investments. The financial support for these businesses is the result of Mike’s hard work, which has seen them enjoy a lot of success. He used to work for the Swiss banking sector for the past two decades.


This experience has seen him gain knowledge about small startup companies and the hardships they face when developing. The field has also enabled him to look at investments and what causes them to be successful or fail. The most important part of setting up your startup for success as Mike believes is the use of IT in everyday undertakings.


The Things Rick Smith Has Accomplished In Life

Rick Smith is a corporate giant, a man who has extensive knowledge in technology and engineering. At age sixty-five, he is the president and chief executive officer of Securus Technologies, a company he took the mantle in the year 2008. Ever since he was appointed to head this corporation, there has been a significant success that has come about over the years. This success has not come by sheer luck, but rather by the skill and ingenuity that Rick possesses. It is his skills coupled with working experience that enabled him to land his current job, a post that faced stiff competition.

Mr. Smith is an individual who loves books and studies. For this reason, he possesses a bachelor’s and master’s degree in engineering, an associate’s degree from the Rochester Institute of Technology, and an MBA from the University of Rochester. In addition to his education accolades, Smith also has a wealth of experience in running corporations.

For instance, he has headed companies like Eschelon Telecom Inc., Global Crossing, Midwest Telephone Operations, Integra Telecom, and Securus Technologies in the capacities of CEO, president, chairman, chief information officer, controller, vice-president, chief operating officer, director, and chief financial officer. He is also an active board member for Eschelon Telecom Inc. and Integra Telecom Co Ltd.

Since Richard Smith is involved in a company that deals with the provision of secure telecommunication networks for inmates, it has been his responsibility to transform Securus operations in a manner that also increases the security level of members of the public. Through his expertise, he has been able to revolutionize inmate communications using the latest technology.

For instance, inmates in prisons within Texas and America can now communicate with family members through video visitation. Video visitation is a platform made possible by a secure Securus website. Some of the advantages of using video visitation are that it eliminates inmate contact thus minimizing chances of them ganging up. Also, it is cheaper and secure in the sense that it allows Securus to keep a database of all calls and chats that go through its system. Read more on

Over the years, Rick Smith has made Securus Technologies expand through mergers it has done with other telecommunication companies. As a result of its expansion, Securus Technologies has been able to boost its profit margins on a yearly basis. Moreover, Richard has foreseen the introduction of electronic monitoring into Securus. Electronic control is mainly meant for convicts and people under probation since this system utilizes digital ankle bracelets whose assessment has to be done continuously through a satellite.

Hence, it is evident enough that Rick Smith is very passionate about his line of work and that he aims at ensuring that Securus Technologies helps to keep communities safe.


Statement Issued By Squaw Valley Ski Holdings

The residents of Olympic Valley, CA have always been proud of what their community represents. They take pride in the fact that their location is world famous for skiing enthusiasts. It looks like they can also be proud of t.he work Squaw Valley Holdings did in mitigating the fallout from discovering that their water had high levels of E. Coli and coliform after an unusually large rainstorm.


First of all, they let everybody know that the water was being consistently treated in the Squaw Valley area and was consistently showing improvement. Of course, restaurants in the valley remained closed and the skiers were not allowed to drink the water for a long period of time. If there is one thing Squaw Valley cares about, it is the health and well-being of their customers.


Next, they assuaged the fears of the public by letting them know that the water contamination was only limited to a water system located in the High Camp and Gold Coast area. The poor water quality of that system was due to an act of God in the form of an unusually large rain storm, and the system became inundated.


They also can be credited for the fact they immediately contacted the Placer County Environmental Health district in order to alert them of the problem. The fact they will not rest until this problem is resolved shows their commitment to their skiing clientele. Although they have suffered a financial setback because of this, because of their attention to the skiers of Squaw Valley I predict they will actually gain money in the form of new customers in the long run.