OSI Group Takes Over the World’s Meat Industry through Global Expansion

It is factual that food, as well as agribusiness, has recently attained economic and social footprints thereby creating 40% of employment across the world. Even though there have been sizeable economic improvements over the years, many parts of the world still face an emergency in the food supply. If the recent statistics are something to go by, then the only solution to food shortage is global expansion. As illustrated by OSI Group, many companies are now turning to foreign markets to be able to provide food to a large population.


OSI Group is one of the world’s best food providers around the globe. It has about 20,000 workers and 65 facilities in nearly 17 countries. Perhaps the most surprising aspect, in this case, is the fact that OSI Group has become a corporate controlling business straight from a boutique firm that was started during the German immigrant’s history.

The Back Story

In the 20th century, a man by the name Otto Kolschowksy moved to the booming Chicago and settled as an immigrant. At that moment, German immigrants constituted one-quarter of the entire population. Chicago was therefore dubbed the city of business ventures, especially for upcoming entrepreneurs. Being the entry point for most immigrants, they started businesses. Otto thought it wise to establish a small company that supplied meat to the people. The market was based in Oak Park, and after two years, it was known as one of the best meat suppliers in the area. Otto Kolschowsky involved his sons in manning the company. Later on, he expanded the shop from being a retailer to a wholesaler. At the same time, he moved the business to Maywood, Chicago.

Growth and Expansion

The next decade of settling in Chicago saw to it that Otto and his sons revolutionized the business by engaging more consumers into the client base. At the same time, the company rebranded to Otto & Sons thereby becoming a stable business with experienced managers. For decades, this trend continued as the brand grew into one of Chicago’s quality meat suppliers.

Technology and Global Expansion

After the Second World War, modern suburbs sprouted in the country thereby leading to the increased demand for meat and animal protein. Companies merged to form strong business alliances. That is how Otto was appointed to supply McDonald’s with meat and other related products. In a few years, the company adopted superior technology where food was frozen with liquid nitrogen. The company later rebranded to OSI Group with Sheldon Lavin buying significant shares and becoming the head.

Current Situation

Currently, OSI Group is acquiring different manufacturing facilities across the world. Some of these facilities include Baho and Turi Foods. Through these acquisitions, the company is cementing its presence across the globe.