Jeff Aronin Describes His Process For Treating Rare And Orphaned Diseases

Jeff Aronin is an entrepreneur whose latest company is Paragon Biosciences. He serves as the chairman of the board of directors and as the chief executive officer of this investment and startup incubator company. His company invests in firms that aim to come up with treatments for diseases for which there are few to none therapeutic options available. In just the past decade he has had 13 new medications approved for use by the Food and Drug Administration.

He says that he follows a three-step strategy when it comes to creating new products. The first step Jeff Aronin follows is to identify what disease to come up with a treatment for. He says that he identifies how many people are affected by a disease and sees what treatments, if any, are available to these people. His company then looks at the science behind the disease and any available clinical studies and scientific data.

The next step Jeff Aronin follows is to found and build a company that will treat a disease he has decided that Paragon Biosciences will develop a treatment for. Each company is built to treat just that disease so they are very focused. A new medicine can take a decade or more to get developed and so he makes sure each company has all of the long-term resources they need to be successful. (chicagobusiness)

Jeff Aronin says that he likes to back ambitious people in the healthcare industry who dream big. When he identifies these people he commits to providing them with the resources and infrastructure they need to accomplish their goals. He says that in addition to persistence and hard work it takes a lot of passion to successfully develop a new drug.

Jeff Aronin’s track record in getting FDA approval for new treatments exceeds that of many of the biggest pharmaceutical companies around. He says that he has accomplished this success rate by applying breakthrough science and unrelenting creativity. One of his companies is often the only one that has received FDA approval to treat a rare or orphaned disease.