Interview with attorney Todd Levine

Todd Levine is an experienced attorney from Miami who works for Kluger, Kaplan, Silverman, Katzen, and Levine law firm. The firm does a lot of cases when it comes to sports, real estate, and others. Aside from practicing law, he has hobbies in art, science, and music that he believes has helped him out when it comes to his practice. Levine graduated from the University of Florida Levin College of Law and has won plenty of awards. An article by Blogwebpedia documents an interview with Todd Levine about his law firm and career.

The attorney explains the role of a commercial litigator that solve problems between businesses and having a good lawyer can make it or break it. He describes that having an experienced lawyer speeds up the process and solves the case effectively. Todd Levine explains that the job comes with a lot of critical thinking, analyzing, and figuring out ways to win the case. Other cases when it comes to commercial litigation can take longer too. Working in a successful team helps though, along with planning and mapping out what to do. Mediation and arbitration are different methods with mediation, where the parties have total control in the ruling and it is confidential, but arbitration, on the other hand, is more flexible and can be time-saving.

Todd Levine describes himself as a trustworthy, professional, and well-experienced individual. He also has a good team around him and has meaningful connections. The attorney has won prestigious awards such as one for being one of the “Best Lawyers in America,” according to the article. The lawyer believes though, that pursuing his other hobbies such as playing different instruments like the guitar and bass have helped his career. The article ends with the attorney telling clients to trust the law firm and that they will do an excellent job.


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