How Rocketship Education is Revolutionizing Education San Jose

Not too long, a study from Harvard showed that the likelihood of low-income children born in the early 80s being successful was similar to kids from countries like Denmark and Canada. These countries are considered extremely progressive compared to the United States, which seems bent on sticking to the past. The study focused on kids from neighborhoods in San Jose, California, which is something the city was proud of, but that is fading. Kids in these communities no longer have those same opportunities.

A lot has changed since the study was performed. For one, the amount a family needs to buy a house has risen drastically. Everyone knows the middle-class has diminished, and the pool of working poor has gotten a lot larger. In short, people are suffering financially. Educators in San Jose know the struggles their communities are facing but remain hopeful. Some of these educators believe that working with the community as a whole can help kids find the right path. Some of these teachers have seen the power of education. Many kids become the first to go to college in their families.

Educators who truly believe in the power of a good education and a good teacher are working with Rocketship Education. This is a non-profit organization that is hoping to place a number of public charter schools in communities that need education the most. Part of what motivates this organization and their network of charter schools is helping children overcome their circumstances. The group of public charter schools has created an environment where parents, educators, and students co-exist and help each other.

The schools this organization are placing are high performing schools, which has been shown to help English language learning students learn more in a year. The organization has asked parents to sit down and meet with teachers so that they know who is teaching their children. A parent has the right to know that only teachers with true talent are helping their children reach their highest potential. San Jose wants to become the city it once was for children, and the Rocketship Education organization is there to help.