How Marathon Pharmaceuticals Are Poised To Help Millions of Pediatrics With Their Latest Product

What differentiates Marathon Pharmaceuticals from other pharmaceutical companies is its focus to find treatments for rare and neglected medical conditions. Marathon focuses on small-scale diseases but which are routinely harder to find a solution for. Most patients with these rare disorders are left with few to no treatments and Marathon Pharmaceuticals addresses these people in need.


In keeping with its vision to help patients with rare diseases, Marathon has launched Marathon Bioscience Center a short time back. This center will focus on finding new treatments for cancer, neurological disorders, locomotion disorders, endocrine deficiencies as well as gastrointestinal diseases. Marathon Bioscience Center employs people of wide experiences ranging from research to clinical and even regulation.


Marathon Pharmaceuticals are unmatched in producing medications for patients who struggle to find many treatment options. Marathon has been responsible for churning out medicines like Seconal Sodium, PEPCID®, Amytal Sodium, Opium Tincture, and ZINGO.


Amytal and Seconal Sodium are barbiturate medicines, helping in depressing the sensory cortex, thus reducing motor activity. This effect helps patients with insomnia or someone in need of pre-anesthetic before surgery.


PEPCID® lowers acid content in the stomach, working as a histamine antagonist. Doctors suggest PEPCID® for treating ulcers or gastroesophageal reflux. It has also been found to lower heartburn in clinical studies.


Opium Tincture, which is a hydroalcoholic solution, helps treat diarrhea by reducing muscle contractions.


Perhaps the most lauded product is an intradermal injection system called ZiNGO. Also known as Lidocaine hydrochloride monohydrate, ZiNGO is a user-friendly device to deliver the anesthetic and is most importantly, needle-free. It is targeted for children aged 3-18, specifically who undergo a lot of anxiety over needle injections. ZiNGO delivers 0.5mg of powdered lidocaine to the application area with a single button push. The lidocaine particles are then transferred through the skin by a delivery system powered by helium. ZiNGO numbs the area where it is applied for 2-3 minutes which is suitable for continuing other procedures. The effect of lidocaine powder wears out only after 10 minutes, so there are no lasting effects.

ZiNGO also helps subside the pain of IV cannulation, owing to its numbing powers. IV cannulation is often a big source of pain and anxiety for children because of the needle insertions.