Dr. Saad: Surgical Doctor

Dr. Saad Saad is an honorable surgical doctor who specializes in general, pediatric, and laparoscopic surgery in Eaton town, NJ. He has over four practices located throughout New Jersey in Forked River and Tom’s River. Dr. Saad obtained a medical degree from the University of Cairo in 1971. He has collected a valuable reputation with his patients. This has gained him four-star ratings on all his media platforms. Dr. Saad has also been awarded the following, Patient’s choice award and Compassionate Doctor Recognition award in 2014. This is contributed to his ability to explain conditions and medications in a way his patients can understand. Dr. Saad is considered a trustworthy and friendly practitioner. He has spent over 40 years as a physician, performing thousands of surgical operations in the pediatric and adult population. Dr. Saad Saad has participated in medical missions throughout Jerusalem, West Bank, and the United States.


Dr. Saad’s catheter invention is called, integral electromagnetic location identification device which helps track where the catheter is located with the use of an external mechanism. This invention prevents doctors from having to use X-rays and MRI scans to locate the catheter once inside the patient’s body; this can be a hassle for both the doctor and patient. The device can be beneficial for patients using catheters, although it’s not widely used now it has high potential to be used in future practices. Doctor Saad’s 2nd invention is an apparatus that provides suction or irrigation within a rigid endoscope. This invention was a necessity for surgical doctors because Dr. Saad noticed the lens on the endoscope fogged with liquid from the human body. To prevent having to take the endoscope out to clean the lenses then back inside, the suction irrigation on the endoscope helps to clear the fog so that the doctor does not have to take the endoscope out which saves a lot of time and hassle during surgical procedures. He is a genius who dedicates time, energy, and extensive research in creating innovative inventions.


Dr. Saad Saad gave a proclaimed powerful statement when asked why he chose to construct these two inventions. He stated, “necessity is the mother of invention”. That powerful statement could not be further from the truth, choosing to look for what’s necessary helps weed out what isn’t. Dr. Saad was able to take from his practice what wasn’t working and find a simpler and practical way to make surgery run smoother. This is a man with great courage, strength, and determination to make practice better for his colleagues and the patients that he serves. His inventions will revolutionize how doctors give surgery while making his patients’ recovery stress-free. These new discoveries have the potential to relieve patients of pain and make surgery more simplistic for doctors. Dr. Saad has found a smarter way to use technology in medical practices. He is truly an honorable physician always searching for more simple, advanced, and evidence-based approaches to enhance the world of Medicine. Learn more: https://www.facebook.com/drsaadsaad12