The Traveling Vineyard Describes The Best Attractions Of The Napa Valley

California’s Napa Valley is a region that is well known for its grape growing and wine production. However there is much more to this fertile region of California than wine and grapes. The Traveling Vineyard, which is a direct seller of fine wine describes what else you can do when you are in the Napa Valley area.

If you are in the Napa Valley during a vacation, The Traveling Vineyard suggests you stop by the Calistoga Ranch resort. It features hot springs spas and massage sessions that will rejuvenate your body and clear your mind. Besides the spa and massages, you can take a hot air balloon ride around the valley, hike in the wilderness and perform art and craft activities such as painting here. The resort also has a restaurant that prepares meals using fresh and local ingredients right from the Napa Valley of California.

If you want to learn some cooking skills of your own, then head to Silverado Cooking School in the Napa Valley. Whether you are a complete novice or a skilled cook, the Silverado Cooking School can teach you how to prepare delicious new dishes. After taking cooking lessons, you also get to sit down and eat the foods you created during your lesson. You can expect to work with a lot of fresh fruit and vegetables from the Napa Valley and to pair the dishes you created with local Napa wines.

Napa Valley is famous for its wine, food, natural scenery and cooking but have you ever wondered what the valley looked like hundreds of thousands of years ago? You can discover the rich history of the Napa Valley at the Napa Valley Historical Society. There you will find plenty of artifacts that give you a glimpse of life in the valley from past generations. Tourists can even sign up for a guided tour led by a local historian.

If you enjoy tasting fresh wine in the Napa Valley, then becoming a Traveling Vineyard guide can be an ideal career for you. The Traveling Vineyard sells it products through a team of wine guides. These are people who are enthusiastic about sharing good wines with other people. As a wine guide, you will travel across the country and introduce people to the fine wines that are available for purchase and consumption through the Traveling Vineyard.

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