Julia Jackson Shares Her Passion for Wine

Julia Jackson is the middle daughter of Barbara Banke and Jess Jackson, and has had an interest in wine for as long as she can remember. Julia says that even though she’s been exposed to winemaking since she was a child, she never grew tired of learning about wine from the business perspective.


Julia Jackson is a native of San Francisco, and was born in 1988. She remembers that her father would make her and her siblings sort and pick grapes in the hot California weather, and always emphasized the importance of hard work to them. Jackson says that her father wanted to make sure that his family appreciated the effort that it took to achieve true success.

Jackson worked at her family’s wineries during the summers and after school. While working, she befriended the daughter of a French employee. The girls formed a lifelong friendship, and Julia was even inspired to study in Paris and become fluent in French because of her friend. While in France, she visited many of the vineyards to learn more about the beauty and intricacy of winemaking. During her college days at Scripps where she graduated with a bachelor’s degree in Studio Art, she was even able to teach French to middle schools, since she had mastered the language by then.

Julia Jackson is now working with the international sales team for Jackson Family Wines. Her goal is to introduce her family’s quality wines to a new generation of wine enthusiasts on an international level.

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Doe Deere Paves the Way for Her Fashion Forward Unicorns

Doe Deere is no stranger to the ever-changing world of fashion and beauty, but she takes a very different approach than many. As CEO of Lime Crimes makeup line, she asserts a fairy-tale palette of pastels, accentuating daring color, pattern, and makeup. She has no problem taking a valiant leap over the line of what traditional fashion rules state to be suitable or stylish.

Her brand has made a colossal impact on the internet world and her unique approach to color can be appreciated by all. She refers to her followers as “unicorns”, since they march to the beat of their own drum. A trail-blazer of finding your own style and playing with all types of color and pattern, she outlines some of her favorite ways to be a rule-breaker in the midst of the latest fashion trends and tips in this article. Doe explains that these standard fashion rules are a good base outline when starting out in the fashion industry, or building up confidence in your own sense of style, but not a hard guideline that cannot be altered.

She encourages women to have a little fun and get creative with makeup, just like she has through her exclusive brand, Lime Crime. Mixing bold lip and eye color is uplifting and can add an extra spark to your face and smile. Not only does she inspire this strategy in the area of makeup, she says the same of mixing bright colors and patterns. It’s perfectly okay to have two wildly bold colors or patterns side by side. To master this trend, she recommends go-to color couplings so that outfits, makeup, and hair are unashamedly vibrant, while still being refined and fashion-forward.

From hair to toe, Doe Deere doesn’t leave out any element of fashion. The makeup icon is known for her lively, imaginative, candy-colored hair, sporting brave new hues in the hair world. Fashion experts usually suggest pairing brightly colored hair with neutral tones, but she sees it as a royal shame to limit creativity in clothing and hair pairings. She also relishes in breaking the customary “no socks with open toed shoes or heels” standard, boasting that socks generally have the brightest patterns and colors, so don’t waste the opportunity to play them up. She applauds the idea that your socks and shoes should be allies in fashion crime, and this trend also allows you to wear those “summer” heels all year round. It’s all in how you pair them. Dressing for the occasion is a rule that Doe suggests needs to be stretched.

QNET Empowers Women to Own Their Own Businesses

To recognize International Women’s Day on March 8, the direct selling company QNET celebrates the many women who use and promotes its many products around the world.

QNET realizes many women wish to express their entrepreneurial ambitions and help provide financially for their loved ones while still taking care of their families at home. By spreading the word about QNET to their family members, friends and neighbors, they can work around their private obligations yet still bring in an income that grows as their business expands. Working a job or running a physical store requires a fulltime committment, but as a QNET representative women can set their own hours to what is convenient to their schedules.

As they continue to grow their business networks, they gain in skills, confidence and income. They are no longer financially dependent and they can provide for their children. This improves their family’s lifestyle, and that of their entire community. Their teach and train other women to also grow their own businesses, forming entrepreneurial communities of people working hard to reach their dreams.

As direct sellers for QNET women (and men) have no income limits. They can start off small, as students, wives and mothers already busy with life, then grow as they gain experience and they see the pay-off for their investment of hard work. 

Almost every other type of business requires an upfront payment of cash to get started for a store and inventory. This puts aspiring business owners at a huge disadvantage right from the start. They cannot afford to save up so much money. They borrow, but must quickly return the cash to the lender.

With QNET, women immediately have a broad range of quality products to promote to customers. They can start right off making sales.

QNET is based in Hong Kong, but has representatives in 100 countries around the world. They were cited by Microsoft as a pioneer in ecommerce. Their products cover home care, health, beauty, nutrition, weight loss, fashion goods and luxury items. 

One of these is Home Pure, a home-based water filtration system that provides clean drinking water.

Former professional tennis player Martina Hingis is QNET’s Brand Ambassador in India. She gives motivational speeches to QNET representatives.

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