Travelling Vineyard Lucrative Opportunity

Travelling vineyard is an American based company that was founded in 2001 and later purchased and reconstructed by Richard Libby in 2010. The company sells wine directly to its consumers through wine guides. The wine guide is anyone above the age of 21years and particularly women mainly staying at home to raise a young family or career women who seek to earn an extra coin. New wine guides provision is through several bottles of wine and a kit that offers information on the basics of wine and a guide on how to pair various wine to different types of food at an initial investment of 189 dollars.

Currently, the company has over 5000 wine guides from the 40 states that are paid commission according to the monthly sales. The sales are made online to different friends that the guide has acquired from the various wine tasting parties they hold at their homes hence creating an extensive network of sales all over the country. During the parties, the wine guides are encouraged to talk more about the wine they are offering and may be able to recruit new guides from which they will earn a profit from sales made by the recruits one has trained. Being a pioneer stay at home earning network, traveling vineyard has provided many wine guides and especially women the freedom to work in the comfort of their homes and also socialize through the different parties held where more wine selling takes place.

More sales by the guides translate to more earned points that one may use to do yearly shopping or may take a vacation to any destinations of their desire without paying from their hard earned money, that being one of the best reasons as to why one should join traveling vineyard company. Also, the company offers storage facilities for their guides who don’t have to hustle for space at their homes or in the offices. After placing an order, the company provides shipment of the wine to different destinations hence reducing the cost of transportation for the consultant.

Travelling Vineyard Company is a game changer to the lives of various consultants who are paid to host parties for the company and also they receive discounts on wine for themselves and even for the entertained friends.
Do you love your glass of wine in the company of great friends? Travelling Vineyard is the place to be.

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