Dr. Panos Gikas’ Advice

Panos Gikas is a top orthopedic surgeon in London at The Lister Hospital. He deals with a variety of surgeries and counsels people before surgery. He has a lot of advice about arthritis and what ways can help prevent arthritic operations.

Arthritis is aching, inflammation and stiffness in the joints where arthritis sits. There are multiple types of arthritis, but the most common is osteoarthritis which is connected with the average wear and tear on the body over time. Suffering from this type can be excruciating and difficult for everyday activities. Preventing this level of pain can be prevented.

Keep moving and stay active per Panos Gikas. This is not just advice for your joints but for the cardiac and cardiovascular systems. Panos Gikas states that people have misunderstandings that arthritis is brought on by too much exercise. There is a new school of thought and knowledge that even going for a daily walk counters arthritis. Do not discount any simple activities and keep the body in constant momentum.

Healthy and robust muscles can reduce lower back issues, fractures, and other muscular trauma. When the muscles are in good order, the bones and joints are as well. Weight lifting, dancing, jogging, and walking are just a few examples of workouts that will build muscle.

Maintaining a healthy body weight is another way to decrease any chance of developing arthritis. The pressure that goes into your knees is much higher when you have more weight to carry. Retain a healthy BMI, and this will help keep the unnecessary burden and weight off your joints.

Taking care of yourself and keeping your body healthy is the best way to prevent any disease or pain away as you get older. Prevention is the best medicine according to Panos Gikas.

Krishen Iyer: Finding Success in the Online Marketing Sector

Krishen Iyer is a California native who is known as one of the most successful online marketers in the United States. He is currently working for the Managed Benefit Services, and he has been leading the company to new heights by introducing new strategies that will make them successful. Krishen Iyer is currently living in Carlsbad, California, and companies operating in the same industry widely recognizes his contributions in the field of online marketing. He used to study at the San Diego State University and Grossmont College, taking up a degree that focuses on Public Administration and Urban Development. After he graduated from college, he wanted to find out how his degree would help him land a job. He applied in many companies, and after a while, he was able to get the job as an online marketer for the Quick Link Marketing. The company later changed its name to Managed Benefits Services, expanding to new horizons and opening up new markets.



The responsibilities of Krishen Iyer as an online marketer vary, and it includes creating new marketing solutions, being an expert in the online marketing world, creating positive relationships with their clients, and the introduction of new technical developments. His focus on his job also allowed him to create highly effective marketing solutions that are widely acclaimed by their clients. Their marketing needs are being reached thanks to his smart ways and techniques. Krishen Iyer is credited as one of those who helped the company succeed, and he claimed that his contributions to the company’s performance are a testament to his hard work and perseverance.



Aside from being one of the busiest people within the company, Krishen Iyer is also known for his philanthropic activities, like joining clean-up drives, supporting programs to combat humanitarian crises, and joining community services.


Interview with attorney Todd Levine

Todd Levine is an experienced attorney from Miami who works for Kluger, Kaplan, Silverman, Katzen, and Levine law firm. The firm does a lot of cases when it comes to sports, real estate, and others. Aside from practicing law, he has hobbies in art, science, and music that he believes has helped him out when it comes to his practice. Levine graduated from the University of Florida Levin College of Law and has won plenty of awards. An article by Blogwebpedia documents an interview with Todd Levine about his law firm and career.

The attorney explains the role of a commercial litigator that solve problems between businesses and having a good lawyer can make it or break it. He describes that having an experienced lawyer speeds up the process and solves the case effectively. Todd Levine explains that the job comes with a lot of critical thinking, analyzing, and figuring out ways to win the case. Other cases when it comes to commercial litigation can take longer too. Working in a successful team helps though, along with planning and mapping out what to do. Mediation and arbitration are different methods with mediation, where the parties have total control in the ruling and it is confidential, but arbitration, on the other hand, is more flexible and can be time-saving.

Todd Levine describes himself as a trustworthy, professional, and well-experienced individual. He also has a good team around him and has meaningful connections. The attorney has won prestigious awards such as one for being one of the “Best Lawyers in America,” according to the article. The lawyer believes though, that pursuing his other hobbies such as playing different instruments like the guitar and bass have helped his career. The article ends with the attorney telling clients to trust the law firm and that they will do an excellent job.


Blogwebpedia interview

Aloha Construction’s Excellent and All-Inclusive Construction Services

Being a fully licensed, insured and bonded general contracting and construction company, Aloha Construction has made itself a big name in the home-improvement industry. The family-owned and operated business that was founded in 2008 is now serving a majority of constructions in Illinois and Southern Wisconsin areas. The company has grown so fast into a reputable powerhouse it is today. This could be attributed to its great dedication to its customers, which is what earned it the 2017 BBB Torch Award for marketplace ethics.


Aloha Construction prides itself in over 20,000 fully completed projects. It is currently the leading contractor of choice for the region it is serving. The company offers a wide range of construction services including Flashing Masonry, Roofing Repair, Kitchen Design, Window Replacement, Carpet Cleaning, Stucco Installation, Bathroom Repair, Waterproofing, Gutter Services, Siding Installation, Mold Removal, Fire and Smoke Restoration and Vinyl-Siding Repair among others. The company’s great reputation comes as a result of being an all-inclusive contractor offering both internal and external home repair and remodeling services.


The Better Business Bureau Torch Award recently recognized the Aloha Construction’s great ethics in its dealings with its clients. The company has outdone itself in prioritizing the needs of its customers and in its service to the community at large. In addition to this, Aloha Construction gives back to the community. Its president and CEO, Dave Farbasky started the Building Better Communities campaign which funded the organization that offers camping services to children with cancer, Camp One Step. To add to this, the company offers sports sponsorships for young athletes of the Kane County Cougars Baseball team, the Lake Zurich High School football team and the Illinois Flying Aces Hockey team.


Over the years, the company has acquired a wide range of consumers, whose numbers are increasing by the day. It is now partnering with Synchrony Financial to seek better and affordable financing options for its customers.

Bruno Fagali Is Providing Helpful Advice For Handling Fake News

As an experienced legal representative with past experiences in a number of different sectors, few are qualified to provide the proper prospective on the issues that face modern society than Bruno Fagali. He has studied public law, compliance, ethics, corruption law, election law and parliamentary law.

This places Bruno Fagali in a unique position when it comes to addressing the presence of fake news and how it can have an adverse effect on the electoral process. He has create his own law (known as the Fagali law) that is designed to encompass all of the principles that matter most to him.

While much of the attention that fake news receives is derived from North American coverage of the latest Donald Trump commentary, Fagali is concerned about the effects that fake news can have on Brazilian elections as well.

It is important to note that the idea of spreading false information to influence an election is the furthest thing from a new concept. Unfortunately, the new ways in which we communicate allow this information to spread even more quickly and once the damage is done, it is almost impossible to remedy the situation.

The Consultative Council on Internet and Elections has been established by the Tribunal Superior Electoral. Bruno Fagali believes that this group will have the power to develop the necessary research and propose the actions needed to address the fake news problem.

The spreading of materials that are designed to deceive voters needs to be stopped and Bruno Fagali is especially concerned with the rise of “deep fakes”. This is news that provides the voter with video “evidence” that has been doctored to make them feel a certain way. This sort of media is incredibly dangerous.

Fagali is concerned with those who will pay close attention to all of the materials that they read and not maintain the same level of scrutiny for what they watch. The onus is now all of us to question the information we receive on a constant basis. We cannot allow ourselves to become the type of voters who blindly consume fake news to the detriment of our own countries.

Dr. Saad: Surgical Doctor

Dr. Saad Saad is an honorable surgical doctor who specializes in general, pediatric, and laparoscopic surgery in Eaton town, NJ. He has over four practices located throughout New Jersey in Forked River and Tom’s River. Dr. Saad obtained a medical degree from the University of Cairo in 1971. He has collected a valuable reputation with his patients. This has gained him four-star ratings on all his media platforms. Dr. Saad has also been awarded the following, Patient’s choice award and Compassionate Doctor Recognition award in 2014. This is contributed to his ability to explain conditions and medications in a way his patients can understand. Dr. Saad is considered a trustworthy and friendly practitioner. He has spent over 40 years as a physician, performing thousands of surgical operations in the pediatric and adult population. Dr. Saad Saad has participated in medical missions throughout Jerusalem, West Bank, and the United States.


Dr. Saad’s catheter invention is called, integral electromagnetic location identification device which helps track where the catheter is located with the use of an external mechanism. This invention prevents doctors from having to use X-rays and MRI scans to locate the catheter once inside the patient’s body; this can be a hassle for both the doctor and patient. The device can be beneficial for patients using catheters, although it’s not widely used now it has high potential to be used in future practices. Doctor Saad’s 2nd invention is an apparatus that provides suction or irrigation within a rigid endoscope. This invention was a necessity for surgical doctors because Dr. Saad noticed the lens on the endoscope fogged with liquid from the human body. To prevent having to take the endoscope out to clean the lenses then back inside, the suction irrigation on the endoscope helps to clear the fog so that the doctor does not have to take the endoscope out which saves a lot of time and hassle during surgical procedures. He is a genius who dedicates time, energy, and extensive research in creating innovative inventions.


Dr. Saad Saad gave a proclaimed powerful statement when asked why he chose to construct these two inventions. He stated, “necessity is the mother of invention”. That powerful statement could not be further from the truth, choosing to look for what’s necessary helps weed out what isn’t. Dr. Saad was able to take from his practice what wasn’t working and find a simpler and practical way to make surgery run smoother. This is a man with great courage, strength, and determination to make practice better for his colleagues and the patients that he serves. His inventions will revolutionize how doctors give surgery while making his patients’ recovery stress-free. These new discoveries have the potential to relieve patients of pain and make surgery more simplistic for doctors. Dr. Saad has found a smarter way to use technology in medical practices. He is truly an honorable physician always searching for more simple, advanced, and evidence-based approaches to enhance the world of Medicine. Learn more: https://www.facebook.com/drsaadsaad12


Eva Moskowitz Comes Up With an All Inclusive Education System

Eva Moskowitz is a well-known educationist and even her opinion about elementary schools versus the charter school system. She advocated for a discriminatory system that despises or fails to tackle the needs of the weaker student and the performance-based curriculum. Eva Moskowitz is the founder and Chief Executive Officer of the Success Academy charter schools in New York.


The school uses a strategic approach to teaching and student’s evaluation. As Judge Aaron of the Yankee Stadium would say, the students are hitting high, far and with command. The Success Academy brought together poor performing student, and through her model, about 90% of them performed above average on a math test in the year gone. The English Language Arts (ELA) has improved the language either in its written or spoken form. In fact, statistics indicated 75% of the unprivileged kids matched those from favorable environments.


Other than the unique design in the Success Academy, it also has an online platform. It is a freely accessible site that contains the school curriculum dubbed as the “Foundation of Success Academy’s school Design”. Complementarily, it contains the teacher’s guide, reading for children and a list of books recommended for the curriculum. This has helped bridge the illiteracy gap among children from a low-income background.


About Eva Moskowitz

She holds a History Degree from the University of Pennsylvania and a Doctorate one from the St. John Hopkins University majoring in American History. Eva Moskowitz is a lecturer at the New York City University and chairs the Colombian University’s Faculty of American Studies. Her contribution towards a better education system has been impactful not only among the charted schools but also in the public schools.


Through Eva Success Academy recently won the Broad Foundation Award which was $250,000 grant for the developmental initiative to build an institute. In fact, Eva Moskowitz is about to launch the Success Academy Education Institute. The Success Academy has become the largest Charted School globally.




Quick Quality Spot On Rubbish Removal In London

Rubbish removal can be a bit of an important thing to expedient with since leaving rubbish about can bring about pests and be a bit unsightly. The good news for people in the London area is that there is a great rubbish removal service that is open Monday through Saturdays from early morning until evening. The company can be hired in a jiffy and are able to get the job done in no time at all.


For people who are looking for a great professional and reliable rubbish removal company in the greater London area, the Clearabee  is the perfect Rubbish Clearance Service is the perfect company for the job. With a great team of rubbish professionals ready to help out with less than a day’s notice, the Clearabee Rubbish Clearance Service is spot on to remove any of your unwanted items fast.


Once an appointment is made, the team of rubbish professionals arrive quickly and will provide an on the spot estimate for the Rubbish Clearance work. If the appointment is set early enough in the day then the team can get right to work removing any unwanted materials from homes, businesses and offices throughout London once the price is finalised.


Services for our Clearabee Rubbish Clearance in the London area can be booked online or by telephone. If the project is rather large, our team of professionals will expand their group of rubbish removal specialists to ensure that all of your Rubbish Clearance is done expediently and with top notch reliable service.




Dr. Imran Haque’s Success in The Medical Field.


Dr. Imran Haque is a specialist medical doctor from Asheboro, North Carolina. His journey in the world of medicine began after he graduated with honors from Universidad Iberoamericana (UNIBE) Med school in 1998. He has had a successful career as a medical doctor having practiced for 19 years. Currently, Dr. Imran Haque is affiliated to a host of many hospitals and medical institutions in Asheboro and its environs. Some of these hospices include Hugh Catham Memorial Hospital, Randolph Hospital, Firsthealth Montgomery Memorial Hospital, Southeastern Regional Medical Center, Kindred Hospital-Greensboro, High Point Regional Hospital and Group Horizon Internal Medicine Plc.



Dr. Imran Haque is a qualified internal medical doctor/ internists. Internal medicine is a specialist medical field that involves primary care, physical examinations and the treatment of many illnesses in both men and women. He is among U.S’s four qualified internists certified in 1 of 19 subspecialties such as medical oncology, cardiology, and infectious disease.


Education and Medical Training

Dr. Imran Haque’s education and medical training are attributed to two schools, Universidad Iberoamericana Medical School and Carilion Health System.

Licensure and Certifications

Some of the medical licenses and certifications he holds are:

  • NC Medical License– active to date
  • Internal Medicine/ Allopathic and Osteopathic Physicians- active to date.


Recognition, awards, and honors

The renown medical expert won the prestigious CMS stage 1 HER award in 2003.

Insurance accepted

The medical insurances accepted by doctor Imran Haque are:

  • Aetna Choice POS II
  • Aetna HMO
  • BCBS Blue Card PPO
  • BCBS California CaliforniaCare HMO
  • BCBS California PowerSelect HMO
  • BCBS Massachusetts Blue Care Elect PPO
  • BCBS North Carolina BlueOptions PPO
  • Blue Shield CA Local Access Plus HMO
  • Blue Shield California HMO
  • CIGNA Open Access
  • Great West PPO
  • Harvard Pilgrim HMO
  • Health Net California Large Group PPO
  • Health Net HMO – Employer Group
  • Humana ChoiceCare Network PPO
  • Multiplan PHCS PPO
  • Multiplan PPO
  • Pacificare HMO
  • United Healthcare – Direct Choice Plus POS
  • United Healthcare – Direct Options PPO



Viper’s Cassio Audi Moves

Few investment specialists located anywhere in the world can have a life story as interesting and involved as that of Cassio Audi, the Brazilian investment specialist who was once the drummer with one of South American’s leading heavy metal bands. This may not be the kind of history one expects their investment specialist to have, but Audi was a teenager when he moved into music with a group of friends who would go on to become one of the most important heavy metal bands in the history of the genre in South America.

Viper were born in 1985 when a group of friends with a penchant for British heavy metal came together to form a band they hoped would one day be able to replicate the sound they heard on a regular basis from British imports such as Iron Maiden. For the next four years, Cassio Audi would be part of a roller coaster ride of success that would take the teenage friends from creating their own demo tapes to recording a full studio album in just two short years. Audi is credited with the rest of the band as having a high level of musicianship that was on show during the recording of the “Soldiers of Sunrise” album released in 1987.

Cassio Audi would eventually leave the band to concentrate on pursuing a finance based education at the Pontifical Catholic University and obtaining an MBA from Sao Paulo University. Despite leaving Viper in 1989 prior to the release of the “Theatre of Fate” album that would seal their position as one of the leading exponents of heavy metal in the new wave of South American bands of the 1980s and early 90s. Cassio Audi is now one of the leading investment specialists working in the Brazilian markets with a level of experience obtained working for national and multinational financial institutions.

For more information on Cassio Audi follow him on Facebook.