What Makes Elysium Stand Out in the Supplement Industry

Elysium Health, an emerging health startup, has recently received a large amount of attention from the media. From reviews of their supplement to overviews of the company, Elysium Health is everywhere. One question has been asked about the company again and again: What is it that makes Elysium stand out? While it is often difficult to point out the appeal of emerging entities, the age-old question is easier to answer than you may think when it comes to Elysium Health. Elysium Health stands out because its products work, and they’ll tell you why.

Elysium Health was established as an organization in early 2014 and has since sought to fulfill its mission of assisting individuals in the pursuit of healthier lives. The company is headed by several of the nation’s finest innovators in the field of science, all of whom have dedicated their lives to the idea of bringing the innovative science of cellular health directly to the consumer. The primary way that Elysium Health differs from other companies that offer supplemental solutions is the way that the company’s leaders review, develop, test, and present its key products to its consumers. Elysium Health’s sole product—Basis—experienced an extensive testing process and formula improvements before it was made available to the general public, and earlier this year was even tested in a clinical trial to prove its safety and efficacy for consumers.

Elysium Health also differs from other organizations that offer supplemental solutions because of the company’s open-door policy with regards to information on their products and practices, from specific formulas to product tests. Because the leaders of the company prioritize that Elysium function as an educated ally of the consumer, as opposed to a function as a strict product supplier, the company reveals an extensive amount of collected data on their products. The company’s first product, Basis, holds a major place on the company’s consumer website, with more than six full pages of data included to explain to consumers exactly how the product works.

Unlike many supplement manufacturers, Elysium Health strives to present new scientific advances through the development of superior products and through education about these products. Elysium’s release of the Basis supplement is sure to be the beginning of a plethora of products aimed supporting human health. Basis has been produced and tested by Elysium Health based on more than 25 years of prior research, an indicator of the time, resources, and scientific skill this company has placed into this product and will place into any future products.