The New Partnership Between Slyce and Shoe Carnival

Slyce is a major service provider in the world of visual search recognition. This is a search feature where instead of typing in keywords into a search engine, an individual snaps pictures with their smartphone or downloads images from the Internet and uploads the photograph content to the visual search services. Slyce has primarily developed the service for shopping. This way, individuals can snap a picture of a product and then upload the image, in order to see who sells the product, where it is located and also possible alternatives to the product. In order to provide this service though, Slyce needs to have more companies working it in order to upload the products into its database. With every single major company, the database grows. Due to this, the recent announcement of Shoe Carnival joining forces with Slyce makes that much more sense and should help users of Slyce.

Shoe Carnival has been looking for ways to grow the number of customers it has for a while now. That is why signing a contract with Slyce is essential.  So, individuals are able to take pictures in real world settings or even snap pictures from a magazine page and receive instant results through the service, with matching shoes from Shoe Carnival. From there, it is possible to head on over to the Shoe Carnival website and make a purchase.

Slyce is a visual search service provider based out of Toronto, Ontario and it has several of the top clothing and show designers working with it. Some of the largest companies that have signed up so far includes JCPenny, Tilly’s, Neiman Marcus and the Home Depot. For those who are wondering how the company makes money while it is hosting hundreds of thousands (soon to be in the millions) of products, there are a few different ways. First, it offers software licensing and integration. Plus, when an individual makes a purchase through the Slyce service after it directs a customers to the given company’s page, Slyce receives a kickback from the purchase.

This is just one of the latest and most important partnerships Slyce has signed up and it just continues to expand with more companies every day.