The rise of rallying icon Rodrigo Terpins.

Rodrigo Terpins is the son of the iconic Jack Terpins and a brother to Michel terpins one of the best rally drivers in Brazil.Michel is also the head of the Brazilian cross country championship and the co-founder of the Bull Sertões Rally Team that they founded with Rodrigo when he shifted from cross country into rallying.

Rodrigo was always meant to join sports having followed in the steps of his father who had taught them the beauty of sports and how it could propel one to greatness and help them achieve what they desired in life. This push and support from the father enabled him to enter into rallying and grow his talent and skills to who he has become today.

Rodrigo terpins has been an adherent participant of the Sertões Rally one of the most dynamic all-terrain rallies that covers large areas of Brazil. He has been taking part in this rally and has become well known for his prowess both as a driver and as a navigator when they worked together with his brother Rodrigo Terpins.

Today he is one of the most consistent T1 prototype drivers currently driving the T-Rex developed by MEM for the entire Bull Sertões Rally team.He took part in the 22nd edition of the rally onboard #326.starting at Caldas Novas to Catalão, still on lands in Goiás, there was an initial timed stretch that would have been two hundred and two kilometers that was later reduced to only sixty-eight kilometers, for safety reasons. In a report by, the Team Bull Sertões Rally Team won the fifth and sixth positions in there respective category the Prototypes T1. Michel Terpins and Sven von Borries closed in fifth, with a time of 55m58s, this was just ahead of Rodrigo Terpins and Fabrício Bianchini, who came in sixth with 58m09s.

The edition was one that had various challenges testing the skills of teams to there limits and at the same time giving them a chance to put their prowess into action. The fans were treated to a spectacular display of skill and finesse that would only be expected at the Sertões Rally.Rodrigo terpins continues to participate in the rally and is only projected to improve as his skills grow. For more details, visit