India and Sharp Launch Major Team-Up

QNet has teamed with Sharp, the electronics conglomerate from Japan, to co-produce a new product for the Indian market. The new release is dubbed the Sharp-QNET Plasma Cluster Air Purifier. The product is slated to be sold on QNet’s e-commerce platform. While the air purifier is going to debut in India, sales may move into other markets.

QNet definitely has a strong presence around the world.

QNet is celebrating 16 years in business and those 16 years saw an incredible amount of growth. The company began as a discussion among friends to produce products for the health and wellness industry. Those discussion went quite well. QNet now has offices in about 25 countries and does millions of dollars in sales per year. The company truly is a marvel in terms of its success in the direct selling world.

The spokesperson from QNet India has noted the partnership with Sharp should end up being mutually beneficial to everyone.

In India, QNet has gone to great lengths to set itself apart from MLM companies. The public relations push QNet undertook in India absolutely has proven beneficial to the company. India is quickly emerging as one of the top territories in which QNet has a presence. India, of course, is only one of dozens upon dozens of countries in which the Hong Kong-headquartered QNet is based.

The manufacturing of QNet’s products is being moved 100% to India. This move could end up cutting production costs downs significantly and allow for far more competitive pricing. Sellers and buyers are both going to benefit heavily from this move.