Mind Game of ignoring the Odds in Beating the Odds; VTA Publications

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Geraldine Roberts is the only Director of VTA publications, as Datalog.co.uk shows. Mrs. Geraldine was born in October 1994 and Also a Director for Life time Enterprises and publications in the year 2012. Under her management VTA specializes in Product and services through offering Plans & Pricing, Company insights, giving Company Credits reports, and Company Data API.

In one of their articles, Knowledge Empowers You, it all about choice and mindset that will give you a good combination that will make one make the correct choice. An example of the odds that will succeed your goals is answered by Herb Brooks, a hockey team coach of the USA ice hockey team. The question is what are odds that will succeed your goal give that you have 10-1? 50-1? 100-1? 1,000-1?. It was back in 1980 in winter Olympics when the USA ice hockey met Soviet hockey team (Red Machine) who were unstoppable and they always emerged the winner.

To secure a chance of winning, Herb Brooks met the problem in an unorthodox way. He considered that to keep on repeating something for so many time and doing it, again and again, expecting something different is total stupidity. Being the fastest team sport in the world, players mind has to be ahead of the game to avoid losing and teammates had to stay as one.

Herb secured a team of a young college student and briefed them that the essence of the game is to stay united. This college kid won many matches and finally the time came for them to face Red Machine. He had a speech to the time before the game and prepared them in the mind. The Odds red Machine knew they would beat them but the Americans knew the Odds were against the 10-1. He told them if had to play Odds ten times they would lose 9 games (10-1) but made them understand they need that one now and finally the won. Herb made the kids ignore odds. And so one should ignore the beating odds that seem obviously will win.