How Does A Company Like EOS Lip Balm Reach Success In Such A Huge Market?

EOS Lip Balm is the definition of a successful brand that continues to make huge changes in the industry. They have built a million dollar company that continues to make strides in the world of this industry, but they did follow quite the formula for them to achieve the success that they did. EOS started from scratch, and the people behind this company did not know everything that they were going to do in order to succeed. Their reached success by going after a market that wasn’t hardworking.

They knew and understood that those in the world of chapstick did not care for quality ingredients or a nice packaging. All they cared about was the simplicity of using something to keep the lips chapped. They also noticed that women were the ones who used the majority of chapstick, and so why not target that market and add a sense of luxury on top of the beauty of lip balm. Then they created the beauty that is the Evolution of Smooth sphere-shaped chapstick. It became such a huge hit, but it wasn’t much of a success overnight. It took plenty of time, months of preparation and research, and countless work to get it to be sold in Walmart stores.

It was through the power of the web that EOS became such a hit. EOS reached the market at the same time that the Internet was beginning to boom and finally grow. It became such a huge success when the beautiful brand like EOS was being marketed by social media influencers across the web. It’s quite unique how so many have noticed this brand go from being completely unknown to reaching the stars and attaining massive growth. EOS Lip Balm is by far one company that knew how to get in the eyes of the right people which created such a huge effect on business. To learn more, visit