Jed McCaleb’s Storied History in Tech

Jed McCaleb founded Stellar Development Foundation along side business partner Joyce Kim in 2014. Stellar was not Jed’s only discovery. Jed McCaleb has also been involved with the creation of several other companies. He created eDonkey2000 and Mt Gox: two innovators in their respective industries.


Stellar is one of his newest business ventures. The company was created in 2014 along-side his business partner Joyce Kim. The duo recognized that the financial market was extremely unfair and are doing everything in their power to correct it. Stellar Development Foundation was founded with the intention of bringing services to low income people: services that are previously reserved for the rich.


Financial advice and investment is expensive, even before you can see a return on your investment the dozens of fees and charges can run your pockets dry. Stellar attempts to link several industries together in a seamless way that eliminates many of these costly fees that are associated with these types of industries.


Stellar links these institutions together by use of cryptocurrencies. The company behaves as a middle man, where it is able to handle tasks that previously would cost a fortune in fees for next to nothing.


Jed McCaleb’s Other Ventures


McCaleb’s former business, Mt. Gox, which was originally intended to be an exchange network for players of an online trading card game, went on to become the first Bitcoin exchange in existence. The company was eventually sold to a Japanese company before going out of business.


eDonkey was the first peer to peer file sharing program to utilize multi-source downloading. The company was founded in 2000 by Jed McCaleb and his partner Sam Yagan. The company lead the way with technology that is now considered standard with all peer to peer file sharing platforms. Modern day torrenting and file sharing follows the model provided by eDonkey.


Overnet was a peer to peer network that expanded on McCaleb’s experiences with eDonkey. At its most active, the network boasted around half a million concurrent users.

Changing the World with Todd Lubar

When you talk about TDL Ventures, the one name that comes to mind is Todd Lubar. This is the gentleman who heads this company. Todd has been in the real estate industry for over 22 years having joined in the year 1995. Soon after joining college, Todd Lubar discovered his love and passion for the finance and real estate industries. His first experience in the real estate industry was with the Crestar Mortgage Corporation where he worked as a loan originator. During his time with the Crestar Mortgage Corporation, he learned about the conservative mortgage banking model. This was a concept that became useful later on. He also spent time here working with various people in the industry such as CPAs, insurance agents and financial planners. This group of people helped him later on in his career with referrals.

He did not waste time with Crestar Mortgage Corporation as he moved on and joined Legacy Financial group after being offered an equity position. In this position, he could broker deals with outside investors and could also act as a direct mortgage. With enough experience under his belt, he opened up his first venture 15 years ago. This venture was called Legendary Properties and is a residential development company. Until now, he has been able to conduct over 200 transactions through the purchase, selling and rehabilitation of property within the United States of America. Some of his customers are individuals, institutions and big corporations in the public and private sector.

According to his Linked In profile, Todd Lubar is also behind the Charter Funding that was opened up in the year 2003. When tough economic times hit in the year 2008, Todd Lubar decided to venture into other businesses. He has some automobile scrap recycling business as well as a demolition company. Todd Lubar is a resident of Bethesda, Maryland. Among the things he loves most is Orange County, California. He is a family man and has been blessed with two children. On his free time, he loves spending time with his family.

According to Todd Lubar, his life-long goal is to make the world a better place, add value to the people he comes to contact with and become a better person. For more info, visit



Anthony G. Petrello: a man of aspirations

Anthony G. Petrello or commonly known as Tony Petrello is a man of multiple competence and aspirations. Anthony Petrello is mostly known for his contribution in Nabors Industries where he is currently holding a position in its Board of Directors. His expertise in managing complex positions and challenges has made him one of the most popular executives in the country, and he is an ambition for many professionals who are following his footsteps. However, Anthony had a humble start from his early life. He has a J.D. Degree from the prestigious Harvard Law School, and he completed his B.S and M.S. degrees in Mathematics from the reputed Yale University.

After completing his studies, Anthony Petrello joined a law firm called Baker & McKenzie which is considered as one of the top law firms in the US and across the globe. He worked in this law firm for almost 12 years, and he mostly focused on complex legal issues such as international arbitration, taxation and general corporate law. He also served as the Managing Partner of this law firm for five years between 1986 to 1991. In 1991, he resigned from Baker & McKenzie to join his next professional venture, the esteemed Nabors Industries. Anthony Petrello was elected to the Nabors Board of Directors and the Executive Committee of the Board in 1991. During his tenure in Nabors Industries as President and Chief Operating Officer (CEO) from 1991 till 2011, the organization went through some transformations and gradually became one the leading organizations. In 2003, Anthony was elected as the Deputy Chairman, and he is now serving here as the Chairman of the Board and Chairman of the Executive Committee since June 2012. If you didn’t know, he is also serving as a Director of Stewart & Stevenson LLC and of Hilcorp Energy Company.

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Anthony’s contributions to Nabors Industries is considered as truly intuitive and transformational. Apart from his operating excellence, he also played a crucial role in all of its strategic planning initiatives and his directions enabled the Company to adapt and prosper in a competitive environment. Nabors Industries Ltd., which was founded in 1968 as Anglo Energy, Ltd. is an S&P 500 oil, natural gas and geothermal drilling contractor that operates all across America, Middle East, Far East, and Africa. It also specializes in well-servicing, offshore drilling rig servicing and many others support services for both offshore and onshore oil drilling and well-servicing operations. Serving in this company in such important positions was truly an amazing achievement for Anthony. His college roommate, Lloyd Grove marked him as Oligarch for his immense success in his published article on The Daily Beast.

The name of Anthony Petrello came to media attention when he was marked one of the top paying bosses in the USA in 2015. According to unconfirmed sources, his total compensation for 2015 was $27,512,939 that included $1,580,077 salary and a bonus of $7,727,000, stock of $16,863,656 and some other expenses. Unfortunately, he couldn’t make it list in 2014 due to corporate governance and compensation practices.

As a philanthropist at heart, Petrello is also a member of the Board of Trustees of Texas Children’s Hospital and an active advocate for research and clinical programs or children as he was deeply affected by the medical conditions of his daughter Carena who was diagnosed with leukomalacia.

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David Osio And Executives From Davos Real Estate Release A New App

Recently, in a formal statement to its clients, Davos Real Estate Group’s leadership announced the inauguration of its latest mobile application called Davos Cap Calculator. The application intends to estimate real estate returns on the property that a client would like to purchase. Davos Real Estate is part of the independent firms that form Davos Financial Group, which is a global financial group.

For over two decades, Davos has been a leader in providing comprehensive financial advice in Latin America. The business focuses on creating an investment strategy, which meets the needs and expectations of every client. Combination of premium products in line with regulatory framework is not an easy task. It necessitates the experience of a team of experts, both specialized and licensed.

In the past six months, Gerard Gonzalez has focused on the design and other features to be included in the app. He has been working closely with Tecknolution Company. The app allows one to estimate an investment property’s gain when the expenses related to the property are taken into consideration.

Presently, the application that has been built on new technology platforms and is available for iPhone and Android devices. The successful completion of the app marks the start of designing subsequent complementary apps, which will allow individuals to identify properties via a mobile device. Additionally, one can forward historical real estate reports through an interactive chat to an agent at Davos.

David Osio noted that the app originated from Davos REG’s mission. It is in line with the company’s business goal of providing clients with innovative products and services. The company saw the need to create a mobile application that would be of help to clients irrespective of their location. The entity helps by financially guiding clients when they make investments in the U.S. real estate. Gerard Gonzalez added that the application was a creative tool. It would enable investors to have a clearer financial vision when buying property. Using Davos CAP Calculator, clients can estimate the cost of rent on the property based on their expected income. The new app has a Mortgage Calculator.

Currently, Davos’ efforts are geared towards offering excellent services to its clients. This information was originally published on PRNewswire as explained in this link

About David Osio

David Osio is the CEO and founder of the Davos Financial Group of Companies, which is based in Venezuela. He started his career in 1982 at OPED Enterprise. David Osio served as the president and CEO of the company where he managed its coffee export program. He went on to have a stellar career in the financial industry. David worked for leading corporations prior to establishing Davos Group of Companies. Through his contributions in financial services and business management, Osio has been a major figure in Latin America’s financial industry.

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Kyle Bass Bets Against Big Pharm

Kyle Bass is a 55-year old hedge fund owner, manager, and investor that is best known for being the principal founder of Hayman Capital Management, a hedge fund based in Dallas, TX. Bass and his fund have a very diversified set of investments and are considered to be well informed as to what is going on in the market and global economy, which has allowed them to make smart investment decisions.

Bass gained national attention in 2008 when he was one of the first to correctly predict the collapse of the U.S. economy. Bass reportedly purchased much different credit default swaps, which essentially bet against subprime mortgages. His timing of this investment strategy was excellent as the economy took a turn for the worse within just a few months of his investments taking place. This strategy allowed his fund to make a considerable amount of money, which led to a 212% return on investment in 2007.

Bass has also spoken publicly, and accurately predicted, many of the international economic challenges. Most notably, he made several predictions about the credit crisis affecting Europe. He made several predictions that Greece and other nations in Europe would struggle to pay back their debt.

Bass has also made public allegations against various pharmaceutical companies that attempt to control medication through the filing of frivolous patents. In August 2015, he established a group known as the Coalition for Affordable Drugs, which had the intent of having some patents given to pharmacy companies thrown out. His intent was to ensure that the companies would no longer have an exclusive of the drugs, which would then allow for more open competition and ultimately lead to the reduction in prices.

Bass and his newly formed coalition filed several individual complaints and petitions to have patents thrown out. While the end result is still forthcoming, there is a good chance that at least some of the patents will be eliminated. Historically, over 50% of patents that are petitioned in this manner are ultimately thrown out by the court.

Kevin Seawright and Newark CEDC Help Local Teens

Kevin Seawright is the CFO of a company that is helping Newark students have successful futures. His company, the Newark Community Economic Development Corporation, has joined NewarkWorks to start a summer employment program for local teens. Prominent local people and organizations are also helping with the effort.

The program is called the Summer Youth Employment Plan and is a six-week event. Students will be paid to work with local businesses and will also receive instruction in basic business knowledge. They will learn about financial business basics, college readiness, personal empowerment and will receive job training.

This year, 350 students have already applied through the program’s online-only application process. Kevin Seawright says the online process has increased student participation over past years. The goal is to employ 3,500 students in the 2016 event. Last year saw 3,000 students employed in the summer program.

In addition to employment, students will have an opportunity to learn how to open savings accounts and checking accounts. The program has partnered with two local banks to assist with this, TD Bank and Santander Bank. Seawright told WorldClassMagazines that this will help students start off on the right foot and will benefit them for years to come. Students will be paid minimum wage during their summer employment, and the program will run from July 5 to Aug. 16.

Kevin Seawright is also the Executive Vice President of the Newark CEDC, which helps the economic development of the Newark, New Jersey, area. Previously, Seawright worked for the Department of Recreation and Parks in Maryland. In that position, he helped distribute over $50 million in funding to benefit local and federal interests. He also worked in education where he helped create annual budgets.  Check Kevin Seawright on SoundCloud to follow him further.

OrganoGold Coffees Offer Flavor and Health

OrganoGold is a new company with a complex. The organic product at the base of OrganoGold’s operation is a herb, ganoderma lucidium, which has been a staple of Chinese medicine for 100s of years. This herb, which in fact is a mushroom, is used by OrganoGold in coffees and teas, but is also available as a supplement, tooth paste and even soap.

The man behind the product is Bernardo Chua from the Phillipines. He is a proponent of direct sales marketing and has successfully used direct sales and marketing techniques in establishing successful businesses around the world. The product that is at the heart of his organization is a fungus, ganoderma lucidium, which he has been familiar with as it has been used extensively in Chinese medicine, which is popular in his homeland, the Phillipines.

The OrganoGold website makes for an interesting visit, the function of the website is, of course, to further the distribution of OrganoGold products, Bernardo Chua has just seen them expand in fact. Distributors are welcomed into the OrganoGold organization, which offers flavorful and healthy instant coffees and teas. The OrganoGold marketing seeks to capture a part of the market being held captive by Keurig coffee making machines, the Keurig coffee making process has meet with great success in European and American markets.  Bernardo Chua has put a ton of time into creating a healthy brand.  In fact, that’s why Bernardo remains so popular on Twitter, and his Facebook following is growing fast as well.

The initial success of the Starbucks brand has opened the door for other innovative coffee oriented products. Coffee in America has gone from a dime-a-cup, hot, flavored water to new wave coffees available at Starbucks and from Keurig coffee making machines, which are comparable to the best coffees in the world.

Coffee consumption has been a contentious health concern because caffeine is a drug and coffee is riddled with caffeine. Drinking more that several cups a day has not been considered healthy, but Chua and OrganoGold are now proposing the health benefits of their coffees and teas. Coffee lovers around the world should give it a try.