Bruce Leverson and the AHBE Take Legal Action

The American business mogul and sports entrepreneur, Bruce Leverson is most notable for his role as owner of the NBA team Atlanta Hawks. The former Hawk’s owner is also a prominent philanthropists with an active participation in a variety of charitable organizations.

Bruce is a board member for the publicly traded TechTarget company. He was also a founding member of the IT Industry UCG. The businessman managed to create a variety of avenues for former and current businessmen alike. Setting a standard for business opportunities, Bruce managed to become one of the most notable and recognized business moguls in America.

Keeping business as a number one priority, The Atlanta Hawks Basketball and Entertainment LLC (AHBE) have recently filed a lawsuit against their former insurance company. The lawsuit  according to, list a breach of contract and insurance of bad faith as the overall cause for judicial action. The lawsuit clames that The New Hampshire Insurance Company has failed to acknowledge previous clames made by the AHBE.

Former general manager of The Atlanta Hawks, Danny Ferry settled with the Hawk’s Ownership for an unknown amount and buy out. According to the AHBE claims, The New Hampshire Insurance Company (AIG) have an obligation to pay for that loss. The AIG insurance with the AHBE include Wrongful Termination and Workplace Torts.

The AHBE claims the AIG has failed to pay for covered losses. In addition to previous claims, the lawsuit includes a 50% additional penalty for attorney fees and coyrt cost. The confidential amount of the lawsuit has yet to be revealed.


Cone Marshall Representatives Discuss Trust Review Process

Many New Zealand citizens look the Cone Marshall, a successful legal practice that specializes in the areas of tax and estate planning services, to develop trust accounts for the benefit of their families. The Cone Marshall law firm has become widely known for the firm’s excellent estate planning assistance. Recently, Cone Marshall representatives discussed the trust review process with a group of families who had previously established trust accounts with the assistance of the law firm. Cone Marshall executives implemented the use of informative sessions with clients who have established accounts with the firm in an effort to provide adequate assistance and help client to attain maximum benefits from the trusts. During the session about the trust review process, Cone Marshall representatives stated that clients should periodically review trust accounts to ensure that the original trustees have successors for the fund, to create actionable plans to enact in the case that a spouse dies, and to protect the beneficiaries of the fund.


Appointing Successors for Trust Funds

Cone Marshall representatives emphasized the importance of the appointment of successor trustees in the trust review process. When it is time for trustees to review their established funds, it is important that the trustees name at least one person who will be able to act as a trustee of the fund in the event that the original trustee is no longer able to do so. If a trustee is incapacitated or experiences an untimely death, the successor trustee would assume legal authority over the account.


Creating Actionable Plans for Death

Representatives from Cone Marshall also discussed the importance of the creation of actionable plans for death of the trustees. If a married couple has established a trust account for their children, it is important that the couple review the fund to make specifications about what will happen in the event that one of them dies. If a successor trustee is named, it is important that the couple specify if the successor’s rights begin in the event that one person in the marriage dies or if the rights of the successor begin only when both parties are deceased.


Protecting Beneficiaries

Clients of the Cone Marshall law firm also learned that the trust review process was important for the protection of beneficiaries. Couples can make changes to trust funds to protect the funds of children and grandchildren in the event of their own divorce or remarriage.


Computer Fraud And Abuse Act 30 Years Behind The Times

Matthew Keys, a former Reuters journalist, was given a two year prison sentence for assisting the hacking group Anonymous. Keys provided usernames and passwords for the Los Angeles Times website to the group, who then defaced a headline and byline. There is no information available as to how many subscribers saw the hacked headline. The change was available for 40 minutes.

Under the Computer Fraud and Abuse Act the prosecution was able to bring three counts of computer hacking against Keys. The Los Angeles Tribune claimed the act cost them $1 million dollars in losses and damages. These losses have been a contentious part of the trial. The prosecution argued the act caused the Tribune to undergo extensive security tests and costly upgrades. Does this really warrant a two year prison sentence?

The Computer Fraud and Abuse Act was enacted in 1986, seven years before the worldwide web was launched. Under the act it is illegal to access a protected computer without authorization. A computer cannot authorize permission, it can accept login information.

The interpretation of “unauthorized access” has given prosecutors a giant loophole to prosecute under. It has been used to prosecute for activity not related to hacking. If you use old login information to access files you still have stored in the database you can be prosecuted for a hacking crime under the CFAA.

A prominent attorney like New York’s finest Ross Abelow would argue in your defense. Ross Abelow has over 27 years of legal experience as both a defense attorney and prosecutor. He graduated from State University of New York in Albany as well as the Brooklyn School of Law where he earned his Juris Doctor. During his career Ross Abelow has argued for the underdog, believing in the protection of human rights. Mr. Abelow has specialized his practice in the areas of Matrimony, Corporate Litigations as well as Entertainment law. He is well versed in all areas of the law.

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