Norka Luque Has Raw Talent And Her First Album Highlights Her Musical Range

Everybody sings. Singing is an art that we learn at a very early age. But not all people have the gift of perfect tone and pitch. It takes years of practice to hold a note that doesn’t sound like a cat that has its tail caught in a door. Even after years of practice many singers never get a chance to show their talent to the world. The music business like all businesses is tough, and only the strong, ambitious and what some call lucky people survive in the ever-changing world of music. One of the singers that has withstood the test of time is Norka Luque. Luque grew up singing in Caracas, Venezuela.

Her parent recognized her talent very early in her life. Norka could hold a note and her pitch was perfect when she was eight. She got a part in a Luis Miguel musical that year. Performing on stage became her one addiction. Even at the age of eight, Norka knew what she wanted to do in life. Singing was her calling, and she did everything she could to make that calling her reality. Her parents also helped her develop her talent. Norka took voice and piano lessons all through her school years, so when she graduated from secondary school, she was ready to perform on the world’s stage.

Norka moved to France to continue her studies. She found a small band and became the lead singer, while she studied. In 2006, she heard Ricky Martin in concert and after the performance she knew she had to move to the States, to continue her musical career. Norka moved to Miami and started singing in a club on South Beach. The dance club was packed every night thanks to Norka’s voice and style. It didn’t take long for the news spread that a Latino singer was turning the beat around on South Beach. Emilio Estefan gave her an opportunity to audition for his team, and that was the break Norka needed. Estefan is the man behind the Miami Sound Machine and the man that discovered Gloria Estefan. It took composer Archie Pena and Luigi Giraldo a few recording sessions with Norka to fine-tune her sound. In 2011, her first album produced by Estefan was released.

Norka’s album is a hit and Norka is the next big Latino star. But stardom hasn’t changed Norka. She is still the loving, sweet singer that cares about making a difference through her music.