Felipe Montoro Jens reports on future investment plans

The Inter-American Development Bank meeting took place this year on March 24th in Argentina. In attendance was the infrastructure specialist, Felipe Montoro Jens. Felipe has covered many public-private-partnership projects in Brazil. Felipe Montoro Jens reported on the Belo Horizonte, LED light project and the $44 Billion investment by the Brazilian government to implement 57 projects to be focused on 22 separate sectors. This special governors meeting was held to discuss many hurdles that public-private-partnerships are faced with today. It seems the main drawback to implementing these projects is the lack of funding from the private investors. Economic experts seem to agree that there need to be safety nets in place to lower the risk of the investors for the private sector. For PPPs to be effective there needs to be an equal risk taken by the public sector in the private sector. However, there is a much higher risk-taking by the investors from the private sector. Visit on his twitter account for more updates.

The Minister of planning development in management and the Minister of Finance and chairman of the board of directors was invited to attend this years meeting. Also, the president of the Inter-American Development Bank and Secretary of State for the economy in business support. The overall expert opinion of those attended was the need for more investment from the private sector. It was reported as IDB has already invested 12.9 billion in loans to Brazil, which is up 20% from last year. Louis Caputo and Dyogo Oliveira both believe there needs to be more done to leverage the risk-taking by the private investors.

Luis Alberto Moreno, who is the president of the Inter-American Development Bank was concerned with transportation capabilities between the different countries in the continent. The delegate from Spain, who is the Secretary of State for the economy in business support Irene Garrido highlight Brazil as the first to receive any investment funds, because it is the largest economy in Latin America. Visit: https://www.terra.com.br/noticias/dino/veja-com-felipe-montoro-jens-a-historia-do-processo-de-privatizacao-no-brasil,4d1cfee159791826fd7c00be88ff5defx4uhd4g6.html


Business Analyst And Writer, Ted Bauman

Ted Bauman has been working for Banyan Hill Publishing for five years now. He is the editor of multiple newsletters for the publishing company. He writes the Plan B Club, The Bauman Letter and Alpha Stock Alert. His newsletters cover many subjects that interest investors. As a businessperson and investor himself, Ted Bauman is able to educate readers about low risk investments, protection, international migration and privacy. He currently lives with his family in Atlanta, Georgia.

Ted Bauman has dedicated his entire career to teaching the people the necessities to living a life free of financial burdens. He directly points people in the direction with the correct content to living a fulfilled life. He tries to inspire people on ways they can live their lives without unneeded oversight from the government and the corporate consumption of greed. He was born in Washington, D.C. He grew up on the shores of Maryland. Once he grew up, he did a lot of traveling and moving around the world. He landed in South Africa where he attended the University of Cape Town. He graduated with degrees in history and economics. For the next twenty five years, he served the African nation by working with many nonprofit organizations. He worked as an executive managing funds for in expensive housing. He was one of the people that founded Slum Dwellers Internationals. This organization has been beneficial to over fourteen million people in dozens of countries.

Ted Bauman teaches his readers many things. Lately, the editor has been penning about the economy to investors. He advises readers to not solely limit their attention to the U.S. economy but also the global economy. Many people are questioning the current economy, especially big business. He notes that Western governments have always encouraged big businesses. Now more than ever are people looking for strategies to make big business benefit society as a whole instead of the the top one percent. He hopes that more people will get involved with bug businesses around them. Having an active role in society’s economics better positions people for a life of financial freedom.

Wes Edens Invests His Bucks And Fortress Investment Group Teams Up With The Milwaukee Bucks

Wes Edens is the Founder and Chairman of Fortress Investment Group. The business primarily focuses on finances and properties. Wes has three decades of experience, and in 2018, Edens knowledge continues to open many financial doors for him. Currently, Wes Edens works alongside Newcastle Investment Group as well to capitalize on New York City’s properties and financial leadership groups. For education, Wes Edens attend Oregon State University and graduated with a Bachelor’s in Business Administration and Finance. With the tools from college being apart of his business curriculum, businesses flock to Fortress Investment Group to hear about the latest way to finance and capitalize on it. Wes Edens is not too hesitant when it comes to traveling overseas for his company. In the past year, Fortress Investment Group started businesses along the pathway of growing or franchising. Surprisingly to his family, Wes Edens is ranked in the top 1000 in Forbes Magazine. Edens companies produces $1.2 billion dollars every year. As the company maintains its strength, Wes continues to manage the assets of major corporations through Fortress Investment Group. Edens also works with private equity.

Employees find it to be fascinating at Fortress Investment Group. Believe it or not, Fortress gives them an opportunity to learn more about investments and how saving your money can open more financial doors in the future. Wes works hard to continue leading the Black Rock Financial. This companies solidifies what companies are doing to stay ahead of their competitors and expands to sports. Edens in the only self-made billionaire in his family. Wes decided not to focus on having all the money for himself.  Wes Edens reinvested in company and would often take home a pay of $54. Although he works for bucks as in cash and sports, Wes wants to get involved with more sporting and athletic events. Until then, Wes has his business plate full of ideas and new discovers that he would love to share and make a capital off of for his retirement.

Contact Wes Edens: finance.yahoo.com/video/fortress-wes-edens-brightline-rail-153900086.html

Hyperloop One Co-Founder Shervin Pishevar Talks about Bitcoin

When we speak of venture capitalists, angel investors, and tech innovation entrepreneurs, we cannot fail to mention Shervin Pishevar. Who is Shervin Pishevar? He is an American-Iranian entrepreneur, and a renowned name in Silicon Valley, California. He is the co-founder of Sherpa Capital and Virgin Hyperloop One. He has also invested in numerous companies, including Uber and Airbnb.

On February 2018, he brought the crowds to his timeline on Twitter, where he expressed his views on tech innovation, globalization, and the future of the US economy in 21 hour-long tweets. One of the most pressing issues that he addressed concerned cryptocurrencies, particularly Bitcoin.

Shervin Pishevar notes that the stock market is plummeting, and the level of inflation is constantly rising. This will lead to gold rising in value. In addition, Bitcoin will experience a steady incline, but it will have to sink first. He put this clearly in his tweet by saying that “Era of cheap money is dead. Inflation spreading, stock markets crashing, underemployment hardening into systemic economic stasis.” He goes on further to state “Gold will rise in response. Bitcoin will continue to crash but stabilize at 2-5k range and begin a more stable rise over next 24 mo’s.”

The sentiments by Shervin Pishevar have had a significant impact on some businesses and investors. They are trying to make some changes. Pishevar is in full support of this cryptocurrency. Bitcoin is a currency that will be free from centralized banks, and it will be used by anybody and every country to transact. It will help to enhance the way of business as well as promote globalization. Shervin went further to show his support of cryptocurrencies by tweeting “Founders are stateless, boundary-less capable of raising capital from completely new financial instruments like cryptocurrencies.”

Ever since Bitcoin was launched, it has created so much curiosity in the peoples’ minds, and slowly by slowly learning about it. This is proven by his tweet “All institutions, government + financial, are facing a reckoning of irrelevance when it comes to what is a once in 1000 year shift coming.” He then goes on to say “That shift has to do with a revolution in stateless digital currencies unleashed across the globe over next couple decades.”

Devco and the Heldrich Hotel

The private nonprofit company DEVCO is based out of New Jersey and has made one of the largest investments, over $1.6 billion, into the economic growth of the city of New Brunswick. Founded in the mid 1970’s, the New Brunswick Development Corporation has had its hand in several projects including several government, residential and educational buildings. Most recently they are working on the College Avenue Redevelopment Initiative. Since it was created to company has won over twenty awards for their designs. Devco believes that the reason for its success due to its partnerships with both private and public domains, spreading out its projects across different sectors and making alliances with many businesses.

Earlier this year, the Press Atlantic City reported that the New Brunswick Development Corporation is under scrutiny after working with the Middlesex County Improvement Authority, who has been neglecting to pay the $1 million principal on a $20 million loan. The loan was given over a decade ago in 2005 to renovate the Heldrich Hotel. Devco’s attorney Christopher Paladino went on the record saying that the loan,”will be paid, but it’s just going to take a couple more years.” Increased income from the refurbished hotel was supposed to help with payments but the Heldrich has been less popular than many had hoped.

The New Brunswick Development Corporation has been working to solve the problem as they wait for more funds. Many of the bonds used to pay for the Heldrich have been repaid with interest, but subordinate bondholders haven’t seen any payments. To try and increase income Devco is teaming up with the Atlantic County Improvement Authority to work on a new project, the Stockton University satellite campus. Their hope is to make revenue from sale of tax credits and other college expenses. Devco reviewed financing for the project and is positive that it will not face the same crisis.


Plan For Retirement With Wealth Solutions

Wealth Solutions is an investment advisory and wealth management services company located in Bee Cave, Texas. The firm provides personalized, comprehensive financial planning to affluent families and individuals in Austin, Houston and other surrounding cities.

Wealth Solutions also caters to small business owners looking to invest wisely.

Richard Blair, the founder of Wealth Solutions, has more than 20 years of experience in the financial services industry. He understands the financial markets better than most.

He and his team recognize the financial markets are constantly changing. As a result they believe a good financial strategy is one that can easily adapt to what’s currently going on.

Wealth Solutions is the type of firm that is always looking for opportunities to provide investment solutions that are both dynamic and conservative in nature. This allows clients to participate while still ensuring risks don’t go to high.

As more people approach retirement, having sound financial advice is extremely important. After all, you don’t want to be one of the millions of Americans who retire and are unable to take care of themselves.

Wealth Solutions will help you preserve your wealth, ensure you have a steady income once you retire and ensure you are able to leave a lasting legacy once you are gone. A comprehensive plan from Wealth Solutions will make it possible for you to reach your retirement goals.

About Richard Blair

Richard Blair founded Wealth Solutions with the hopes of making a huge difference in the lives of families and individuals in the Austin area.

He came from a long line of teachers and saw firsthand the way knowledge could completely transform someone’s life. Richard had a natural aptitude for finance. He decided to combine his love of teaching with his love of finance to help people prepare for their financial future.

In 1993, immediately after graduating from college, Blair started working in the financial services industry. One year later he founded Wealth Solutions and has been going strong every since.

Over the years Richard has continued to learn as much as he can about retirement planning. His goal is to help his clients plan for and be able to live a great life during retirement. He does this by showing them the strategies they need to implement and the mistakes they need to avoid.

If you would like to learn more about Richard Blair and Wealth Solutions, visit them online at www.WealthSolutionria.com.

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