Paul Mampilly: Invest in Graphene

Paul Mampilly has managed to see incredible success as an American investor. He was born in India and moved to the United States at the age of 18 and has lived in the country ever since. Over the last two decades, he has accrued over 20 years worth of experience working on Wall Street as a successful investor and a manager of a hedge fund. He has been featured on several prominent media outlets such as Bloomberg TV and today is most well-known for the investment advice newsletters that he publishes through Banyan Hill Publishing Company. Paul Mampilly has recently published in his investment newsletter article where he discusses a potential investment opportunity that has presented itself in the super materials industry and in particular with the super-material graphene.

Graphene is a material that is as light as tinfoil yet is actually even stronger than a piece of industrial steel. It has properties that may seem like something out of science fiction but it is very real and technologies are being created today that is about to begin taking advantage of this materials incredible properties. Paul Mampilly says, one of the next big trends that investors will see huge returns and will be the field of super materials. These materials can include many things such as the aforementioned graphene or even spider silk.

According to Paul Mampilly in addition to the properties that have already been stated graphene is an even more conductive semiconductor than any semiconductor that is currently on the market. As of right now, it is too expensive to use in any real-world applications but the cost to produce this material is going down every year. This means that it will not be very long until there are real applications for this material and it could potentially disrupt several industries that have a combined value of over $16 trillion in market value. Paul Mampilly states that all of this taken together means that right now presents itself as a great investment opportunity to begin investing in the early stages of the companies that are producing this super material.

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Jed McCaleb’s Storied History in Tech

Jed McCaleb founded Stellar Development Foundation along side business partner Joyce Kim in 2014. Stellar was not Jed’s only discovery. Jed McCaleb has also been involved with the creation of several other companies. He created eDonkey2000 and Mt Gox: two innovators in their respective industries.


Stellar is one of his newest business ventures. The company was created in 2014 along-side his business partner Joyce Kim. The duo recognized that the financial market was extremely unfair and are doing everything in their power to correct it. Stellar Development Foundation was founded with the intention of bringing services to low income people: services that are previously reserved for the rich.


Financial advice and investment is expensive, even before you can see a return on your investment the dozens of fees and charges can run your pockets dry. Stellar attempts to link several industries together in a seamless way that eliminates many of these costly fees that are associated with these types of industries.


Stellar links these institutions together by use of cryptocurrencies. The company behaves as a middle man, where it is able to handle tasks that previously would cost a fortune in fees for next to nothing.


Jed McCaleb’s Other Ventures


McCaleb’s former business, Mt. Gox, which was originally intended to be an exchange network for players of an online trading card game, went on to become the first Bitcoin exchange in existence. The company was eventually sold to a Japanese company before going out of business.


eDonkey was the first peer to peer file sharing program to utilize multi-source downloading. The company was founded in 2000 by Jed McCaleb and his partner Sam Yagan. The company lead the way with technology that is now considered standard with all peer to peer file sharing platforms. Modern day torrenting and file sharing follows the model provided by eDonkey.


Overnet was a peer to peer network that expanded on McCaleb’s experiences with eDonkey. At its most active, the network boasted around half a million concurrent users.

U.S. Money Reserve becomes most transparent coin seller in U.S.

Unfortunately for many Americans, the gold coin industry has gained a sort of negative reputation that it probably does not deserve. Of course, this is bad for those who participate in the selling of precious coins. But perhaps the biggest loser is the American public itself, which has often been put off by the prospect of buying gold coins. The fact still remains that purchasing coins made of gold, silver and platinum is one of the best ways available to successfully diversify one’s portfolio and ensure against severe market downturns or financial collapse.


For over 15 years, U.S. Money Reserve has been the nation’s premier seller of precious coins. Unlike some of its less scrupulous peers, U.S. Money Reserve only deals directly with coins issued by the U.S. Mint. These are top-graded coins that are show-quality right out of the box. U.S. Money Reserve has also long guaranteed its customers’ satisfaction with a 30-day buy back guarantee. This is not a warranty. This is a guarantee that U.S. Money Reserve will repurchase any coin sold to any customer within 30 days of the purchase date, with no questions asked, for any reason or for no reason at all.


But these things, as important as they may be in an industry that has suffered from a slightly tarnished reputation, are not nearly as important as the fundamental reasons behind buying gold coins. Precious metals provide the single most potent way to ensure the financial security of average Americans, out of any investment strategy there is. Precious coins have a history, going back millennia, over which they have established an ironclad track record of performing better than any other asset through market downturns and even financial catastrophes that have taken out entire empires and financial systems.


Now, through purchasing coins with U.S. Money Reserve, the American public is a position to tap into this incredible source of financial stability and growth. One of the products that U.S. Money Reserve is offering its customers is a highly innovative retirement account called Self Directed Individual Retirement Accounts. These are a form of Individual Retirement Account that allow the customer themselves to determine the precise allocation of assets and what types of assets will be introduced into the mix. This gives complete control over the administration of the account to the account holder themselves. In an era where stock market returns have been anemic at best, this is a highly reassuring means of extending to the general public the same tools for portfolio diversification that have long been available to financial professionals and big money account managers.


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Choosing A Wealth Management Advisory Firm

Are you looking for a reliable investment advisor or wealth management advisory firm but don’t know where to start? Want to start investing or start your own business? Well, you’re in luck.

The Midas Legacy has teamed up with the most reputable wealth advisory experts in the industry to create books, courses, training programs and other information products that show how any ambitious person can attain wealth and enjoy a better life.

A lot of people have become very rich using the information and resources provided by The Midas Legacy. And, many people who use these courses and training have found a great way to quit their day jobs and become financially independent.

Being your own boss and making as much money as you want can be very attractive, and satisfying. However, you should also be aware that that there have been individuals who suffered financial losses because they did not have the right information, such as the information presented at The Midas Legacy.

Not all money making or wealth building courses are created equal. It is advisable to choose resources that are proven to deliver on their promise. That’s where The Midas Legacy can help – to provide the resources and guidance you need to reach financial independence.

The Midas Legacy believe you will feel more confident about your financial future and attaining your goals and having the freedom to concentrate on what you enjoy most. Their wealth management advisory service aims to equip members with the knowledge and skills they need to position themselves for wealth and financial freedom.

The Midas Legacy offers research services for people looking to become more successful, including: Ambitious individuals who want to enhance their life situation, individual investors and entrepreneurs who want to grow their assets and better manage their money. There is also a wealth of resources and information for anyone who wants to prepare for retirement, and enjoy a better lifestyle.

If you desire to find inner peace, become happier, or become a better person, The Midas Legacy provides the information you need to accomplish that. Those who are interested in using natural healing methods to eliminate their illnesses, will find proven resources at The Midas Legacy.

The Midas Legacy is designed to help members feel confident that no matter the state of the economy, or your health situation, you’re moving in the right direction.

How Richard Blair Established Wealth Solutions


The main reason for any financial planning process is attaining the personal financial goals and achieving the wealth management goals. The first step is carrying out a detailed research, followed by the collection of data. The next step is creating a professional portfolio. For the implementation process to be successful, one ought to understand where he or she stands financially and be able to project where he or she will be in future. Most people long for a bright financial future.

Wealth Solutions
Established by Richard Blair, Wealth Solutions is a certified financial advisory organization that provides property management resolutions. It does so by using accredited and advanced technology to deliver innovative services and products to its customers. It is situated in Texas. The firm offers accounting, research, management, engineering and business consulting services. On average, it generates $401,861 in annual revenues.

Blair is a registered annuity specialist, investment advisor, retirement income professional and an estate and trust expert. Together with Blair’s qualifications, Wealth Solutions can offer its clients innovative investment choices. The solutions aid in delivering optimum results by forming a diverse portfolio with small risks and awesome results.

Wealth Solutions treat clients as partners in financial management. It implores the most recent insights and technology from varied studies to guarantee the success of every partner and have them on track. The result is increased value in the relationship by making sure that every key player is given priority of the joint efforts to provide:

  • Customized valuable solutions
  • Accounts that provide excellent security measures
  • Trusted, professional, and expert financial advice
  • 24-hour access to investment opportunities
  • Personalized and unique goals

About Richard Blair
Richard Blair established Wealth Solutions because he longed to make a positive difference in the lives of individuals, business owners, families, and the society as a whole. Blair had a strong background in education since his wife, mother, and grandmother were teachers. Thus, he had first-hand experience on how education could impact positively on the lives of individuals. After leaving college, Richard joined the financial services industry immediately. One year later, he formed his firm so as to provide helpful, unbiased financial advice.

Over the years, Blair has been useful to his clients by helping them make sound financial decisions. He has assisted in linking the gap between being in retirement and planning. He helps clients to have a successful retirement by helping them to plan appropriately.

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Richard Blair Gives Advice On Insurance Issues Dealing With Airbnb

A Look At Richard Blair’s Career

Investment advisor Richard Blair has outlined some key issues that may arise when homeowners or apartment owners begin to lease out rooms or entire homes to people through BNB. Mr. Blair is a registered investment advisor. He has created his own firm called Wealth Solutions Inc., which is located just outside of the city of Austin, Texas. Richard Blair provides investment advice, retirement planning and customized wealth preservation strategies through his firm.

Mr. Blair’s goal is to provide objective advice to his clients and help to attain their financial goals whether they are setting aside money for a comfortable retirement, preserving current wealth and assets or guiding investors on where to invest their funds. Richard Blair attended the University of Houston and majored in finance and financial management there, graduating with a bachelors degree. He has over 23 years of working in the financial industry. Companies he was worked for include United Global Securities, Inc. and Crownbridge Wealth LLC.

Issues To Take Into Account Before Putting Your Home Up For Rent On Airbnb

Many homeowners are now looking to Airbnb and other online rental sites as a way to make extra money. These websites allow a homeowner to rent out a room, several rooms or an entire home or apartment to prospective guests. This sounds attractive and seems like an easy way to make some additional money. However many homeowners ignore some of the risks involved, especially when it comes to insurance liability.

One thing that many homeowners fail to realize is that most insurance policies do not cover paid guests. This is because renting out rooms or even your home for a days at a time is considered to a commercial activity. Most of the insurance policies that cover a single family home or residential apartment will exclude this from their coverage. So in the event there are damages as a result of staying, you will not be reimbursed.

To secure yourself against damages that result from a paid guest stay you will have to adjust your insurance policy or insert a rider that covers this into your current insurance policy. Another important thing to consider is that many insurance policies will be nullified if you do not contact insurance firms and let them know that you are actively renting out your home for commercial gain. It is also important to be familiar and compliant with the rules and regulations that are in place in your community with regards to bed and breakfast inns. Failure to comply with the laws and regulations could result in fines and lawsuits. For more advice on this issue check out this article by Richard Blair.

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