Jason Hope: Betting on Future Technologies and Philanthropic Efforts

Jason Hope is a Scottsdale-based investor, entrepreneur, and philanthropist with a greater focus on future. He keeps a great passion towards technology and options to give back to the community. The young entrepreneur has clear views about all the new technologies and narrates his vision about each of it through major news medias. Considering his significant success in investing in technologies, industry experts and investors listen to his voice and insights with enthusiasm. Hope keeps a portfolio of futuristic technology companies and agrees that it drives a substantial part of his income. He says that currently, he focuses on firms that provide services in digital media solutions, marketing services, interactive software, and business information systems.

Hope sees the Internet of Things or IoT as the biggest tech revolution of the recent times and the most futuristic technology, as of today. He says that the technology has the power to shape everything, from the way the corporations work to the lives of people in remote areas. As an option to sync various devices into one single network, the technology can make the human life more productive and efficient. Additionally, it reduces any sort of wastage as the technology showcases greater control over various devices connected to it. Hope says that the technology has already shown significant improvements in the public transport system, and it would be expanded to all the sectors soon. He sees that most of the tech behemoths started investing in the technology considering its prospects.

Hope says that irrespective of the industry, every venture has its own risks and challenges, and people should manage those challenges. He says that when he is too much doubted about something, he redirects that as a fuel for change and looks future. In the initial days, Hope was putting bigger stakes on telecommunication technologies and marketing services. He points out that social media can produce incredible results if people are ready to spend quality time on it. Jason confirms that social media has the power to connect with people and in creating new business connections most efficiently.

Jason Hope relates himself to the needs of the society and helps his community in its varied needs. He is the principal contributor of SENS Foundation – a research institution working on addressing the age-related diseases and looking for a medication that reverses the aging process. Hope says that by proper use of drugs, people can reverse the aging at the cellular level. He donated $500,000 to the Foundation in an attempt to encourage it to shape the future of biotechnology. Jason also thinks that by developing anti-aging drugs, people can prevent diseases like Parkinson’s and Alzheimer’s. Hope is also found to be mentoring the Scottsdale high school students to plan education grant programs for willing entrepreneurs.

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Jason Hope is looking to the future when it comes to technology

Jason Hope is a positive force in the world to be reckoned with. Educated and driven, he moves with ease through the world of technology entrepreneurship. A native of Arizona, Jason attended Arizona State University where he received his Bachelor of Arts in Finance. From there he continued his education and got his Master of Business Administration at W.P. Carey School of Business at Arizona State University.

He loves giving back and considers himself a philanthropist. This knowledgeable entrepreneur donates his time as a Director at the Arizona Science Center. He also has given to causes he is passionate about including the SENS Foundation. So far, Jason has pledged a whopping $500,000. That’s half a million dollars to a program that researches and uses biotechnology to fight age related diseases. How cool is that?

Hope calls himself a futurist. What is that you might say? He predicts the future of technology and where it will go and how it will help mankind. The internet of things (IoT) as people call it will have a major impact on how we operate our daily lives Jason believes. The internet of things refers to tech devices that are connected to the internet. Examples of smart cars, wearable things such as Fitbit, and digital coffee machines that you can connect to your laptop.

A typical day for Jason Hope starts off with some physical activity and a healthy breakfast. He then logs on to his computer to check social media and answer emails. Taking new ideas and projects one step at a time is how he makes things happen. He also talks to people close to him about his ideas and get feedback. To be successful he thinks about the big picture and goes forward melodically to accomplish his goals. Jason does not doubt himself and works with complete confidence in his ideas. One of his ideas that other people may not agree with is about aging. He truly believes that there are drugs that work on a cellular level to decrease the symptoms of aging. That is why he believes wholeheartedly in the SENS Research Foundation. He is particularly interested in how this process can help Parkinson’s and Alzheimer’s disease.

Speaking of aging, if he could give a piece of advice to his younger self it would be to not fret about the minor details, think about the bigger picture of what you are doing. One of his most recent best decisions was that he sold his house. It had been on the market for 5 years and it finally sold. It allowed Jason to move forward and with time and finances so that he could focus on new projects.

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