Women Hold Their Breath and Wait upon Marc Beer for Redemption

Women around the world generally are tasked with a lot of responsibilities. It has often been a joke that a mother can be the doctor, cook, cleaner, companion, and comforter and still balances a career in one single breath. While most of them are masters of the game, some have no choice but to juggle it all. Women, therefore, require paramount healthcare especially from monsters that ugly rear heads like pelvic disorders. Marc Beer of Renovia Inc. is committed to the task at hand and giving women both hope and confidence to carry on with healthy living.


Marc Beer started the job in Boston and is making a difference one woman at a time. Pelvic floors are present in both men and women, but the disorders are more prevalent in women. The diseases range from urinary and bowels problems to pelvic organ prolapse. Marc Beer saw the problem and registered a need to help women around the world. Recently, he was in the business of raising forty-two million dollars in a bid to tackle the elephant in the room. The money goes a long way in the development of therapeutic products and diagnosing products for women suffering the problem.


Everyone has a sister, a mother, a friend, a relative or a colleague who display girl power. Women are unafraid to conquer the world. It may be solely for this reason that Marc Beer did not have to look far in finding people that share in his vision and who are ready to contribute to the worthy cause. These friends of a feather include the Longwood Fund, Ascension Ventures, and Perceptive Advisors. Together they believe that women deserve the best. In addition to curing women, Marc Beer and friends aim at having a digital presence where clients can access up-to-date information on new treatments, receive education about the disorders and help save a few coins through affordable healthcare.


Women anticipate a better tomorrow with the arrival of the Leva device which eases diagnosis of pelvic floor disorders. The method can help any woman to monitor the progress herself and visit a doctor only when they need treatment


More about Marc Beer


He is the founder and CEO of Renovia Inc. which he founded two years ago. He has successfully raised funds for the company in series A and series B drives. His participation in the pharmaceutical industry dates back 25 years upon his graduation from Miami University in Ohio. He graduated with a Bachelor of Science degree. The Notre Dame and Miami University have time and again benefited from Marc’s wisdom as an adviser. Learn more: https://www.bizjournals.com/boston/news/2018/08/21/ex-aegerion-chief-beer-raises-42m-for-womens.html