Omar Boraie Makes a Contribution towards Medical Research

The Rutgers Cancer Institute has always been devoted to enhancing research on precision medicine. It recently established the Omar Boraie Chair in Genomic Science, Genomic science is an essential field in higher education, and it is necessary to advance it. This has motivated the Institute to create an 18 chair challenge campaign that will be helpful in raising funds to facilitate the growth of the discipline.

Omar Boraie was among the 18 chairs that committed themselves to assist the organization. He promises to contribute $1.5 million to boost the campaign, and therefore, the institution created a chair under his name. Dr. Shridar Ganesan has been appointed to be part of Omar Boraie Chair in Genomic Science. He currently serves as an associate director for the science and the precision medicine’s chief investigator.

The genomic science discipline has been playing an important role in the transformation of medicine by developing the new methods that are used in the prognosis and treatment of cancer. The created therapeutic approach will be essential in examining and treating cancer cells at the genetic stage. Medical practitioners will be able to offer personalized therapies. The launch of the National Precision Medicine Initiative was made public by the former U.S President Barack Obama when he was giving a speech on the state of the Nation. The main aim of the initiative will be to discover a cure for cancer and conditions that are associated with it.

The country has various medical centers that are currently using top-notch treatments. The Rutgers University Cancer Institute is, however, the only organization that is focused on using precision medicine and genomic science. Genomic science has considerably helped in the development of treatments for the life-threatening cancer tumors. Medical professionals will be able to use precision medicine in grouping cancer tumors in various subclasses of similar characteristic.

This will assist in forecasting better results and in developing personalized therapies. Boraire hopes that the pledge he made will significantly facilitate the undertakings of the organization. He is gratified to support the research that is currently being conducted to develop therapies that can be used in the treatment of individuals who have stopped responding to medication.

The Rutgers Cancer Institute is devoted to offering improved treatment to patients who are affected by different cancer tumors. It is the pioneer National Cancer Institute that has been established by the state to serve as a Comprehensive Cancer Center. The institute works with the Cancer Institute of New Jersey and the State University of New Jersey.