Creativity Is Bridget Scarr’s Primary Drive

Bridget Scarr is a London-based writer, executive producer, and singer-songwriter. Bridget Scarr is very dedicated and an excellent manager of time because an insight into her daily life shows that when she is not working on a television project, she is working on either her first album or first fantasy epic novel. The creative director loves the content in all its forms because it has the power to shift mindsets and bring change to our immediate environments.


According to Bridget Scarr, creativity is a potent force which is sometimes an agent of change. Creativity makes her work be an area of fun and a kind of freedom of expression. She works with her partner and son who help pull her out of the depths of despair. Bridget Scarr is always grateful for the support and love she receives, and the beautiful connections she makes. Bridget Scarr managed to rise after losing everything she owned because her inner creativity voice shed light on his path to success by rejuvenating his passion for books, music, and life in general. Her simple goal is to be grateful for everything and show appreciation to those you love.


She is an executive producer and writer having the affinity to develop compelling content that extends across many platforms. Her projects include television and digital content, augmented reality, virtual reality, and interactive exhibition. The plans always resonate well with large audiences both emotionally and intellectually. She is a renowned executive producer with a sumptuous production experience of more than 15 years in television, advertising and animation. Bridget’s responsibility over the years has been that of overseeing the creative development as well as technical and artistic production output of teams across different platforms.


Bridget Scarr currently works at Colibri Studios as the head of content development, strategy, and partnerships. The department offers her the opportunity to engage with daily events and collaboration with international project partners, broadcasters, and creative talent that brings life to projects. Her dedication to bringing experience to people’s ideas bore the idea of Colibri Studios which meant that she could then enter into development and content creation. She terms Colibri Studios as the place that gives life to all her ideas under the same umbrella.


Bridget Scarr’s advice to other young people trying to follow her footsteps is that they should do away with fear, put their trust in their journey, as well as believe in themselves and their God-given gifts. People should meditate, be free, be light and above all love unconditionally.


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