Up-Close With Matthew Autterson As He Participates In the 1,296 Off-Road Race in Mexico

Matthew Autterson recently grabbed the headlines by participating in a rugged 1,296 mile off-road race in Mexico. Dubbed as one of the most exhilarating experiences ever, the event attracted various personalities such as Holly Kylberg (who recently held the Nordstrom opening), Rich Kylberg, Buzz Wiepking and Matt’s daughter Madison Autterson. The six-member traversed the torturous journey and were proud to have made it in the end. More interesting is the fact that the team completed the race in 46 hours and 22 minutes, which is a remarkable four hours ahead of its nearest rival, Patrick Dempsey’s team.


Despite making it to the end, the team endured various challenges such as taking a detour after a helicopter crashed and killed two people, one of whom was a notorious Mexican drug lord. His charred mysteriously disappeared from the morgue in the arms of gunmen in 10 vehicles according to police officers on site. Despite such unexpected outcomes, the team undeniably viewed the experience as wild and unforgettable, to say the least.


Matthew Autterson in Brief


Matthew Autterson is widely considered to be one of the leading entrepreneurs in the U.S. As the President and CEO of CNS Bioscience, Matthew Autterson has undeniably proven to be a force to reckon with courtesy of his insightful leadership and keen business acumen. Formed in 2013 by Scott Falci, the institution has become a prominent company specializing in clinical-stage drug development to its diverse clientele.

Matthew Autterson boasts an impressive resume that includes critical skills in Private Wealth Management, Wealth Management Consulting among many more.


Education Background


Autterson is an alumnus of Michigan State University with a Bachelor of Arts degree in Finance in 1980. Afterward, he enrolled to the University of Denver to pursue a course in Tax Program. Autterson’s professional career began in 1982 when he joined a Colorado State Trust Company, which is an affiliate of Integrated Resources, Inc. Matthew Autterson proved to be an astute expert which ultimately landed him the President’s position in 1986.


Matthew Autterson has also played an executive role by serving as a board member for Falci Adaptive Biosystems, a non-profit organization specializing in assisting those with nerve disabilities to interact with people and objects in the environment. Autterson played a crucial role in the company’s merger with Broad Inc, which is valued at $18 billion. Matthew regularly mentors upcoming entrepreneurs in the company by informing them on the right paths to follow.