Guilherme Paulus: Catering To All Travelers Through CVC Brasil

The Ernest and Young Entrepreneur of the Year Award is conferred by Ernest and Young to help recognize successful entrepreneurs. It was founded in 1986 with an award and by 2016, the program was running across fifty states in the United States of America. Regardless of the name, the award can be conferred to multiple industry players annually.

For instance, in 2017, Guilherme Paulus, the co-founder and chairman of CVC Brasil was awarded for his excellent input in revolutionizing the tourism industry. The award was also a befitting recognition of his bold step in changing careers from serving as an IT specialist at IBM to a salesperson for a tour and travel firm. After a few years of service, Guilherme Paulus met Carlos Vicente Cerchiari who financed CVC Brasil. The company identified a valuable market niche that needed better services and products including fun-filled activities for tourists. Accompanied by the initial success, Paulus who is CVC’s president too, introduced cruising to the company’s portfolio.

Under the leadership of Guilherme Paulus, CVC has vastly transitioned into a thriving market leader. It has also expanded globally thereby growing financially and operationally. Since a robust financial position marks it, CVC Brasil has opened new outlets in Brazil. It has also ventured into the hotel industry through the launch of GJP Hotels and Resorts. Currently, GJP Hotel and Resorts is one of Brazil’s major hotel networks. It also has more than 30 restaurants and hotels.

Founding CVC Brasil was Guilherme’s idea way of satisfying the growing client base that wanted high-end accommodation. Instead of referring his clients to other resorts, Paulus thought it wise to establish a chain of exclusive hotels boasting of some of the world’s best facilities including a prominent golf course. Guilherme Paulus is also the chairman of the group of hotels including Linx, Prodigy, as well as Wish. In his tenure, Wish Foz do Iguacu was recognized for being the best golf course in Brazil. Besides winning the 2017 Entrepreneur of the Year Award, Paulus has been recognized for his excellent input in Brazil’s tourism industry where he received the Revolutionary Consumer Relations Award and the Personality of the Year Award.


William Saito’s Opinion on Russia Being a Tech Leader

By creating as well as applying modern technology, businesses perk up the competitiveness of their products by promoting the creation of a new client base for the people. At the same time, technology can assist a company’s customers and stakeholders to enjoy product innovativeness, concept development in addition to commercialization. That is why for the likes of William Saito, technology was a loveable subject that came as a talent as well. From a tender age, Saito had a particular passion for technology. He would ask his parents how an adapter works. Aside from that, he was studious, but his talent was majorly proclaimed in sciences and mathematics. It was at that point that his teacher asked his parents to get him a personal computer. The aim of getting this computer was enabling Saito to further his knowledge.


Disintegrating Saito’s Career

When he turned 10, William Saito was admitted to a computer firm where he served as an intern for a few years. He would later start a small software company while in college. Since it was instrumental in value creation, Microsoft approached Saito to sell them the I/O Software Company. In 2004, William Saito gave in to Microsoft’s buyout request. He became an active business professional who invested in various Japanese start-ups over the years.

Consequently, William Saito was recognized by the World Economic Forum and named the youngest global leader for 2011. Simultaneously, Saito was appointed to serve as the head of IT for technical support in the nuclear disaster of Fukushima Daiichi. From that moment, he has been discussing different technological subjects and situations that affect countries or the world in general. Today, he weighs in on Russia and its determination to become a massive contributor to technology.


The Case of Russia

As the world embraces technology, more states are coming forward to indulge in this transformative venture. Russia is one of the states. Even though many tech gurus have argued that such a developed nation has no place in the evolving technology, there is some aspect of concern when it comes to the country’s involvement in technology. With that said Russia is prominent for owing some of the famous software brands including Kaspersky. Unfortunately, this software was not approved by the United States Homeland Security Department. Even so, Russia still invested in leading tech gadgets that have changed the manner in which businesses are run.



Why Entrepreneurs Should Follow Ara Chackerian Footsteps

There has been a remarkable economic surge over the years thanks to the availability of capital and influence of those who have excelled in their business endeavors. The healthcare sector is one of the notable economic settings that have been enjoying surprising growth. In fact, healthcare innovators such as Ara Chackerian are a great inspiration to entrepreneurs in the world. The only drawback is that most investors are fretful about the healthcare startups that they opt for or they want to finance.




Ara Chackerian has seen the potential in the healthcare sector, and through his experience, he focused on innovations such as robotics, digital imaging, and AI. He felt that there is a lot of potential in these areas as they could easily modernize the medicine industry. The growth of healthcare startups led to computing, improved treatment methods as well as reliable digital recordkeeping. Ara pursued investors with innovations that will increase sustainability and growth of the medical sector.




More developed innovations have graced the healthcare sector, but the only challenge has been venture capital. As an innovator, Ara Chackerian knows that for such startups to excel, one has to go for enthusiastic and talented investors. These are the type of entrepreneurs who are ready to sell the innovations at hand and deliver remarkable funds to shareholders. To become innovators regardless of the field one chooses, it is wise to innovate and pursue the best investors with sustainable results. For more details visit





Ara Chackerian is a magnet in the healthcare sector and is the managing director of ASC Capital Holdings. He holds a B.S degree in Marketing and Business Management from the Florida State University. He is also an entrepreneur and philanthropist with exceptional marketing and leadership skills. He was the founder and CEO of BMC Diagnostics. Mr. Chackerian has also co-founded a few other companies. They include a national provider of Telepharmacy services, TMS Health Solutions, a California based behavioral Health Service Company, and PipelineRX.




Ara Chackerian’s Charity Work




Ara Chackerian’s philanthropic work is a great inspiration to many entrepreneurs out there. He has been committed to giving back over the years relentlessly. He and his companies have supported many charitable undertakings that focus on youth development and youngsters getting a satisfactory education. Mr. Ara Chackerian philanthropic hand has reached parts of Nicaragua, Armenia and many parts of the United States. Entrepreneurs and innovators out there should follow Chackerian footsteps and improve the healthcare system worldwide.




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Hyperloop One Co-Founder Shervin Pishevar Talks about Bitcoin

When we speak of venture capitalists, angel investors, and tech innovation entrepreneurs, we cannot fail to mention Shervin Pishevar. Who is Shervin Pishevar? He is an American-Iranian entrepreneur, and a renowned name in Silicon Valley, California. He is the co-founder of Sherpa Capital and Virgin Hyperloop One. He has also invested in numerous companies, including Uber and Airbnb.

On February 2018, he brought the crowds to his timeline on Twitter, where he expressed his views on tech innovation, globalization, and the future of the US economy in 21 hour-long tweets. One of the most pressing issues that he addressed concerned cryptocurrencies, particularly Bitcoin.

Shervin Pishevar notes that the stock market is plummeting, and the level of inflation is constantly rising. This will lead to gold rising in value. In addition, Bitcoin will experience a steady incline, but it will have to sink first. He put this clearly in his tweet by saying that “Era of cheap money is dead. Inflation spreading, stock markets crashing, underemployment hardening into systemic economic stasis.” He goes on further to state “Gold will rise in response. Bitcoin will continue to crash but stabilize at 2-5k range and begin a more stable rise over next 24 mo’s.”

The sentiments by Shervin Pishevar have had a significant impact on some businesses and investors. They are trying to make some changes. Pishevar is in full support of this cryptocurrency. Bitcoin is a currency that will be free from centralized banks, and it will be used by anybody and every country to transact. It will help to enhance the way of business as well as promote globalization. Shervin went further to show his support of cryptocurrencies by tweeting “Founders are stateless, boundary-less capable of raising capital from completely new financial instruments like cryptocurrencies.”

Ever since Bitcoin was launched, it has created so much curiosity in the peoples’ minds, and slowly by slowly learning about it. This is proven by his tweet “All institutions, government + financial, are facing a reckoning of irrelevance when it comes to what is a once in 1000 year shift coming.” He then goes on to say “That shift has to do with a revolution in stateless digital currencies unleashed across the globe over next couple decades.”

The Contributions of Eric Lefkofsky to Cancer Treatment

Eric Lefkofsky is one of America’s celebrated entrepreneurs. He is the co-founder and current CEO of Tempus. Lefkofsky has also helped found five technology startups namely, Groupon, Eco-Global Logistics, InnerWorkings, MediaOcean, and Uptake. Born in September 1969, Lefkofsky grew up in Michigan. He attended the Southfield-Lathrup High School. Later on, he graduated with Honors from the University of Michigan. In 1993, the entrepreneur attained his Juris Doctor from the University of Michigan Law School.

Lefkofsky’s interests have contributed significantly to the community. He serves as a member of the Board of Directors for Children’s Memorial Hospital, The Art Institute of Chicago, The Museum of Science and Industry, and World Business Chicago. He has used his experiences and knowledge to teach at several institutions. Lefkofsky is currently a professor at the University of Chicago.

Eric Lefkofsky is also the author of Accelerated Disruption: Understanding the True Speed of Innovation. The book focuses on the movement of businesses in line with advanced technology. He explains critical startups concepts that other businesses can borrow to understand and control the forces of technology.

In spite of his career advancement, Lefkofsky also founded The Lefkofsky Family Foundation in 2006 with the help of Elizabeth Lefkofsky. The organization aims at enhancing the quality of human life by advancing high-impact programs, initiatives, and medical research for the improvement of community’s health. His philanthropy focuses on children and has helped fund at least 50 organizations.

Tempus is a technological company set up to assist physicians in the treatment of cancer. The company brings critical technology to personalize cancer care by using interactive, analytical, and machine learning platform. They collect an enormous amount of data from the past and current patients that allow these physicians make informed and real-time decisions in treating their patients. Tempus has solved physicians’ problems of cutting through genomic data, molecular, and phenotypic data. The success of Tempus has been made possible by a team of computational biologists, mathematicians, software engineers, and data scientists. They work together to make important decisions. They analyze the data to solve medical problems for the physicians within a short time as opposed to if these physicians were to solve them by themselves. Michigan Center for Translational Pathology has partnered with Tempus to ensure they are at par with technology.

Lefkofsky is active on social media. He can be followed on LinkedIn, Twitter, and Facebook.

Visit his website: