DSP Partners with Uncommon Schools

The Dynamics Search Partners recently announced that it was going to partner with the Uncommon Schools. In September this year, the team of executive recruiters from the company, led by the chief executive officer of the company, Keith Mann went to meet with the senior class in the school. The new team was attending a resume building at the charter school. The Dynamic Search Partners team had planned to have two resume building workshops. During these seminars, the experts would sit with the students individually and help them in revising and editing their resumes. The resumes will be included in the college applications sent after completing high school.


Dynamic Search Partners and the Uncommon Schools partnership was created thanks to the ongoing program that is led by Keith Mann. The program will help the students in understanding the practical and tactical skills that will assist them in future. Keith Mann and his organization have also given ten thousand dollars to the school. The Uncommon Charter High School was established in the year 2009, and it has transformed the lives of many students in the country. The first class graduated from the school in 2013.


Keith Mann is the founder of the Dynamic Search Partners, and he says that he is very excited to be working with the schools. In a statement to the public, Keith stated that his team had an incredible tour around the school. The team sat with the students in the classes and talked to all the students individually. The experts were inspired to realize how the young students were motivated to join college and peruse their careers. During these workshops, the students asked some very thoughtful questions, and they were also keen to learn how they can prepare themselves for an internship, college, and careers in future.


Keith Mann also said that this was the start of a significant relationship with the special school and all the students studying there. Mann also said that his organization applauded the commitment and innovation practiced in the high school. The team is also looking forward to working with the students every year to deliver good results.