Whitney Wolfe and Bumble’s Community are on the Move

When Bumble began in 2014 a community of users sprang up around the site. These users were mostly young women from the millennial generation and older females from generation Z. These women range in age from 18 to 35 and they view the world through a different spectrum. Bumble is a dating site that does the very same thing.

Bumble is all about female empowerment. Whitney Wolfe designed it that way. Any man logging onto this site thinking he is going to get some cheap thrills and blatant nudity, might as well rethink his motives. The site is not about feeding men and their stereotypes it’s about bringing out the best in women. Women are equal to men and in some regards they are superior. Bumble brings this reality to the forefront.

The community that sprang up around Bumble was not by accident. There are millions of of women allover the country that love this this site and Whitney Wolfe. They like it because they can search for a love connection. They also like this site because it allows them to connect with other females in terms of friendship, business connections and acquaintances. Whitney Wolfe decided to gather this online community into the real world. She has set up different locations in and around Austin where her company is based for this purpose.

Bumble also has communities all over the country. These communities are in physical spaces and not just on the web. They were established for the purpose of gathering people together to share their experience with Bumble. Bumble’s communities are vibrant, tech driven and a place where people can sometimes make a real love connection. Whitney Wolfe’s real world Bumble communities help to bring the online world into focus. They allow online users to have a real physical place to go so that they can discuss the dating app and share their experiences.

Whitney Wolfe wants Bumble users to have the best experience possible. This is why her dating app is so important to their cause. Bumble is a great place for women and men to meet in the real world and get to know each other. The real world Bumble communities that are located all over this country is just an extension of the online world of Bumble dating.

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Beauty of Meeting Partners Through Dating Sites

Starting a relationship and meeting someone to date may sometimes get difficult and challenging. A good number of men and women do not have the confidence and the guts to strike a one on one conversation with someone they like. Fortunately, Whitney Wolfe Bumble app is here to help such individuals meet potential partners.

You have heard of beautiful stories of many spouses who met through dating sites. This platform has helped several individuals meet incredible partners who have ended up being their wives or husbands. If you have been struggling to get into a relationship, then using Bumble dating app will have the following benefits for you:

  1. Bumble will help you have a variety of partners more than the ones you encounter in your everyday life. This is highly important to you especially if you are very selective and looking for a partner with specified qualities.
  2. A dating app will help you get a partner with the personality of your choice. Bumble app and other dating apps conduct a character evaluation of the potential partners. This assists you in matching your preferred characteristics with the personality of choice.
  3. A dating site is one of the most convenient, fast and easiest ways of finding other single people looking for partners. The process involves entering the site and answering few questions about yourself as well as the type of person you are looking for. Dating app works very well especially for individuals without time to socialize. Besides, it is very convenient for people who are not willing to follow the tedious and old dating methods to get a partner.

About Whitney Wolfe

As the Bumble’s founder and present chief executive officer, Whitney Wolfe is one of the ardent entrepreneurs in the US. Besides, owning the Bumble brand, she is one of Tinder app founders. As an executive in these dating sites, Whitney Wolfe has found her name listed among the most successful people less than 30 years in the US by Forbes magazine. Read the full Forbes article here: http://www.forbes.com/profile/whitney-wolfe/

The success of Bumble is due to Whitney Wolfe’s hard work and dedication towards the app. Besides, her passion to empower women is the reason for her commitment to see the app. She wants to use Bumble to continue matching more women with potential partners.

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