Securus Technologies Offers Christmas Communication

One of the biggest challenges that people face when being incarcerated is not being able to communicate with their family members and loved ones on a regular basis. While the general loss of freedom and uncomfortable environment is tough to deal with, not being able to stay connected to the most important people in their lives is a big challenge. While inmates do have the ability to speak with their friends and family over the phone or during onsite visitation, it is often not personable or can be hard on all parties involved.


While finding a more convenient and comfortable way to communicate has always been a problem for inmates, a security and technology firm has recently unveiled a new application that is able to bring people together like never before. The company, Securus Technologies, has provided a video visitation platform that allows for convenient, secure, and affordable communication between an inmate and their family members.


The inmate that uses the service will be able to access the application through either a portal at the facility or a secure mobile device. The recipient of the phone call will then be able to access it through their phone or any mobile application. This allows both parties to see each other while they communicate without having to spend all of the time driving to the prison, which can also be a hard experience on all people involved.


This software is very popular and useful throughout the year, but is most used during the holiday season. At this time, an inmate will be able to live stream and participate in any holiday party that their family is participating in. This can greatly increase the joy of the holidays for inmates and their loved ones.


The video visitation software provided by Securus is very popular and is just the latest product that the company has provided. Securus has been in business for over ten years and currently provides its various products and services to over 1,000 correctional facilities and law enforcement locations across the country. The company is looking to expand further as its products and services continue to increase in popularity with all users.


ClassDojo Raises $21 Million In Venture Funding

ClassDojo recently raised more than $21 million in a series of venture funding to help the tech world, providing the chance for educators to connect with students’ parents. It’s the app that can communicate parents and teachers to talk about student activities and student behavior. With multiple meetings take place each year, it’s true that parents want to be up to date with what the child is doing at school and their consistent growth.

The cofounders are working towards building their team and brand even to help craft the app and add more features as efficiently as possible. They want to come up with features that are going to be beneficial not just during the school day but also at home. The main goal is for it to help parents create quality conversations both at home and also support the overall learning experience while they are in school.

Teachers will use ClassDojo to create an effective schedule showcasing what they will be doing daily. Teachers have the option to snap videos or pictures of their children, allowing the parents to be up to date on their latest new activities.

The reason why ClassDojo is making the rounds as an inventive and innovative tool is the fact that it can help guide you as a parent to watching over your kid no matter where they are in school. Even high school students and those in college could utilize this app because parents can get updates if needed about their kids.

ClassDojo was made to give parents the chance to stay in touch with their kid without naturally ruining the overall school experience. This is a company that can guide you on the right path to ensuring that every parent knows what is going on with the child. ClassDojo is becoming the next big thing to help eliminate virtually any parent-teacher meeting. It’s the place to be for parents and teachers because it can open the opportunity to know what is going on with their lives and also reduce the time needed to have meetings.

Thousands and thousands of people have discovered the beauty of using this app across the United States, and more people are trying to get a piece of this app. There are many people who are making this a part of their daily lives. Get your school involved with this to help open up the opportunity for everyone to stay connected.


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