Perry Mandera Fights to Lower Taxes on Trucks

In case you have not heard of Perry Mandera, he is the founding person of a company called The Custom Companies, Inc., and is a highly successful businessman. In another role for Mr. Mandera, he is on the board of ITA, aka the Illinois Trucking Association. ITA is best known for its lobbying work on behalf of the transportation industry. We need not tell you how important a task that is.


The ITA, spearheaded by Perry Mandera, has of late been involved in the support of a bill known as “Bill 662.” The crux of this bill is to seek lower taxes for trucks by repealing the Commercial Distribution Fee. This bill is currently being heard in the Illinois Senate. The supporters of this bill feel it is critical that taxes on trucks be made lower. The effects of such an act would ultimately trickle down to other industries in the Illinois business world. Needless to say, that would be good for the entire state.


As it stands right now, the sales tax on license plates is being enforced with regards to commercial vehicles whose weight exceeds an amount from 8000 pounds, up to and including a maximum weight of 80,000 pounds. To sum this up, that means taxes on the commercial truck industry cost more than $50 million each year. Anyone can plainly see this is a particularly high amount of taxes bestowed on trucks. Thus it is the primary reason that Perry Mandera, through the Illinois Trucking Association, is determined to fight for lowering these taxes. Again, the effects of the substantially lower taxes would be felt across all commercial industries in Illinois. That could only be beneficial to everyone in the state.


There is a reason people in transportation and government alike in Illinois listen to Mr. Mandera. He has over three decades of expertise in that field and has built an incredibly successful empire in that state (SlideShare). Additionally, Perry Mandera has officially been awarded the distinction of being one of the top one hundred executives in all of the transportation in the millennium. What an honor! He has also played a pivotal role in Illinois politics through his involvement in the ITA. Stay tuned to find out what happens with his fight to lower taxes on trucks.

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