Alex Pall:Building The Chainsmokers Brand

Alex Pall of the popular electronic group The Chainsmokers was recently interviewed by Interview Magazine and provided some great insight into the formation of the group, creative process of the duo, their growing audience and his main contributions to The Chainsmokers. Pall begins the interview by explaining his beginnings into disc jockeying. It began as a hobby, but he soon realized this was his true passion and that he would need to give it all of his focus. His manager introduced him to current bandmate Andrew Taggart, and the two instantly clicked. They bonded over similar tastes in music, but even more over their insatiable desire for success. Pall proceeds to give us a brief look into the roles of the duo. Pall speaks to the immense production talent of Taggart, and his own experience as a disk jockey, as well as promotion and marketing. Being a DJ in New York City provided Pall a great deal of experience in self-promotion and social media which he has brought to the group as he continues to turn The Chainsmokers into more than a music group but a brand itself. One recurring theme throughout the interview is Pall’s desire for The Chainsmokers to be unique and do things other disk jockey’s don’t do. Pall explains how the duo creates very personal and intimate music compared to other electronic musicians because they write or contribute on all of their lyrics. This results in lyrics based on their lives and experiences, which makes their music more relatable for their fans. They have recently begun featuring Taggart on vocals in their songs, something few if any other electronic artists have done. Another point Pall makes is that they perform all of their sets live, whereas many other artists prerecord their sets. These are all things Pall believes distinguishes The Chainsmokers from other artists. Pall closes the interview talking about their expanding audience and how that impacts their creative process for shows and songs. He admits that as their audience grows, they feel more pressure to expand their artistry to make something appealing for all ages.