George Soros – From Humble Beginnings To Global Influence

When George Soros was a young boy, growing up in Nazi Occupied Hungary, he had no idea that one day he would be one of the most powerful, influential, and richest men in the world. In those days, as a jew facing down the struggle of Nazi oppression, he was more interested in finding a safe place to hide, and how to fill his stomach with the limited resourced that were available. Fast forward more than 80 years and George Soros is a man who wants for nothing, and has found himself a driving force behind not only the financial success of countless endeavors, but behind political and social change all over the world, especially in his adopted home country of the United States. Learn more about his profile at

George is the head of Soros Fund Management, one of the most successful and respected fund management offices in the world. He runs the firm with his family, and has helped to grow it to a total asset holding of more than $30B. Like himself, his firm started with humble beginnings, growing out of a single fund that he started in 1969, now known as the Quantum Fund, with only $12M. Recently George Soros appointed a new CIO to head Soros Fund Management’s portfolio, in the form of Dawn Fitzpatrick. Fitzpatrick will be the seventh CIO of the firm in seventeen years, and Soros has noted, this is due to the desire to find the perfect fit for the position and thus ensure that the long track record of the firm’s success and excellence is maintained for many more years to come. Read his profile at Forbes.

In his personal life, Soros, one of the world’s wealthiest men, has devoted himself to the task of making the world a better place. He is a regular contributor to many charitable groups, works with humanitarian aid and human rights organizations all over the globe, and is highly active in social justice issues at home in the states. He is also a powerful and energetic ally of the democratic party in the United States, having been influential in the funding of many candidates’ campaigns and providing a wide range of support activities for key components of the progressive left platform, especially in terms of planks which support the protection of personal rights and freedoms, and concept very close to the heart of Soros.

George has worked with groups to help the impoverished and needy in Africa and Asia, by helping to reduce the stranglehold of economic oppression and lack of good health care and proper education. He has been bestowed many awards for his work with non-profits and philanthropic organizations, and takes great pride in his efforts to use his wealth and influence to bring about real change and betterment of the world.

George Soros started out humbly and even though he has wealth, influence, privilege, and power, he strives to remain humble. He is a great example for those who want to make a difference in the world.

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Contributions by George Soros

So many countless individuals from all across the globe think that freshly chosen President of the United States, Donald Trump, is in truth a deceitful man and an oppressor on Biography. A perfect example of such individuals who maintains this viewpoint is Mr. George Soros. George Soros knows what it is like to observe such oppressors as they take hold of authority, men with no objective of helping the community and instead they seek to create chaos. Mr. George Soros repatriated to America from Nazi-controlled Hungary. George fled the Holocaust of the Jewish people and he has a personal understanding of how depraved people can steal authority from a country and broaden their caustic ideology over the people who reside within it.

Mr. Soros, and many of the citizens who are familiar with engaging in commerce with Donald Trump, are aware that Mr. Trump had no expectations of being elected as the President of the United States and in point of fact was simple trying to muster wide-reaching awareness on to his conglomerate’s brand name. On the other hand, since Donald Trump is actually the President, not a soul can be certain of just what Mr. Trump might actually do. This is for the reason that Mr. Trump is notorious for refusing to think all the way through to coherent conclusions, and habitually rambles, apparently from an assortment of disordered thoughts on Politico.

George is renown for having a momentous record of compassionate actions. Mr. Soros has delivered contributions numbering in the billions, to defend organizations that were disadvantaged, as well as singular individuals who he has donated to. Mr. Soros is, predominantly, highly motivated towards manifesting monetary backing to those desiring to rise above bias, to increase societal equality, and to protect citizen’s liberty who are in the face of intolerance. Mr. Soros is intensely in opposition to the campaign’s known as “War on Drugs”, as Mr. George Soros has witnesses personally how legally accessible cannabis has helped citizens to better manage a variety of problematic diseases.

As a matter of fact, Mr. Soros is illustrious on an international level as a devotee of positive cannabis consumption. Mr. Soros empathetically delivered inestimable contributions, in the value of several millions of dollars, for the objective of benefiting Hillary Clinton to campaign for her presidential nomination. Prior to this venture, Mr. Soros authorized a charitable $1 million to support Barack Obama’s campaign to be reelected. Mr. Soros is renown as a backer of LGBT civil liberties and is commonly recognized as a backer of same-sex relationships.

George’s past is influential as the motivation for his desire to benefit the common man who stands up in opposition to

Mr. Soros is famous for establishing assistance for the intricate duties performed by litigators. His financial aid has made it possible to release thousands of criminally incarcerated people, and he is committed to helping people who want an education, individuals who otherwise might have no opportunity due to their inability to finance their education.