The Legal Litigator Philadelphia Attorney Karl Heideck

Philadelphia Attorney Karl Heideck
Philadelphia Attorney Karl Heideck

When selecting legal representation one of the words that come up is a litigator. People often wonder what this means and the short answer is it is derived from Latin. It actually translates to “drive a lawsuit.” This means the litigator is a legal professional. One who moves a lawsuit through the judicial system. This is a licensed attorney who has attended law school and taken the bar exam. The litigator should not be confused with a mediator, who is neutral to both parties. The litigator represents one of the parties to protect their legal rights. The litigator manages a case from start to finish.

Attorney Karl Heideck specializes in risk management and compliance practices. He also has experience in commercial litigation, corporate law, employment law and product liability. In addition, Karl Heideck has skills in legal writing and legal research. He is a lawyer practicing in the Greater Philadelphia, Pennsylvania area.

Karl Heideck has practiced law for over ten years and is highly respected in the legal community. The lawyer provides legal guidance and advice for clients keeping them in the loop during a case. He is a lawyer specializing as a litigator. He represents a wide variety of clients including individuals, corporate executives, and companies. Karl Heideck is able to build cases relying on his expertise in legal research. After gathering evidence, relevant documents and statements he assesses the case. Then he puts this expertise to work to build a solid case. Building a case that will protect his client’s legal rights during a lawsuit or other legal claim.

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Leading Pennsylvania Litigation Lawyer: Karl Heideck

Karl Heideck is a litigation attorney, practicing in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. Heideck is a graduate of Temple University School of Law.

He obtained an undergraduate degree in English language and literature, with an emphasis in letters, from Swarthmore College. He completed both his undergraduate and graduate degree programs with honors.

Heideck is well-regarded litigation attorney in and around Philadelphia. In addition to his work as a litigator, Heideck also practices in the areas of commercial law and employment law. He also represents clients in regard to regulatory compliance and risk management.

A litigation attorney is a legal professional who is involved in representing clients in regard to litigation and lawsuits. They are skilled in dealing with court appearances of different types, and associated matters.

The typical litigation attorney begins to focus on his or her career quite closely while still in law school. A person interested in being a litigator is likely to focus on a core set of courses while in law school. These courses include civil procedure, evidence, and courtroom practice.

A law student interested in becoming a litigator is also apt to become involved in a law school’s moot court and clinic programs. These activities provide a law student with more hands-on experience that proves invaluable to a litigation attorney in the United States. Through a clinic program, a third year law students gleans actually courtroom experience even before graduation and taking the bar examination.

In many cases, a recently graduated law student interested in becoming a litigator will take a position of employment with a prosecutor’s office. Although civil and criminal procedure differs, by taking a position with a prosecutor, a new attorney is able to get a good amount of hands-on experience in the courtroom. This is extremely helpful when it comes to a career as a litigation attorney.

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