Art of Academy Gradutes Showcase New Designs

The Academy of Art University in San Fransico is known for the innovative and creative work that their students do. Students leave the Univeristy feeling prepared for the art world that they have set their sights on. Recently some recent gradutes of the School of Fashion had the opportunity to showcase some of their new designs during fashion week in New York.

The 10 BFA and 5 MFA graduates showcased the unique styles that they developed while students at the Academy of Art University. The 15 students were from everywhere from Coastal Maine to China, and the divesity of their experiences were reflected in the diversity of their experiences. Desipite their individuality and uniqueness there was still a sense that these artists also worked together as a collective.

Hailun Zhou, MFA Fashion Design, from Qing Dao, China, drew much of her inspiration from a creative concepts class. While in the class she took a creative photo journey, and was inspired to create designs from vinyl and PVC. Classes like these are one of the things that makes the Academy of Art University such a valuable experience for students. Not only do students at the University learn practical skills that will help them to succeed in their chosen fields, but they also learn tecninques and how to draw inspiration in ways that get them thinking out of the box.

Another graduate that was featured in the showcase was Chicago born Joanna Jadallah . She is a recent graduate with a MFA in Menswear Design. Her collection was inspired by her Palestinian ancestors who had fled their homeland. She chose soft, traditional fabrics including lightweight wool and lambskin.

No matter what inspired them, whether it was their homeland, a class at the univeristy or the culture and land of San Fransico, each of these graduates learned valuable skills and were inspired artistically at the Academy of Art Universtity. The Academy of Art university is one of the top private art Universities, and it offers programs of study in 20 disiplines in art. Students come from all over the world to study at the university.


The Next Era for Chainsmokers

Three years ago no one knew The Chainsmokers, but they have grown in the industry so fast such that they are already household names. Along the way, they have captured the hearts of millions of fans around the world. Alex Pall and Andrew Taggart have worked together flawlessly that one would think that they have known each other for years.

The pair has only known each other since 2012 with the help of Adam Alpert. They have come to achieve so much within the short span releasing singles and getting awards. Alex Pall, a member of the duo, started out as a part-time dance music artist before he decided to turn music into a full-time career, while Andrew Taggart also a DJ decided to start singing since joining the Chainsmokers as he was able in “Closer.”

The duo is on the verge of a new era in their career with the release of “Sickboy.” The song released in January 2018, nine months since their last song production, has been a huge relief to fans. The Chainsmokers have responded well to the pressure that they have of producing top-notch songs since they hit the top ten, unlike many other new artists.

“Sickboy” dwells in everyday happenings of the current society referring to lack of identity as a sickness. The song states that the main reason for this occurrence is the growing use of social media to judge and critic people. The society has come to judge individuals for not who they really are. The social media gives individuals a stage to share their ideas and moments of their, but the interpretation is left to anyone.

People are different around the world, and not many of them can be able to portray who they are perfectly. This leaves a room for misinterpretation to the public. The idea can have a deeper meaning to that what is on the surface. “Sickboy” bring all this information to the public through its lyrics which interestingly was developed by electronic music artist which is unheard of as many prefer that to be left to songwriters and vocalist.