Former Hedge Fund Manager Jacob Gottlieb Plans a Return to the Market with Health Care Stock Still in Mind

For a man who has loves investing and has been doing so since his teen years the closure of one business is not the end of life. That is former Visium Asset Management LP owner Jacob Gottlieb for you. It will be remembered that in 2016, Jacob closed down his investment company after allegations of insider trading and inflation of the company assets that saw some of his employees charged in court of law.

Mr. Gottlieb who was not charged with any wrongdoings clearly has not caught any sleep in the two years. In addition to liquidating the company amicably, the decorated hedge fund manager has been plotting his comeback to the market. With no clear timings laid out, he seems to have found out just the right product to do so, health care stocks!

Currently Jacob Gottlieb is involved with Altium Capital a family office and has a total of six employees mostly managing his personal investments. Like Visium, Altium Capital bets in health care stocks and with the leadership of Gottlieb’s brother, Mark Gottlieb, as its COO (chief operating officer) things look promising.

Jacob Gottlieb, a medical doctor is optimistic of the market and promises a new product soon. According to Jacob, he thinks that the time for a hedge fund that is health care focused is now. The investor takes note of the numerous companies that have gone public over the last five years alone noting that soon the value creation and destruction of the health-care hedge fund will be high. To help client’s get value of their investment Gottlieb’s thoughtful and methodically researched hedge fund will come in handy.

As we await Gottlieb’s official announcement date of his hedge fund, we are curious to find out if truly his healthcare hedge fund will live up to its expectations, only time will tell. However, we should never forget that Gottlieb’s once created $8 billion in assets out of Visium for the period 2005 to 2016!

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Wes Edens teams up with Richard Branson in the Innovative Travel Business

Wes Edens, as the Chairman for Brightline, one of the biggest private firms in the railroad business in the US today, has joined hands with Richard Branson’s Virgin Group. This new alliance allows Brightline to harness Virgin Group’s vast experience and expertise in the sector. While Wes Edens’ company has been a critical player between Miami, Fort Lauderdale, and West Palm Beach, there have been plans to expand operations to include new terminals like Orlando and Tampa. When all signings are complete, construction of the railroad should commence anytime in the coming year.

Welcoming Virgin Group to the private enterprise in America, Wes Edens was happy at the innovative possibilities the two partners have in place for the American market. Brightline’s mother company, Fortress Investment Group, plans to enhance its portfolio by associating with Virgin Groups expansive one. Fortress Investment Group was founded by Wes Edens , together with Peter Briger, Randal Nardone. Optimism is being felt in this regard as Brightline’s new partner has over 60 successful companies whose businesses range from financial services to health, to travel and leisure. Part of the agreement is to rename Brightline – Virgin Trains USA. View Wes Edens’s profile on Linkedin

Linking all similarly branded investments is among the perks Wes Edens’ company stands to gain as this linkage will raise ridership. This would happen by associative partnering between such entities as Virgin Atlantic, Virgin Hotels and Virgin Voyages and now Virgin Trains USA. Virgin Group also has immense experience having run at least 38 million trips in the UK in the last 21 years. The establishment is UK Coast mainline.

In the agreement, Fortress Investment Group will retain majority stake at Brightline while Virgin Group will acquire a minority stake, a fact Wes Edens has expressed satisfaction. He noted that the partnership underlines Fortress Investment group hold on the American market as a major player looking to grow multifold. The firm is ready for a big game. It also underscores the fact that Brightline’s innovation and approach to modern business has become the model of choice for Virgin Group to partner.

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Fortress Investment Group Launces New Train line in South Florida with Sir Richard Branson

During November 2018, a new line of trains will begin to run in the state of Florida named the Virgin Trains USA. This project is an effort between companies which include Brightline, Fortress Investment Group, and Virgin Train. The Brightline trains will carry the logo of Sir Richard Branson as he embarks upon the train industry in the United States. This project is the first private intercity passenger train project that has occurred in the United States in over 100 years. Read the article about Fortress at

This train project will serve the area of south Florida that includes Miami, Fort Lauderdale, and West Palm Beach. Fortress Investment Group will primarily finance the train line. The daily operations and managerial duties for the project are the responsibility of Brightline. Sir Richard Branson’s Virgin Trains is a minority investor in the train project. An affiliate company of Fortress Investment Group is the majority owner of Brightline. The name Virgin Train will be used for this line in an effort to raise the number of passengers because of the long history the brand has in the train industry in the United Kingdom and on the West Coast of the United States which dates back over 21 years.

Chairman and Co-Founder of Fortress Investment Group Wes Edens and Sir Richard Branson shared their perspectives about the new partnership and the benefits it will bring in the future. Edens spoke of the reputation that Virgin Group has in the travel and hospitality industry. It is the hope of Edens that the partnership can increase the performance of the train line and capitalize on the technology and emphasis that both companies have on satisfying customers. Branson believed from his initial tour of Brightline that there was potential for a great partnership and that the company can benefit from the innovation that Virgin Group is known for using to alter the perspectives of travelers in the United States and expand the train market.

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A Guide To OSI Food Solutions

OSI Food Solutions was founded back in the early 1900s, and it would soon begin to make an impressive name for itself in its local community. Otto Kolschowski, a German-immigrant, launched the food company in Chicago’s Oak Park neighborhood. OSI was just one of many known businesses that were started by foreigners near the end of World War I. A quarter of Chicago’s population were of German decent. Kolschowski’s meat market was growing stronger by the day, but he had plans for turning the business into a bigger project. Food wholesale would be the name of the game, and this genre would help OSI to rapidly expand.

OSI Food Solutions offer a wide range of food products, including pizza, hotdogs, fritters, Tofu, cooked sausage links, beef patties, cucumbers, chili, beans, soups, marinades, flatbread, fresh dough products, tomatoes, cheese, pasta, chicken wings, steak and many other foods. These precious items would be harvested and processed at some of the company’s state-of-the-art facilities. OSI Food Solutions work exclusively with a variety of businesses. This includes schools, restaurants, grocery stores and other venues. The company has an extensive list of clients that span across numerous countries.

This is one of the most productive companies in food services industry because it can handle the entire logistical process.This company has won numerous awards in the food industry, including the Globe of Honor Award and the Global Visionary Award. Whether it’s brewing, stewing, frying, sautéing, baking or broiling, OSI can do it all. The company’s revenue stream has also skyrocketed over the past few years. In 2011, OSI Food Solutions generated over $3 billion in revenue, but in 2016, it generated more than $6 billion. Great leadership, passionate employees, advanced technologies and innovation has all played a huge role in OSI business success as of 2018.

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Dr. Panos Gikas’ Advice

Panos Gikas is a top orthopedic surgeon in London at The Lister Hospital. He deals with a variety of surgeries and counsels people before surgery. He has a lot of advice about arthritis and what ways can help prevent arthritic operations.

Arthritis is aching, inflammation and stiffness in the joints where arthritis sits. There are multiple types of arthritis, but the most common is osteoarthritis which is connected with the average wear and tear on the body over time. Suffering from this type can be excruciating and difficult for everyday activities. Preventing this level of pain can be prevented.

Keep moving and stay active per Panos Gikas. This is not just advice for your joints but for the cardiac and cardiovascular systems. Panos Gikas states that people have misunderstandings that arthritis is brought on by too much exercise. There is a new school of thought and knowledge that even going for a daily walk counters arthritis. Do not discount any simple activities and keep the body in constant momentum.

Healthy and robust muscles can reduce lower back issues, fractures, and other muscular trauma. When the muscles are in good order, the bones and joints are as well. Weight lifting, dancing, jogging, and walking are just a few examples of workouts that will build muscle.

Maintaining a healthy body weight is another way to decrease any chance of developing arthritis. The pressure that goes into your knees is much higher when you have more weight to carry. Retain a healthy BMI, and this will help keep the unnecessary burden and weight off your joints.

Taking care of yourself and keeping your body healthy is the best way to prevent any disease or pain away as you get older. Prevention is the best medicine according to Panos Gikas.

Guilherme Paulus: Catering To All Travelers Through CVC Brasil

The Ernest and Young Entrepreneur of the Year Award is conferred by Ernest and Young to help recognize successful entrepreneurs. It was founded in 1986 with an award and by 2016, the program was running across fifty states in the United States of America. Regardless of the name, the award can be conferred to multiple industry players annually.

For instance, in 2017, Guilherme Paulus, the co-founder and chairman of CVC Brasil was awarded for his excellent input in revolutionizing the tourism industry. The award was also a befitting recognition of his bold step in changing careers from serving as an IT specialist at IBM to a salesperson for a tour and travel firm. After a few years of service, Guilherme Paulus met Carlos Vicente Cerchiari who financed CVC Brasil. The company identified a valuable market niche that needed better services and products including fun-filled activities for tourists. Accompanied by the initial success, Paulus who is CVC’s president too, introduced cruising to the company’s portfolio.

Under the leadership of Guilherme Paulus, CVC has vastly transitioned into a thriving market leader. It has also expanded globally thereby growing financially and operationally. Since a robust financial position marks it, CVC Brasil has opened new outlets in Brazil. It has also ventured into the hotel industry through the launch of GJP Hotels and Resorts. Currently, GJP Hotel and Resorts is one of Brazil’s major hotel networks. It also has more than 30 restaurants and hotels.

Founding CVC Brasil was Guilherme’s idea way of satisfying the growing client base that wanted high-end accommodation. Instead of referring his clients to other resorts, Paulus thought it wise to establish a chain of exclusive hotels boasting of some of the world’s best facilities including a prominent golf course. Guilherme Paulus is also the chairman of the group of hotels including Linx, Prodigy, as well as Wish. In his tenure, Wish Foz do Iguacu was recognized for being the best golf course in Brazil. Besides winning the 2017 Entrepreneur of the Year Award, Paulus has been recognized for his excellent input in Brazil’s tourism industry where he received the Revolutionary Consumer Relations Award and the Personality of the Year Award.


Shervin Pishevar Tweetstorm Predictions Made Investors Nervous

Shervin Pishevar is a legend in the startup world. Pishevar is one of those angel investors who roams through Silicon Valley looking for startups that need funding. Pishevar found several successful startups when he worked for Menlo Ventures. Menlo Ventures started funding startups in Silicon Valley in 1976. But Shervin Pishevar is the investor who put Menlo Ventures on every investor and startups radar. He was the catalyst behind the Menlo partners investing $21 million in Uber. That investment win solidified his position as one of Silicon Valley’s most successful investors.

Shervin Pishevar left Menlo Ventures, and he started his own venture capital firm a few years ago. Investment company was his venture capital baby, but an unfortunate set of circumstances forced Pishevar to resign as CEO in December 2017. Shervin Pishevar didn’t have investment partners behind him in March 2018 when he decided to let investors know he was still relevant in the investment world. Shervin went on a 21-hour tweet extravaganza and he didn’t hold back.

According to more than 50 Shervin Pishevar tweets, investors will feel some pain in 2019. But that pain started in November 2018 when the stock market took a more than 800-point hit. That’s when investors went back and read Shervin Pishevar’s tweets and realized his premonitions about stock losses and bond issues were real. Mr. Trump’s economic policies may sound good to his voter base, but investors know the backlash from those policies could be financially devastating for them and the country.

The big question that came out of the Pishevar tweetstorm is why Shervin spent the time tweeting about something he couldn’t control. But Pishevar knew Trump was throwing curve balls at the global economy, and those curve balls will eventually hit investors where it hurts.

Most of Shervin’s Twitter followers started making changes in their portfolios last March. But now that some of Pishevar’s tweets are coming true, there is a greater appreciation for Shervin’s foresight in the investment community. But that appreciation isn’t going to help them find the right assets in 2019 unless they lower their expectations, according to a Pishevar.

Steve Ritchie Apologizes for Controversial Events

In Steve Ritchie’s adeptly crafted apologetic letter, the reigning Chief Executive Officer of Papa John’s International Inc. empathized with customers who were adversely affected in the emotional sense by the events that have led to the company becoming embattled by negative public relations. Steve Ritchie also sensibly offered an overt official apology to Papa John’s customer, stating “I’m sorry,” with the hopes of limiting the damage wrought by the unfortunate events and initiating the healing process.

In the letter, Steve Ritchie also denounced those events and assured customers that behavior of like kind would never be tolerated at Papa John’s. Sensibly, he also distanced himself and Papa John’s from the events at issue, writing that the views that gave rise to the events are not shared by Papa John’s nor its employees, whose number is in excess of 120,000. He goes on to say they are good, hardworking community members, who serve their communities faithfully. These employees serve their communities on a consistent basis by making their pizza, delivering their pizza, and owning and operating the Papa John’s store that have enabled Papa John’s customers to enjoy their tasty pizzas.

Steve Ritchie Papa Johns knows that the loss of customers’ trust cannot be regain by mere words, so he plans to implement several measures, which he intends to personally oversee. These measures include hiring auditors from outside the company to come in to run inquiries into the state of several aspect of Papa John’s: their culture, their diversity level, and their inclusiveness level. They also include sending out members of the senior management to Papa John’s store across America to procure feedback from franchises and employees concerning how best to put these unfortunate events behind them. Steve Ritchie promised that these measures will be conducted in a transparent manner for all to evaluate and assumed accountable for their implementation. The letter of apology also includes Steve Ritchie’s expression of gratitude to Papa John’s customers for their loyalty and a request for the opportunity to allow the company to continue to serve them.


Ted Bauman’s Secrets on Tax-Free Gain

According to the recent article written by Ted Bauman, despite a significant drop experienced by investors at the beginning of this month, there are those who have made a considerable profit in the stock market this year. For instance, pharmaceutical stocks as well as specific small-cap technology recorded up to 2000 percent early this year to their top in mid-September.

Some people still hold those stocks, but there have been convincing arguments to sell. One is the continuous suffering of small-cap not forgetting the rest of the market. It may be advisable to take the gain and think of reinvesting in those position in future. However, Ted Bauman argues that tax is another reason to put into consideration harvesting gains.

The capital gain tax system can appear confusing but most important thing is the realization of gains and paying taxes on them. If anyone holds a stock for a period less than 12 months, then rates for paying taxes is the same as that one of an ordinary income.

Nevertheless, a recent little-known change to the tax code has given a great opportunity where one will be able to take gains while paying no tax on them and take advantage of those gains to make more money.

Ted Bauman continues to explain further by pointing out that the most investment to benefit from this tax benefits is such as development in real estate and businesses including stores and technology startups.

The investors are advised to start with the real estate as the initial investment because the faster they get going they much they save in taxes. Real estate is believed to be one of the investments that can bring a lot of profit within a short time. To qualify; real estate investments must be developments focusing on major rehabilitation of the existing property.

Ted Bauman joined the team at Banyan Hill Publishing back in the year 2013 where he serves as an editor. Ted Bauman was born in Washington, D.C. and he was brought up on the eastern shore of Maryland. Ted is an alumnus of the University of Cape Town where he received degrees in Economics and History.

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Krishen Iyer: Finding Success in the Online Marketing Sector

Krishen Iyer is a California native who is known as one of the most successful online marketers in the United States. He is currently working for the Managed Benefit Services, and he has been leading the company to new heights by introducing new strategies that will make them successful. Krishen Iyer is currently living in Carlsbad, California, and companies operating in the same industry widely recognizes his contributions in the field of online marketing. He used to study at the San Diego State University and Grossmont College, taking up a degree that focuses on Public Administration and Urban Development. After he graduated from college, he wanted to find out how his degree would help him land a job. He applied in many companies, and after a while, he was able to get the job as an online marketer for the Quick Link Marketing. The company later changed its name to Managed Benefits Services, expanding to new horizons and opening up new markets.



The responsibilities of Krishen Iyer as an online marketer vary, and it includes creating new marketing solutions, being an expert in the online marketing world, creating positive relationships with their clients, and the introduction of new technical developments. His focus on his job also allowed him to create highly effective marketing solutions that are widely acclaimed by their clients. Their marketing needs are being reached thanks to his smart ways and techniques. Krishen Iyer is credited as one of those who helped the company succeed, and he claimed that his contributions to the company’s performance are a testament to his hard work and perseverance.



Aside from being one of the busiest people within the company, Krishen Iyer is also known for his philanthropic activities, like joining clean-up drives, supporting programs to combat humanitarian crises, and joining community services.