An interview with Mathew Fleeger; CEO Gulf Coast Western

Matthew Fleeger is today considered one of the key players in the U.S oil boom, his leadership skills as the CEO of Gulf coast. Western has brought in revamped drilling technologies, as well as joint ventures and partnership that have positively steered the company to great achievements. Matthew is an influential figure in the world of oil and has an outstanding career in management. He has proved to be successful for years , he has been operating the company in areas of finance , sales and marketing.

Mathew Fleeger, one of his interviews, explains how his company was able to survive through the hardest hit oil recession period. Mathew Fleeger advice on the importance of maintaining a positive attitude otherwise negativity can quickly bring down any success achieved. Mathew keeps that having an open mind, working as a team and having inclusive creative options helped the company survive. All these efforts were channeled towards growing the company’s efficiency. Mathew Fleeger explains that together with his team he was able to evaluate every aspect of his business to cut down the overheads but still maintaining his clients and everyone involved in his business success.

Mathew Fleeger openly communicated to his employees, encouraging them that the difficulties experienced then were for their right as they were a challenge to them to work for a better future of the company. He had a significant commitment towards grabbing the buying opportunities that were being generated then. Mathew always saw every downturn is his past business ventures an opportunity to grow; this helped him to learn how to stay calm and composed in times of adversity to remain focused. That is why he was able to use his savings to capitalize on the oil market recession.

Mathew Fleeger remains optimistic that Gulf Coast Western will continue operating efficiently because it has the upper hand in controlling the flexibility of the Oil price.