Krishen Iyer: Finding Success in the Online Marketing Sector

Krishen Iyer is a California native who is known as one of the most successful online marketers in the United States. He is currently working for the Managed Benefit Services, and he has been leading the company to new heights by introducing new strategies that will make them successful. Krishen Iyer is currently living in Carlsbad, California, and companies operating in the same industry widely recognizes his contributions in the field of online marketing. He used to study at the San Diego State University and Grossmont College, taking up a degree that focuses on Public Administration and Urban Development. After he graduated from college, he wanted to find out how his degree would help him land a job. He applied in many companies, and after a while, he was able to get the job as an online marketer for the Quick Link Marketing. The company later changed its name to Managed Benefits Services, expanding to new horizons and opening up new markets.



The responsibilities of Krishen Iyer as an online marketer vary, and it includes creating new marketing solutions, being an expert in the online marketing world, creating positive relationships with their clients, and the introduction of new technical developments. His focus on his job also allowed him to create highly effective marketing solutions that are widely acclaimed by their clients. Their marketing needs are being reached thanks to his smart ways and techniques. Krishen Iyer is credited as one of those who helped the company succeed, and he claimed that his contributions to the company’s performance are a testament to his hard work and perseverance.



Aside from being one of the busiest people within the company, Krishen Iyer is also known for his philanthropic activities, like joining clean-up drives, supporting programs to combat humanitarian crises, and joining community services.


Walking In the Shoes of DAMAC Owner Hussain Sajwani

Hussain Sajwani is a treasured figure in the Middle East’s real estate industry. He owns DAMAC, a leading real estate firm that holds an array of luxury commercial and residential properties in the Middle East.

How did he advance from a young entrepreneur to a renowned real estate investor? We have surveyed his career account to help you understand.

How Did He Start His Career In The Real Estate Industry?

Real estate entrepreneur Hussain Sajwani started his business career working at his father’s shop. The shop sold jewelry, stationery, and clothes imported from China. Later on, Sajwani obtained a government scholarship to the United States. At the US, Mr. Sajwani pursued his higher education studies while selling timeshare apartments for a living.

After obtaining an undergraduate degree in Economics and Industrial Engineering, the DAMAC owner established a catering business which served the United States Military. Within a few days, the company grew to a prominent firm serving more than 200 clients with 150,000 meals a day.

The Establishment of DAMAC Properties

DAMAC Owner Hussain Sajwani moved to Dubai When the United Arab Emirates opened its real estate market. He started developing small hotels that served some parts of Dubai City.

Eventually, Sajwani established DAMAC properties, a real estate firm that aimed at developing luxury business apartments. The DAMAC owner says that his real estate venture sought to help UAE’s government to achieve its mission for developing sustainable social infrastructure.

The Present Day DAMAC Properties

DAMAC Properties has grown to a principal real estate firm serving the Middle East, and the United Kingdom. The firm boasts of a team of 2000 real estate experts and a diverse portfolio of residential homes and business premises. DAMAC Properties is the leading real estate service provider in the Middle East.

What Makes The DAMAC Owner Different From Other Investors?

Unlike the ordinary real estate investors, Mr. Sajwani has the skills to unearth lucrative investment opportunities before other investors. Then, he acts promptly to capitalize on the investment openings.

Furthermore, the DAMAC owner attributes his success to teamwork. The investor says that collaboration brings in different investment ideas and perspectives that are essential in making critical business decisions.

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